Husband Material episode 2

Episode 2

Husband Material.

The words my mother spoke to me that night, hurt me so badly. I went to bed, and couldn’t sleep.

I never knew she would say such to me upon how I have been the one shouldering the family responsibilities.

I started being responsible at an early stage of my life. My parents were so poor that, I being the first child left home at the tender age of 5 to start living with a distant aunty.

I was there before she got married, and gave birth to all her children”.

During my high school days, she always asked me to wait for her, after school at her sister in-laws shop. The sister in-law was a hairdresser. I had passion for hairdressing, so while waiting for my aunt, I seized the opportunity to learn, and I did…very fast. Before I left high school, I was already doing very well in hairdressing. I make for all my friends, and even my aunt.

After I wrote my SSCE, she registered me for a six months training after which she paid for a shop, bought equipments for me, and I started business.

As God may have it, I was getting customers.. enough customers, and so many apprentices, that when the rent expires, the following year, it was I, who renewed it.

After three years of working, I was able to set up another branch in a different location, and also moved out from their house.

Today I have about four different salons where professionals render their services. It may also interest you to know that I’m a graduate today, through this salon business.

I was 22 when my sponsor died four years after I started work, leaving behind her husband, her three sons and a five year old daughter, Alicia.

Because of how good she was to me, I took over the responsibility of taking care of that girl. I took her home, and she has been living with me for years.

Those days, I was getting relationship proposals from men, but I didn’t give any one the chance, because I think they may be coming for one thing from two, either for my money or my body.

All of a sudden, they stopped, like they went on a break or something.
The next morning, I left as early as 7. My mother tried to make me wait for breakfast, but I wasn’t ready for another round of her gospels.

My security man, Eric, after closing the gate behind me, ran back to open the car door for me…no one sent him.

“Fine madam”. He hailed.

I was already tired of Eric. I had warned him severally to just mind the gate alone, and stop the complements, but that guy is something else.

I never wanted to talk to him that morning, but then, he stretched his hand to hold my purse as I stepped down from the car.

“What are you trying to do?”. I asked.

“Collect your purse”. He answered.

“I don’t remember telling you my purse is heavy”. I said, banging the car door.

“Fine madam, you too fine, abeg”. He continued hailing me, as I proceeded to going into the house.

Immediately I goy into the living room, I put a call through to my girls, so we can have one or two drinks together at my place.

Before thirty minutes, we were already seated, and drinking together. That was one reason I kept them close to me….always at my service, the four of them, as single as myself. Though one just recovered from a bad marriage.

“You see the reason I don’t visit home at all?”. Diana said, after I narrated my experience in the village.

“How can she say that marriage is everything?, even when you marry a womaniser? .That’s insane. My parents cannot try such with me, infact the last time I visited home, I called the two of them together, and told them that I don’t have any plans of settling down with any man”. Charity said.

“What did they say?”. Diana asked.

“Come and see shouting. Well, I left that village for them, and guess what, my mother has been calling me on phone up till now, but I refused to take her calls”. She replied.

“All these mothers sef, It would be hard for her to comprehend”. Benita said said.

“She better do, because I’m not ready for another heartbreak”. She said.

“I don’t put mouth for men matter again. I just want to continue being a caring mother to my daughter, that’s all that gives me joy at this point of my life”. Rita said

“You all have a heartbeat story to tell, but my case is different. Do you know that I don’t even remember the last time a man approached me for relationship”. I said.

There was total silence.

“I think now I know where the problem is, the men are scared of rejection”. Charity said.

“How?”. Everyone chorused.

“They feel you have too much money that you don’t even need any man around you”. She explained further.

“You’re making sense, Charity”. Benita said.

“What sense is she making?, that independent women don’t find husband?”. I asked

No one spoke again.

“Please I need a solution. I need to get myself a man as soon as possible I don’t want my mother to continue tormenting me, and I don’t want to start being envious of my sisters”. I said.

“I have an idea”. Diana said.

Everyone turned to face her.

“Spill it out”. I said.

“Why don’t we put a sign at the the gate that we’re recruiting men for a relationship?. She suggested.

Everyone sighed, and started murmuring.

…. it’s a suggestion oo, why the murmur?”. She asked.

“What kind of crazy suggestions are you making?”. Charity said.

“Imagine that”. Benita said.

“But since she says no man is approaching her, and the Gina I know cannot approach any man, this is the only thing I can think about.”

“I think I like the that idea”. I said.

“What?”. They all chorused.

“Yes, I love Diana’s idea, and I think I will be going with it”. I said.

At this point, Alicia who has been pretending to be reading a book, beside us put the book down.

“Aunt, tell me you’re joking”. She said.

We all exchanged confused glances.

“What are you talking about?”. I asked.

“Don’t tell me you’re seriously going to do what aunt Diana said, that is…”. She was saying before Rita cut her short.

“Alicia, I thought you were reading?, have you been listening to our discussion?”. She asked her.

“I wasn’t listening until she made such suggestion”. She explained.

“Hmm! what’s that your name!?”. I screamed.

….. how old are you?”. I asked.

“19”. She replied, abruptly.

“How old do you think I am”. I asked again.

“I don’t know, maybe 47” She replied, innocently.

The other girls giggle, but I didn’t find that funny at all.

“Shut up!. I am 36 years. You see the age difference?”. I continued.

“Yes”. She nodded.

“Now, stand up from there, and go into your room!. I commanded.

She stood up.

… and let this be this time you pokenose in my affairs . Did I make myself clear?”. I warned.

“Imagine this small mosquito”. Charity said after she was gone.

“It’s not her fault, I blame Gina. She gave her too much liberty”. Diana said.

“Please, let’s conclude. Diana, I will transfer you some money this night. Please make that arrangements immediately”. I pleaded.

“At your service, ma’am”. She joked.

“I don’t need just a man, , I need a husband material also.. cuz I don’t want to end this year single again”. I said.

“Gina, if you ask me oo, I will suggest you forget about that marriage aspect. Get yourself a vibrant young man, get pregnant, and have your child. You’re lucky you’re capable of taking responsibility of a child alone”. Rita suggested.

“No, I won’t do that. I will get married, just the way my mother did”. I replied.

The next evening, after work, I drove down to her house to get the banner. It reads 👇

‘ Husband Material Needed

apply within’

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