Husband Material episode 6

Episode 6

Husband Material

“Why do you not want to sack this your gateman?”. Dennis said me one Sunday afternoon.

Ever since he came into my life, it has been from one fight to the other with Eric. I have pleaded with the latter severally, but he just wouldn’t listen.

“What has he done this time?”. I asked.

“What action have you taken for the ones he has been doing?”. He said.

“I have plans”. I told him.

“I will help you get someone that is capable, if you don’t mind”. He said.

“No, don’t worry, I’m already working towards that”. I lied.

Two months after we started going out, my sister’s traditional marriage was finally fixed.

I informed Dennis about it, and even went as far as buying a matching material to be sewn, so we can go together as a couple.

He agreed. I invested so much in that journey, but on the D-Day, he was nowhere to be seen. His line too was switched off.

I drove down to his apartment, and was told by a neighbor that he left very early that morning.

I was mad and worried at the same time. I had informed my mother that I will be coming along with my man, and I didn’t want to disappoint the old woman.

“Regina, where are you?. You ought to have been here by now”. She was saying over the phone, as I drove back home, frustrated.

“We are on our way”. I lied.

“Did you see him?”. Alicia asked, as soon as I got into the living room.

“He is not at home”. I replied.

I paced up and down the living room barefooted, trying all his lines continuously. Alicia tried calming me down.

“It’s okay, aunt. Maybe he met with heavy traffic”. She was saying before Eric entered.

“Ah ah, small madam, why fine madam dey cry?”. He asked… I didn’t know I was crying until then.

I wiped the tears with the back of my palm.

“Her almighty boyfriend has refused to show up for their date”. Alicia said to him.

“That golddigger!?”. He exclaimed, and that was when I turned to look at his face.

“Are you stup!d?, do you realize you’re talking about my man here?”. I asked,, angrily.

“Sorry ma, I no remember”. He begged.

“He was supposed to come with us to the village, but his number has been switched off”. Alicia continued.

“Make una go without am na”. He suggested.

“No, she told her people she would be bringing a man home today”. Alicia replied.

“Make she carry me go now”. He said, casually.

“Eric, mind the gate”. I was already getting irritated with their boring discussion.

“Sorry, madam”. He prostrated, and left.

“I told you I don’t like that guy at all, he is not a straightforward person”. Rita was saying over the phone.

When Dennis didn’t show up even by 12pm, and my mother wouldn’t stop disturbing my phone, I found myself doing the unimaginable.

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