Husband Material episode 7

Episode 7

Husband Material

My mother called my line uncountable number of times that day. I was becoming more frustrated each passing minute.

“I told you, this your boyfriend is no good”. That was what Alicia said that almost made me slap her, but she dodged it.

“Never you speak ill of Dennis again”. I warned her.

“Regina, you see the reason I told you to be here before today?”. My mother kept complaining over the phone.

At a point, my friends were tired of waiting at Diana’s place.

” Gina, let’s get going. You can do without that guy”. Rita said over the phone.

I didn’tt blame her. If only she knew how important that trip was to me.

“Why don’t you take Eric along?”. Alicia suggested.

I gave her a bombastic side eye.

“Are you okay. Imagine presenting my security man before my family as my suitor. How does that sound in your ear?”. I asked.

“That’s no big deal. At least he is not jobless”. She replied.

I felt attacked once again.

“Alicia, I don’t want to hear your voice again”. I had to warn her, but when I couldn’t think of anything better, I started seeing sense in her argument.

Going with him is better than disappointing my mother’s expectations. And I will feel lonely before my younger sisters and their spouses.

“Tell him to get ready”. I heard myself saying.

“Who?”. She asked.

“Eric’. I replied.

“Are you taking him along?”. She asked

“He should be fast, we are late already”. I added, before she ran out excitedly.

Thirty minutes later, I was standing face to face with Eric. He was putting on the clothes I had sewn for Dennis.

We stared at each other for about five minutes before I was able to say something.

“You should just maintain your lane, don’t try to hold me. Remember, I am still your boss, we are just acting”. I had instructed him before we got into the car.

I was the one driving, while he sits besides with me in the front.

“You both look great together”. Alicia said from the back seat.

“Thank you”. Eric responded.

“I don’t want to hear your voices again”. I yelled at them.

uThat was the craziest decisions I have taken so far… Eric didn’t close his mouth all through the journey.

My friends were already waiting at a junction before we came out to lead the way.

It was when we got to the village, and stepped down that they got to see the latest development….I didn’t tell them before then because I knew they would kick against the idea.

“Gina, who is this?, your gateman?”. Diana asked in disbelief.

“Gina, what have you done?!”. Benita exclaimed.

“You guys should calm down. What would you have me do?. Dennis is nowhere to be seen!”. I explained.

“I know, but that is no reason you should come with him, your gateman, and to think you’re even rocking a matching outfit with him Gina!”. Charity said.

Just then, Stella ran out from the house.

“Regina, where is the fish?, we have been waiting”. She said, without greeting us.

Eric tried to go open the trunk, but I held him back, and motioned Alicia to go instead.

“Stella, this is my fiance”. I announced.

“Wow, he is so handsome, he looks so familiar though”. She said, absentmindedly.

She picked the fish as soon as Alicia opened the trunk, and rushed back into the house.

“Seriously, Gina, your fiance?”. Diana said.

“Please, let’s discontinue this discussion, and join the celebration”. I advised, and we walked majestically, into the compound.

I wasn’t expecting the shock I got when we approach the dancing couple, lo and behold, the young man turned out to be no other than my boyfriend…. Dennis.

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