Husband Material episode 16

Episode 16

Husband Material👞

I ran out of the room, all the way down the stairs. My heart was beating very fast.

“Eric!”. I was screaming before I even got to the security cabin.

He came out, well dressed.

“Where are you going to?”. I asked.

“Police station”. He replied.

“Did you see my sister?”. I asked.

“She don comot since evening na”. He replied

How could Stella not inform me before leaving my house, not that I wasn’t home when she left.

“Any thing?”. He asked.

I ran back into the house, ignoring his question. I picked up my phone, and called her line. It rang severally with no response.

My mind started wandering. If Stella left the house without informing me, it means she left with money, and that could only mean one thing… she was the informant.

No wonder she came to my house at this time. And I was f00lish enough to give her access to everything, my room, my phone, my…everywhere.

“No. Stella couldn’t have done a thing like that. Not my sister”. I tried to convince myself.

I stood up, and started throwing my stuff out from the wardrobe.

“Maybe she hid it somewhere”. I was saying as I ransacked everywhere.

When I got exhausted, I sat in the heap of clothes and bags, crying.

And that was where I woke up the next morning.

The first thought that came to my head immediately I opened my eyes, was Eric, telling me he was going to the police station.

“To do what exactly?”.I asked myself.

Then, I stood up, and went downstairs.

I have not stopped suspecting that guy. He might be working with the police.

But I didn’t make it to his cabin that morning because as I opened the entrance door, I was startled by the figures standing at the door… two police officers.

“You scared me!”. I screamed at them.

“We are sorry, ma’am. We have been knocking all morning”. On of them apologized.

“Good morning”. I said.

“We heard that your daughter is back, thank God for that. But why didn’t you inform us?”. The same officer asked.

” I didn’t report her disappearance to you”. I said.

“Yeah, but we are involved now. Well, Mr Solomon has admitted to the crime, but he isn’t ready yet to name his accomplice”. The other officer stated.

“Oliver admitted to the crime?, can I see him?”. I asked.

“Why not, but first of all, we have to interrogate your daughter”. He said.

I led them into the living room, and then went upstairs to call Alicia.

She was sitting in front of the dressing mirror, with a towel tied around her chest.

“”Good morning, aunty”. She smiled.

“Good morning. How was your night?”. I asked.

“It was fine”. She replied.

“Quickly!, wear something, and go downstairs. The police are waiting for you”. I said.

She was startled.

“Police?, why?. What did I do?’. She asked, confused.

“They are not here to arrest you, but to interrogate you. Just tell them everything that happened during your kidnap”. I said.

She heaved a sigh, stood up, and started dressing up.

While she went downstairs to meet them, I went back to my room to freshen up.

About an hour later, I was sitting in the interrogation room with Oliver/Solomon. He kept staring at the table.

“Look into my eyes, and tell me that you were the one who kidnapped Alicia!”. I repeated this, three times without getting any response from him.

“It’s okay if you won’t admit to that, but at least tell me who hired you, just mention the name, I will be fine.”. I pleaded.

He still didn’t reply.

“Okay, let me make this easier for us. Is my sister involve in this?”. I lowered my voice to ask.

This time, he shook his head. That means he really admitted to the crime.
I stood up and gave him two hot slaps before an officer intervened.

“This man is evil!”. I cried, as I was led away.

“We shall be visiting his network provider this morning. We found multiple sims in his wallet, but he wiped all his call history”. The officer told me as he led me out to my car.

I was too tired to talk to Eric about anything, so I just went in.

Alicia and her dad were talking in the living room when I entered. I greeted them casually, and went upstairs to clear my head.

My friends called to check up on me.

“I am not around”. I had to lie to them, one after the other.

“Why do I keep falling into the hands of fraudster?”. I sobbed.

Then my mother’s call entered.

Maybe Stella is with her. She hasn’t called for a while now and nobody informed her of Alicia’s disappearance too.

“Hello”. I tried to comport myself.

“Regina, how are you doing. Hope you’re preparing for your birthday?”. She teased.

I hung up, and turned my phone off.

“Everything I’m passing through today was caused by you. I was doing fine, before you started taunting me with this issue of getting a man…now look at where that quest has landed me”. I was screaming at the phone.

I cried all day. It was around six in the evening that turned The phone on. Call from police station entered immediately.

“Ma’am your attention is needed at the station”. The voice announced.

Maybe they have gotten a clue to who the insider was. I wished I had discouraged them from continuing with that investigation…I was certain Stella was the culprit, and I didn’t want my sister arrested.

If I ever come out of this, I’m done with anything ‘relationship’. It’s obvious I’m not destined to find love.

When I got to the station, I was handed over a sheet that contains the list of people Oliver was speaking with in the last four days.

There were just two numbers.. my number and another. Seemed he speaks with the other contacts almost every minute.

Slowly, I input the number into my phone with shaky hands, a silent prayer on my lips..

“Jesus Christ!”. I exclaimed as the name of the culprit popped up on my phone.😭😭

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