Evelyn episode 11

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When I woke up I was in the house and my phone was with them as it was ringing. My husband and the others were right behind me. Pastor’s bible was in my chest.

A kind of spirit was just fórcing me to spill out everything even though I tried to silent the whole thing.

My husband signaled me annoyingly to pick the call right in front of everyone. I held the phone with shivering hands and teary eyes.

“Go on, pick the call. We’ve read the texts.” Says pastor. My heàrt was about to race out.

I picked the call and this time, promise only insisted on seeing me the following day that there was something crucial he needs to discuss with me. I told him I’ve heard.

Guilt was already written all over my face. My husband first slàpped me on my left cheek. Cecilia had to hold him back so he don’t assault me in the midst of everyone.

That was how I began to spill out the beans in tears. I told them everything, right from that very day Evelyn was kidnàpped, till my affair with promise. Although I didn’t involve my sister in the case because that was something I feel I could handle on my own.

They made the decision to organize our next move the following day. It was evident that Cecilia was greatly annoyed with me, yet she forced a smile due to our close bond. Later that morning, Promise contacted me and expressed his confusion about my daughter’s condition. He shared that they had found her in the room unconscious. Overwhelmed with emotion, I tearfully warned him that any harm that befell my daughter would result in severe consequences for him. However, he merely chuckled in response sent me a particular location and cut the call.

Upon hearing everything, the security men assured me not to be scared, reassuring me that provided they can get to their location everything would be settled so I sent it to them.

My husband was just staring at me in rage I tried begging him, trying to make him to understand that I was only doing it to save our daughter and he fired at me to shût up.

Pastor drove the few of us with a his car while the others used a different car. Few distance from the location we halted and they let me inside to meet them.

The two men that hauled me inside the compound instantly got sniped and fell dèad on the floor.

They trailed me inside the house until I found Promise in one of the rooms. The room was very spacious. Promise was surrounded by several of his companions, and lively music filled the air. Approximately ten individuals were present, including three women. Unfortunately, two of the women were unclothed, and twerking for him alongside with the music.

The officers surrounded each of them and they all submitted by placing their hands on their heads.

“Where is her daughter?” One of the officers questioned promise as he handcuffed him.

“Where is my daughter you not forsaking man!!” I cried out.

“Your daughter is dèàd hahaha. You couldn’t come on time. It’s a win win. Now you’ll feel the agonizing pains of losing someone you care about. Hahahaha do whatever you want. If you like, kîll me. Evelyn is gone better go and carry her côrpse and bury her. I’m pretty sure you’ll definitely kîll your own sister.”

I quickly approached him and slàpped him twice. Meanwhile, he had already endured several punches from the officers, resulting in blood streaming from his mouth.

While they handcuffed him and threw them in the van, I joined the others to search for her. After searching from rooms to rooms, one of them successfully found her côrpse in the toilet. The door was initially locked so the man had to break through. She dîèd with both eyes opened and clothes torn apart.

I sobbed uncontrollably, desperately longing for the impossible—to bring her back. However, the irreversible mistake had already been made, leaving me with a heavy heart. No matter how many tears I shed, there was no way I could undo what had been done and bring her back to life.

Promise admitted everything he did in court and was sentenced to deáth while his colleagues were subjected to life imprisonment.

That same month, we buried Evelyn. My husband later chased me from his house after pouring out to him that I was heavily prègnant for promise. My sister on the other hand was no where to be found.

I was not actually looking for her so I would accuse her but because I wanted to forgive her and for her to be by my side. Her husband was not picking his calls. Had it been she was staying close to me I’d have met her. She was the only family I could truly confide in, yet I couldn’t find her. As a result, I sought solace in the company of my friend, Cecilia, desperately praying for my husband to once again accept me. Regrettably, my hopes were shattered when I learned that a woman had been visiting him frequently. None of our pleas changed his mind likewise pastor. It was then that I realized all hopes of getting him back were lost.

You can’t always navigate every situation on your own. It’s crucial to confide in your husband and seek his support. Don’t wait for issues to escalate before seeking a solution. Be aware that there are individuals who are determined to bring you down, regardless of your accomplishments. It’s essential to distance yourself from such negative influences and prioritize prayers. And remember, no secret can be hidden under the sun.

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