Evelyn episode 5


“Can you please keep quîet for once? I won’t touch you. I’ll simply observe as you suffer. Since you don’t love me, it’s better that we stay here and suffer together. Do you really think you can outsmart me? I’ve loved you from the very beginning. You made the choice to abandon me and marry that idiótic man. Look at how foólish you are!” Promise screamed in anger, raising his left hand as if to strike me in the face.

“Please, Promise, I beg you. Just tell me what you want, and as long as you promise that nothing will happen to my daughter, I will do whatever you ask.” I pleaded desperately, grabbing onto his sleeves tightly while tears streamed down my face.

“Good question. Your daughter will be under my custody and you’ll be coming to satisfy me whenever I call you. I’ll be sharing you with your husband, which automatically implies that you’re already my wife regardless of being married or not. And with time I’ll see if you can bear me a child along the way.” He said, showing no feeling of remorse.

“Please, Promise, why are you doing this to me? This request is beyond unreasonable. I am a married woman, for heaven’s sake. I am bègging you to come up with another solution.”

“That’s all I have to offer right now. It’s up to you to think it over or we will continue to harm Evelyn gradually until she give up the ghóst. The choice is yours. Next tomorrow I’ll be expecting your answers, you still have time to think.” He said, throwing a small loaf of bread onto the dirty floor, along with a can of water. He fórcefully shut the door, locked it, and left.

I managed to eat the bread and that was the only thing I ate throughout that day. The next day I got pressed and while hitting the door continuously, he came to my aid and instructed one of his boys on masks to take me to their toilet of which they did. After everything, they threw me back to there alongside with a nylon of garden egg, locked the door and left.

I had a rethink of what he told me.” Should I let my daughter dîe? I can’t.I had no other choice. I don’t even know where they took her in the first place. I’m her mother and I had to protect her at all cost. I know I’ll definitely find a way from this someday. Let me just accept this. I had no other choice. I don’t even know where they took her in the first place.”

The day officially came and he questioned me if I’d made a decision and I nodded. So he began giving me the terms and conditions.

“When you return home, simply inform your husband that you had an impromptu meeting or come up with any suitable excuse. Then tell him that you couldn’t locate our daughter upon your return, despite your efforts to search for her. Do not entertain the idea of exploring various methods to track me down. I trust that you prioritize the safety of our daughter above all else. Therefore, it would be wise for you to adhere to the plan. Is that clear?”

“B–-but, b–-but first I need to see my daughter to know if she’s alîve please.”

He swiftly initiated a video and to my dismay, I witnessed my daughter in distress, crying inconsolably in a filthy room with disheveled hair and stained clothing. My eyes welled up with tears, flowing uncontrollably like a river.

Afterward, Promise departed, promising my release the following day. He then proceeded to dress me as if I were attending a crucial meeting. Placing me inside his car, my eyes were tied by one of his associates who sat beside me in the backseat. Together, they drove away.

……… ..⏸️

The place was not looking familiar at all. I struggled to one woman’s shop, even to walk is a problem. She was breastfeeding her child and eating some biscuits.

“Good afternoon..” I greeted, exhaling deeply and looking round as I sat on the small stool that was behind her in the shop.

“After ma. Anything? Umm you want to buy something?” She asked.

“No, it’s just that I feel disoriented, I’m lost. Can you please tell me where I am? Are we near Ijedo?” I asked her, my voice filled with anxiety.

She abruptly erupted in laughter…..

To be continued.

Story was written by Nicholas Stephen

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