Evelyn episode 4


I woke up to find myself in a terrifying situation. All my money, my phone and some other things that was in my purse were all stõlen. My face and neck were swõllen, and I discovered that my hands and legs were tightly bouneded. However, I was surrounded with some cult boys whom were on masks, giggling and soliloquising within themselves.

Shockingly, I noticed that my daughter was also restrained and hung on a scale, suspended upside down. It seemed as though my daughter had lost consciousness, for her eyes remained closed and sweat covered her forehead and her clothes had been ripped apart. Distressed, tears welled up in my eyes as I struggled to rise, only to realize that the ropes had become pãinfully tight, digging into my skin.

“Please you’re hurting her. Please save her, she’s dying. I’m the one you want I’m here. Please you’re suffocating her. She can’t breathe. Bring her down.”

“Serah will you just shût ûp!” a distinct voice bellowed from within the circle. We were both in that eerie space, hemmed in by a group of individuals seated on a peculiar bench. The location was hidden deep within the bush, concealed any signs of human habitation. Surrounding us, a fence made of wooden planks were covered in green aluminum roofing sheets which ensured absolute seclusion.

The man on agbada attire entered inside the shade and was on glasses. She was holding another lady. Fear quickly gripped me when I saw that the lady was my junior sister Theresa.

“Theresa. What are you doing here. Or my eye are they deceiving me?”

“And what happened? Of course it’s me.” She said and removed the man’s glasses. To my shock, it was my ex. Mr Promise.

He was the man I once planned to marry, but fate took an unsettling turn. On that fateful night, just before our marriage, I stumbled upon him in a drunken stupor, entwined with our maid. It was not the first or even the second time I had witnessed them him slêeping with her. Despite his numerous pleas, I showed no remorse, leaving me with no choice but to reject him completely. In response, he began orchestrating a series of deliberate attempts to make my life unbearable, until my security personnel finally intervened and warned him to stay away from me. This was something of over fifteen years ago.

“Remember this face abi!” “Please my daughter is dyîng. I’ll do whatever you ask just let go of my daughter please.

“Drop her!” Mr Promise instructed and they quickly brought down the scale and laid her on the ground.

……… ..⏸️

“Theresa I pity you. So this is the man that you’ve been with all this time unknown to your husband. You even joined them to kidnap me.” I said with teary eyes.

“Shût ûp. Who are you to tell me the kind of people I hang around with? Dem send you come?” She bellowed, slapping me right in the face.

“Instead of you to keep quiêt. You’re still running your mouth isn’t it. Don’t worry this is just the beginning. Since you don’t want want to rêspect yourself I’ll do it in my own way. A car is on the way coming to pick you up. As for your daughter I’ll personally be the one to use her. Right from that very day I told you that I’ll make your life miserable for you didn’t I?”

“Please but we are both Bigger than this. Just listen to me. We can settle this thing without having any conflict. Please my daughter is dyîng.”

“Hahahahahahahahahah…” Mr. Promise’s laughter persisted, filling the air with a chilling echo. Suddenly, one of the masked figures swiftly landed a forcêful pûnch on my face, causing me to spin around in shõck before succumbing to uncõnsciousness.

When I regained consciousness, I found myself in a locked, pink-painted room devoid of any furniture. The room seemed to be shrouded in darkness, resembling the late hours of the night. The atmosphere was stifling, devoid of any airflow, and the suffocating heat engulfed the space. I got up pulled my top and began fanning myself with. I later stood up, hitting the wooden door angrily and also crying as well.

“Please my daughter. Where I Evelyn. Evelyn where are you. Evelyn!”

Some footsteps began approaching and one of them opened the door.

To be continued.

Story was written by Nicholas Stephen

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