Evelyn episode 2


“Your daughter is currently in our possession. And if you don’t comply to our request, we’d be kîlling her in the next 48hrs. I believe you can hear her criês,” the man said as he drew the phone nearer to where my daughter was wailing, desperately shouting my name and crying for help. From her criês alone one could tell that she was being tortured and assaulted brutally.

“P—please, P—Please, P—Please, Please I’m bêgging you in the name of Jesus Christ please what is it you want?”Please, please don’t harm her!” I cried out uncontrollably, collapsing onto my knees. My hands and legs trembled violently to the point I instantly got pressed and rushed to the toilet while the call was still on.

“All you need to do is to amicably come alone to the location I just sent you on your phone tomorrow morning. Terms and conditions applies. First: you’re not to come with anyone. Secondly: you’re not to inform anyone about your whereabouts. Make sure you don’t disclose this to a third ear no matter how close you are to the person. Thirdly: come along with your phone but make sure it’s switched off. Do I made myself clear?”

“Please… Please b-but, b-but, but tomorrow’s Sunday. Please don’t touch her” I stammered again, wiping my tears as I vehemently stood up from the WC and managed to draw my skirt up with my trembling hands. “Are you stûpid! How’s that our business? It’s seems you don’t know who you’re dealing with. Your time starts now. The decision is left for you. Have a nice day.”

A few minutes later, when I attempted to call again, the line refused to connect. Panic consumed me as my heart sank. I wept uncontrollably, while tossing and turning in my disheveled room. I couldn’t even bring myself to touch the plate of rice that was in front of me.

“Jesus Christ, why are people so cruel? Why are humans capable of such wickedness arrrrrrrggghh?” I cried out, my voice filled with anguish. These questions echoed in my mind as I pondered on what to do until the evening, when my husband finally returned home from his trip.

As soon as I removed his jacket, he sensed the distress on my face and became anxious to know what was troubling me.

“Sarah you know we’ve been married for years and I could tell when you’re happy or not.. Talk to me. What’s wrõng?”

I began to flash back to what the man had told me during the morning that I shouldn’t inform anyone. After much deliberations, I had to lîe to my husband to prevent the issue from escalating.

“Sweetheart you’re just looking at me. You’ve not said anything. What is it?”

“It’s nothing. It’s just a little misunderstanding that I had with one of my customers. She said she doesn’t like the shoes I delivered to her so I had to return it and refund back her money..”

“Let me go and dish the remaining rice for you.” I told him and left.

After finishing his meal, he joined me in bed. Although he seemed eager for intimacy that night yet I expressed that I wasn’t in the mood. Surprisingly, he didn’t insist or disturb me further. However, my discomfort kept my eyes wide open. I struggled to recall when I eventually drifted off to sleep, but it was around three in the morning.

My husband quickly rushed over from the bathroom and jolted me up from sleep. Meanwhile I time was almost 9am and it was a Sunday morning.

*Sarah you’re still sleeping by this time. Won’t you go to church? What’s going on!”

“By the way, where is Evelyn? I haven’t heard from her nor seen her since yesterday. You know I left the house very early yesterday, and when I went to her room this morning, she was nowhere to be found.”he inquired, his gaze growing increasingly suspicious

I gulped down saliva as he continued to scrutinize me while I just remained speechless and gulping down salivar.

To be continued.

Story was written by Nicholas Stephen
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