DNA Test episode 6

DNA Test Episode 6

(The Last Fight)

“When we get to Mrs Achiteli’s house, I want you to shut your mouth and keep calm. Let me do the talking.” Chika tells Olaedo.

“I have heard you ma.” Olaedo responded with a conspiratorial tone. Even Chika knew that what she was asking her friend to do was impossible. Both of them laughed it off.

It was 4pm and they were actually on their way to Mrs Achiteli’s house. Finding her address was not difficult. Olaedo simpply flipped through the staff directory of Chatter Med, and boom, there it was. The retired nurse lived at 10 Twin Cubes Estate.

Soon, they negotiated the last narrow street that led to Mrs Achiteli’s house and luckily for them, her house was not fenced, so they just drove in.

Mrs Achiteli was resting under a shade in the compound. She was retired and had nothing more to do other than to rest. But will she rest? Trouble seemed to be knocking at her door.

Olaedo became restless as soon as Chika turned the steering and entered Mrs Achiteli’s compound. Her heart started to beat ‘kakpum kakpum kakpum’ as soon as she saw the old nurse who used to be her boss.

“Be a woman. Take a deep breath. Hold yourself and get this done.” Olaedo tells herself.

She dragged her hand bag, unzipped it and brought out her gun. She loaded the bullets into it and set it on the ‘GO’ so that it will go off with a single touch on the trigger. Chudo thought her everything last night.

“Jesus Christ. You brought a gun?” Chika asked with fear in her voice. She managed to turn off the ignition of the car with a trembling hand.

“Ewu chim o! Olaedo! What are you doing? Do you want to go to jail?” Chika shouted at Olaedo. Were it not that the windscreen of the car were wound up, Mrs Achiteli would have heard her voice.

“Shhhhh! Keep quiet Chika.” Olaedo tells her friend as she placed the gun on her lips and kissed it as if she was kissing Ikenna her husband. Chika thought she was seeing a different Olaedo, not the same person that used to be as gentle as a dove.

“I don’t want to go to jail. That is an understatement. I want to die actually. This is the last fight.” Olaedo said as she opened the door and stepped out. Chika now followed her like a stupid sheep.

Mrs Achiteli was getting ready to welcome them to her house. She knew it was Chika because she could recognise her car. But what she did not know was that Olaedo was one of her unexpected guests.

As she wasn’t expecting any trouble, Mrs Achitel was getting ready to exchange warm pleasantries, but Olaeodo did not come for comedy. The old nurse never knew her folly was found out.

“Where is my daughter? I won’t ask this question again.” Olaedo shouted at Mrs Achiteli as soon as they were within shooting range of where she sat. She pointed the gun at her.

Chika hid behind Olaedo’s back. She was so shocked to see Olaedo in that mood. Indeed, it was the anger of a mother pushed to the wall.

Mrs Achiteli knew that the moment of truth had come. Her past had caught up with her. But she was still slow to speak, so Olaedo pulled the trick and shot one of her legs. She fell on her kneels as blood gushed.

“I will talk. Please don’t shoot again. I will tell the whole truth.” Mrs Achiteli said with tears in her eyes. She was the only one in the compound as all her children were grown and lived on there own, so no one came to her aid.

“Your husband asked me to do it. He said he needed a male child.” Mrs Achiteli said. Her words fell on Olaedo’s ears like bomb. Olaedo pulled the trigger again and shot her second leg. The retired nurse screamed in pain, but Olaedo had no pity.

“The hospital is aware. Your husband paid N5 million for Miracle. Your daughter was given to another mother, but the girl, Uju, Uju, Uju, God bless your soul. Uju, Uju…” Mrs Achiteli stammered at this point.

“What happened to Uju, my daughter?” Olaedo screamed at Mrs Achiteli.

“She died. I got a message from the mother that she died at the age of four.”
Mrs Achiteli said.

The pain became too much for Olaedo to bear, but this time around, she refused to faint. Instead, she directed her anger at the retired nurse. She pulled the trigger one last time and the bullet fell on Mrs Achiteli’s heart and it was over.

“You killed someone.” Chika yelled at Olaedo.

“Shut your mouth and drive.” Olaedo yelled back and Chika was wise enough to zoom out of the compound as directed.

“Drive to Ikenna’s house.” Olaedo ordered Chika. Chika felt as if she had been kidnapped. Indeed, she was kidnapped by her own friend who was possessed by pain. She silently did as Olaedo said. She didn’t want die yet.

Soon, they drove into Ikenna’s compound. He was at home because he couldn’t go to work since Olaedo disappeared. He stayed home to watch over the children, a tedious duty that made him to lose weight. He had gone to the village to look for her but didn’t see her.

Ikenna was so happy to see Olaedo, but the happiness was shortlived.

“So you needed a male child and you didn’t tell me?” Olaedo asked her husband as he rushed to hug her. She pushed him away and pointed the gun at him.

“Olaedo, put away the gun. I can explain this. I’m sure you will understand and forgive me.” Ikenna said, but his words fell on deaf ears.

“You gave my daughter away like a peice of Okrika. For a male child? Am I God who decides the gender of children? Ikenna! Now I know why you were fast to forgive me when you saw the DNA test for Miracle. You knew that indeed, he is not your son. You son of the devil.” Olaedo was crying as she spoke.

Chika merely watched in fear.

Olaedo took three steps and soon, she was within a breathing distance from Ikenna. She pulled him to herself, hugged him tightly. She placed the gun directly on Ikenna’s chest and pulled the trigger. She let out a loud cry and then gently lowered her husband’s body to the floor. She kissed him one last time.

She placed the gun on her head and shot herself. Her lifeless body lay on that of her husband.

Chika rushed into the house and carefully moved the children away from the compound. She took them to Olaedo’s mother the next day.

When the police took Olaedo’s body to the hospital for autopsy, it was discovered that she was four weeks pregnant with a male child.

That was how the life of a couple ended on a tragic note because the man wanted a male child and went about it the wrong way.

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