DNA Test episode 4

DNA Test Episode 4

Olaedo jumped from the floor and sprang to her feet. She saw that Ikenna her husband had forced the door open with a sledge harmer.

After knocking on the door for over an hour, Ikenna got fed up and cracked the door open with a manly force. The man was beginning to fear the worse for his wife.

“It’s 12 pm for God’s sake. No work today?” Ikenna yelled on top of his voice.

Olaedo was dazed and her brain felt hazy. She felt lost and felt numbness in her legs.

She found her spirit floating. It was like an out-of-body experience.

She closed her eyes and opened them again as she tried to regain herself from her pain-induced sleep. She thought she was dreaming.

“What happened to you?” Ikenna asked. Meanwhile, Ikenna had a white piece of paper in his left hand and the sledge harmmer on the right and he stood before Olaedo as if he was going to smash her head with the heavy metal.

Soon, Olaedo’s eyes fell on the white piece of paper in Ikenna’s hand and she knew he had found the DNA test result. Sleep and every feeling of dizziness disappeared from her body.

“But how did he find it?” She asked herself as she shifted away from her husband.

At that point, Olaedo was very scared and her body shivered like that of a baby suffering from epilepsy.

“How on earth did he find the paper? I thought I kept it in my handbag? My own don finish.” She said to herself. Olaedo wanted the ground to open up and swallow her. She pinched herself to be sure she wasn’t dreaming.

“Yes, I’m awake and in deep trouble. The truth is now in Ikenna’s hand.”

Ikenna kept drawing closer to her, still with the big hammer in his right hand. He closed in on her so that she had her back to the wall. Haven no more space to run to, Olaedo stopped and leaned on the wall like a frightened rat and spread her arms like a bat.

She waited for the worse, for her head to be smashed, for her spirit to leave her body. She waited for death as Ikenna was now a few inches from her such that she could feel his breath and hear his heartthrobs as it beat ‘kpum kpum kpum’ like someone running a marathon.

“How did you find that paper?” Olaedo asked her husband. She struggled a lot before she squeezed out the words from her mouth.

“I found it in your car. You left it on the driver’s seat.” Ikenna answered. He unfurled the test result and took another look, then dropped it on the floor. He was the one who dropped the kids off to school that morning because Olaedo did not wake up and his car was at the mechanic’s. So he used her car.

Olaedo quickly remembered that she dropped the DNA test result in her car after she passed out in the hospital the day before.

“Ikenna.” Olaedo called her husband with a terrified voice.

“I can explain this. It’s not what you think. I’m sure there is a mistake somewhere. Please forgive me……”

“There is nothing to forgive.” Ikenna yelled at her. She was shell-shocked. She shut up instantly.

“Yes, I’m not Miracle’s biological father. And so what?” Ikenna asked in a calmer voice that seemed too charming for the situation at hand.

Ikenna dropped the sledge hammer and it made a very loud noise on the floor tiles. The noise rang in Olaedo’s ears for several seconds.

He drew closer to Olaedo and then kissed her gently. It felt like their first kiss, but it could be the last.
Soon, Olaedo found herself being pulled to the bed and soon, they were making love.

It turned out to be one of the best times she had ever had with Ikenna in terms of intimacy. That moment, she felt something very strong for her man. But she was very scared too.

“You mean you are not angry with me? That I cheated on you? And got pregnant for another man? And gave birth to another man’s child under your roof? You are OK with that? You are not mad at all?” Olaedo rolled out many questions to her husband as she pulled the bedclothes to cover herself.

“Like I said, there is nothing to forgive. You are my wife and I will still love and regard Miracle as my son.” Ikenna said as he pulled Olaedo and let her rest her head on his hairy chest.

“But you must promise me no other ear will hear this.”

“I promise.” Olaedo replied with speed. She almost shouted her response.

But in her heart of heart, Olaedo was not herself. She was very scared. Terrified even.

“How can a man behave that way? The forgiveness was too fast and too sweet to be true. Even if he is angel, he must at least ask questions. Something is fishy.” She said to herself.

That night, Olaedo secretly parked a few of her things and ran away from Ikenna’s house, leaving her children behind.

“I don’t want Ikenna to use hammer and kill me in my sleep. Until I find out why he forgave me so fast, I’m not coming back to this house.” She said as she locked the gate behind her. She moved in with Chika who was ready to help.

Meanwhile, when she got to Chika’s house, she was told that she had been named the Chief Nursing Officer at Chatter Med and that she had to resume her new office the next day.

“Crazy days ahead.” She said as she lay on Chika’s soft chair trying to recall all that was going on in her life.

“Crazy days ahead.” She said again as she planned her next move.

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