DNA Test episode 2

DNA Test

Episode Two

Olaedo arrived at work in the hospital the next day with a strand of Miracle’s hair which she had managed to procure while combing his hair and preparing him for school.

Before the boy allowed her to get close to him that morning, Olaedo had made him an irresistible promise to get him a PS5 game console, something he had always wanted.

She got to Chika’s beautiful office as soon as she made it to work after dropping the children off to school.

“Here is the hair.” She said, panting and even skipping morning pleasantries.
“Why are you doing this?” Chika asked. In Nigeria, it is unusual for a mother to want a DNA test. Mostly, it is men who insist on paternity tests.

“Just do it. Here is my husband’s nail. Thanks to God I obtained it weeks ago when I started planning for this. Please, test the two of them and let me know the result at the close of work. And please, let this stay between the two of us.” She said as she proceeded to her own office.

Chika nodded her reply but kept wondering why her friend wanted a DNA test carried out on her son and husband. She had many things to say to Olaedo, but kept them to herself and went about the test. She does not want to poke-nose.

As soon as the clock chimed 4pm, Chika rushed into the nursing bay more like a soldier.
“The result is ready.” She told Olaedo while panting.
“What does the result say?” Olaedo asked with apprehension. She snatched the white envelope with a shaky hand. Her shift was over, so she had removed her scrub and was getting ready to go home. She was actually saying goodbyes to fellow nurses when Chika entered with the DNA test result.

“Tell me the result please.” Olaedo pleaded again.
“Just open the envelope. But I advise you prepare your heart for the worse. The result might shock you.” Chika said as she turned and left. Olaedo dropped the envilope in her handbag and scurried into her car with the speed of light.

She turned on the car ignition and the engine of the Toyota Land Cruiser reved to life. Her husband Ikenna had given her the car on their 5th wedding anniversary.

Olaedo brought out the DNA test results and tore it open with courage. She unfurled the crisply white sheet of paper gradually and finally, the fearful content was clear.
The result says Ikenna, her precious husband is not the father of Olaedo’s first son, Miracle.

Olaedo took a deep breath and passed out in her car. The windows of the jeep were all wound and the top notch air conditioner was revving and it made the car cosy. But it wasn’t a cosy moment for Olaedo.

She stayed in the car for another one hour before she came to. Or she was revived by a hospital security guard who knocked on her window.

“Please nurse, move the car. You dey block road.”

Olaedo quickly turned the steering and headed home. As she drove on Third Mainland Bridge, she actually thought of coming out of the car and ending it all by jumping into the lagoon, but she decided against it.

“That would be too hasty. But crazy days lie ahead. I hope my lovely Ikenna doesn’t kill me before I get the chance to kill myself.” She said.

When she got home that night, Olaedo went straight into her room without saying a word to anyone.

© Isreal Usulor

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