My Ex, My Boss

Chapter 1

“Miss hanah” the secretary called as she woke me up when i was dozing off.

“That’s me” i answered.

“The CEO wants to see you”The secretary said. The other applicants looked me. Well maybe i am the only one that will be getting this job, i said in my mind as i followed the secretary. Wow! I exclaimed when i entered the CEO office, it was very beautiful,The CEO was facing backwards ,i walked towards him.

“Good morning sir”i greeted him.then he turned towards me , lo and behold! It was micheal my ex. I was shocked for a moment , i couldn’t talk, i just paused.

“Miss hannah ” he said as he smirked.

“When i was going through you profile, i was shocked that it was you,so i decided to see you,how have you been? He asked. I couldn’t respond,i just stared at him,cause i knew, i did him dirty.

“Wow can’t you respond again? He asked as he laughed.

“I, i have been been good sir” i said as i stuttered.

” oh, i see you have been good, i just decided to ask ,so you came to my company to apply for job? He asked.

” i swear, i didn’t know it was your company “I replied immediately.

” ofcourse, you wouldn’t cause, you won’t have ever thought, that i would own a big company like this, not even in my second world, but here i am God did it” he said as he smiled mockingly. I don’t think i am getting this job again, i said to myself as i watched him.


Chapter 2

I don’t think, i am getting this job again, i said to myself as i watched him.

“I have never underestimated, i knew you had potentials”I said as i smiled.

“Of course you never did, you knew i had potentials, but you still broke up with me ,why?He asked angrily.

“I can’t tell you why”i replied.

“You know you never told me the real reason, why you broke with me after everything i did for you that time, you just suddenly erased me from your life,you really hurt me that time but that was all in the past,i am engaged right now to a beautiful, caring and loving girl more lovely than you, and we are getting married soon” he said as he smiled.

“Wow, congratulations ” i said faking my smile, deep down i was hurt.

“Thank you,don’t worry i will make sure ,i give you the invitation card, anyways about the job, i would employ you ,i won’t hold your past behaviours against you, i know you are smart and wise, the only you were foolish was when you decided to break up with me, so my secretary will be gone next week,so you will be the one to take over her position starting from next week, i hope you perform your duties diligently and you won’t disappoint me” he said as he stared at him. Wow am employed.

“I won’t ever disappoint you sir” i said joyfully.

” okay you may leave, wait what about your mom? He asked.

” she is is fine , thanks” i said as i walked away. He even asked about my mom that insulted him then wow. When i got home ,i told my mom about everything that happened, about how rich he was, and my new boss,and how he asked of her.

” that boy is a good boy, after all insults, he still asked about me, hannah tell me does he still love you? My mom asked.

” Mom, why are you asking me that type of question, if it was you would you still love me, mom infact he will soon get married, and you know i regret leaving him, mom i do, and you were the one that caused it , you were the reason, i left him” i said as i bursted into tears.

“No ,don’t blame me, you knew i had no other choice at that time, so stop making me feel guilty, i have also been through a lot, am hurt too” my mom said as she joined me in crying. Yes she is hurting, her husband, my dad left her to marry another woman, after i and my mom sacrificed everything for him, when he was sick so that he could be healed,but what did he do when he was okay, he went ahead and married the woman who didn’t even care about him, when he was sick.

“So when are you resuming? My mom asked as she cleaned her tears.

“Next week” i replied, i can’t wait to start working with Micheal, i smiled happily as i remembered his handsome face.

MY EX, MY BOSS必必 Chapter 3 coming soon…………………………written by Ifeoluwa Oyewole

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