My Ex, My Boss episode 5



“Where is your own gift? He asked,was i supposed to get him a gift for his birthday.

“I thought you wouldn’t accept the gift,if i prepared one”I said to him.

“You would have prepared one even if i won’t accept it” he said.

” sorry sir” i said.

“There is no need for sorry, i want my gift today” he said as he looked at me. How will i get him ? I asked myself.

” okay, can i go out ” i asked.

” yes, you can” he replied happily. I went out of the company to get him a gift, i bought him a watch, he still loves me ,i said happily as i went back to the company. I knocked and entered his office, i gave him the gift that was wrapped. He unwrapped it and he smiled.

“At least, this is better than then when you got me boxers, thank you” he said happily as he wore the watch. He is still in love with me i said in my mind as I left his office happily. When i was done with my work for the day, i went to submit some files to him.

“Sir, this are the files for KV industries that you told me to work on” i said.

” okay, put them on the table ” he said. I noticed he was unhappy because he looked sad, but he was okay in the morning naw.

” sir, is there any problem? I asked.

“Even if there is a problem, what is your concern” he said as he shouted angrily. I was shocked, i just walked out of the office, when i got my office, i carried my belongings and walked out of the building my colleagues were also going home since it was our closing hour. There was one of my colleagues named thomas he likes me, but i wasn’t interested in him, he offered to give me a ride,but i agreed since used up my money to buy gift, i entered his car, and he drove me home. The next morning , i was getting dressed for work, my mom called me from the sitting room i answered her, when i got to the sitting room , i met Thomas, what is he doing here?๐Ÿ˜’

“Thomas, how come you located my house? I asked.

” you showed me yesterday,when i dropped you, i was staying outside, but your mom told me to come in” he said as he smiled, i glared at my mom ,but she pretended as if she didn’t see me.

“He told me he is your colleague at work and he came to pick you up” my mom said innocently. I couldn’t say anything, i walked back to my room and i carried my bag.

“Let’s go ” i said to him as i got to the sitting room, he was drinking the juice my mom gave, this woman is already treating thomas like his son-in-law. He stood up and followed me when we got to the car, i told him not to pick me up again, he asked for the reason, i told him there was no need for him to do that. When we got to the company, i got out the car, i saw Michael also coming out of his own car, we stared at ourselves, we entered the company together.

“Miss hannah i want to see you in my office now” he told me ,when i wanted to go to my office then i followed him to his office, when got there he dropped his bag and faced me.

“What were you doing in thomas car? He asked suddenly. What’s your business ? I said in my mind.

“He drove me here” i replied.

“Hannah, why would he bring to the company? Don’t you know ,he has something in mind , he wouldn’t offer to pick you up for free” he said angrily.

“Yes, i know ” i replied.

” you know, you mean you know and you are still allowing him, see he is a divorcee, he divorced his wife two years after marriage, he is not a good man, i am saying this because, i don’t want him to hurt you” he said. Leave me alone oooo,allow him to hurt me first, what is your own๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„.

“A word is enough for the wise , i have said my own, you may leave ” he said, i thought he even wanted to apologise for how he shouted at me yesterday ,don’t tell me he is jealous ๐Ÿ˜‰. Then i made plans in my mind, i decided to start showing interest in thomas, he would always take me home, and bring me to the office, all of these were all seen by Michael. But one day, something happened at our branch at another state, then Micheal sent thomas to oversee the affairs.

“Hannah, i don’t know why the CEO decided to send me to that place ,he knows i am not capable of handling the affairs” he complained.

” no, don’t say that ,he knows you are capable that’s why he is sending you there” i said.

“No , that not it, i think i have offended the CEO, since two weeks back, the CEO has been treating me like an enemy, he is always finding fault in anything i do, he even cancelled my bonus, because i didn’t complete my task, and i wasn’t the only one, but he didn’t say anything to the others he only encouraged them, but he cancelled my bonus, i feel like i have done something wrong to him” thomas said sadly as he scratched his head. Why would Micheal be angry at thomas, is it because of me?๐Ÿค”.

MY EX, MY BOSS๐Ÿฅฒ๐Ÿฅฒ Chapter 6 coming soon……………………………………..written by Ifeoluwa Oyewole

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