DNA Test episode 5

DNA Test Episode 5

It was a rainy morning in Lagos and as expected, the traffic hold-up in the city got worse. It was as if the whole city was under emergency lockdown.

The gridlock snaked it’s way to several kilometers away. There was no apiam way to follow because everywhere was flooded.

The traffic was worse on Third Mainland Bridge and that was where Olaedo and Chika got hooked. No going back, no moving forward.

“My body dey pepper me.” Olaedo tells Chika.

“Take it easy oh!” Chika responded. They where driving to work in Chika’s car. Olaedo did not take her Land Cruiser jeep from Ikenna’s house when she left the day before.

“You know, I wanted to suggest something to you. Why not do a DNA test on yourself as well? Let’s just be sure, because I don’t believe you got pregnant for Chudo with that one night stand.” Chika says. She was the one behind the wheels so her eyes were on the road as she talked.

“You mean there is a possibility that Miracle may not be my biological son?” Olaedo asked Chika.

“Absolutely. That’s what I think. You never can tell, because we live in a strange world and terrible things are happening.” Chika responded.

“Can we do the test today?” Olaedo asked. She was convinced her friend was making sense.

“Of course we can do it today.” They had managed to come out from the traffic gridlock and were now entering the premises of Chatter Med. It was now 11 am.

Chika took a strand of Olaedo’s hair for the DNA test. When Chika turned off the ignition of the car, Olaedo burst into tears.

“Look at me Chika. I’m supposed to be happy today. I got a promotion. I’m now the chief nursing officer. But look at me feeling sorrowful and dejected.” Olaedo said to her friend.

“Put yourself together Olaedo. I strongly believe you are innocent. Yes you cheated on your husband, but I don’t believe you got pregnant for Chudo. Don’t worry, the DNA test will help us crack this riddle.” Chika said as she tried to make her friend feel better. Tears rushed from her eyes too.

They remade their makeup which had been ruined by tears before they stepped out of the car.

Olaedo was ushered into her new office. It felt so good but she was not happy. Deep down her heart, she missed her husband and children.

Olaedo decided to use the first day in her new office to check through all the files on the shelf.

Soon, she stumbled on a file marked “SWAPPED CHILDREN.” She was stunned, but she pulled out the file and opened it with courage.

But before she could read through the file, Chika rushed into the office as if something was pursuing her. She had a white peice of paper in her hand.

“The DNA test result is ready.” Chika said. She was panting heavily like police dog.

“What does the result say?” Olaedo asked. She was very apprehensive and her ears were open like those of a rabbit.

“You are not Miracle’s mother and he is not your biological son. Your baby was swapped. Which hospital did you give birth?” Chika asked. The news was like a bombshell to Olaedo’s ears.

“I gave birth right in this hospital. And the former Chief Nursing Officer, Mrs Achiteli was on duty that night. Wait a minute.” Olaedo said as she went back to the file in her hand.

She read through the names in the file, then suddenly her eyes fell on what she was looking for.

“Miracle Ikenna, swapped with Uju Akusi.”

The file clearly states that Olaedo gave birth to a baby girl named Uju, but was given a baby boy named Miracle. That the file was kept at all means the hospital authorities were fully aware.

She read that aloud to Chika’s hearing. Olaedo felt the whole world crushing her shoulders. The pain in her heart became too much to bear. She collapsed and passed out.

It took Chika more than an hour to revive her friend. She did not call for help as she was trying to maintain the secrecy.

“We must find Mrs Achiteli. She did this to you.” Chika said as they drove out of the hospital premises.

Meanwhile, Olaedo placed a call across to Chudo and asked him to help her buy a gun. As a certified agbero, it did not take long before Chudo arrived Chika’s house with the gun and ten bullets. Olaedo carefully packaged it in her handbag.

“Tomorrow is last fight. I shall go out in search of Mrs Achiteli and she will tell me exactly what happened to my daughter.” Olaedo said.

“Tomorrow will be crazy.” She opened a bottle of McDowell’s and emptied it at once and then fell on the floor and dozed off.

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