Love Lies & Hate episode 6


Final episode

I was unaware that the bar had a CCTV.

I promptly poured the substance into the suya,

And pretended nothing had occurred.

I made a little dance steps because music was playing.

There were varieties of wine at the bar,

Wow, i admired the settings of the drinks at the bar.

One young guy was eying me,
I guess he fell in love, but I didn’t mind because I was not ready to look at anybody.

Like, I felt so pleasant, though.

I’ve at least been able to carry out my plans. I thought.

But I was wondering if the substance would k!ll the rat instantly.

Because if the rat should died instantly, I’d be in serious danger. I thought.

Anyway, anything wey wan happen,make it happen.. I said.

I waited for Ken to come out so he could consume the suya,

but the young man remained there for a considerable amount of time without coming out.

I assume he was on the phone with his wife, but I didn’t bother him because I already got my way.

After finishing, he returned.

What’s up, babe, you’ve spent a lot of time over there ?I queried.

“I was actually in the toilet , He put his hands inside the suya while apologizing,

He almost eat the suya when Someone yelled,
“Don’t eat, don’t eat, the meat is poisoned!”

My thoughts vanished, my heart skipped,

As soon as I heard that, my life fell apart,

Because I know the person had seen it all.

I therefore turned to face the speaker,

Who’s that? I asked.

Is the meat poisoned? I acted in a surprising way, but the man remained silent,

I suddenly realized that the hotel management was keeping an eye on everything I did.

Who poisoned the meat? I managed to asked again.

Ken couldn’t believe what he had heard and was in a state of shock.

What are you saying, Oga? He queried,

I claimed that the meat you were about to consume had been tainted by your girlfriend.

How about you stop accusing me, Oga? I questioned furiously.

It’s alright, the man said.

Bring the meat. He instructed,”

I had intended to pour it out on the ground and perhaps match it to avoid them having any evidence.

But they quickly carried it away,

And beside, CCTV had captured everything, though I didn’t know.

Eat the suya in front of us since you denied poisoning it, the manager demanded.

, “Oga, you’re embarrassing me. Do you believe him ken?” I query

Babe, relax, he murmured.

Please tell me how do you know the meat was poisoned Oga? He queried.

When the man had finished explaining everything to him.

Eat the meat so as to absolve yourself of the charge. Ken commanded.

Whattt? I asked contorted my face.

I’m disappointed in you Ken, I said.

How could you possibly believe that ?

He stretch his hands to touched me, and I yelled at him to not touch me.

And I was trying to make my way out of the bar,

But they prevented me from leaving the premises till the police arrived and took me to the police station

After the investigation by the police, I was charged to court.

Look at where I’ve landed myself, I reasoned as I was standing in the court.

See what retaliation had caused,

“I’m a disgrace.”

I would have walked away since when I realized Ken was married,

No one is deserve to be k!lled, irrespective of what he or she may caused you,

You might want to revenge ,but inturn be a victim of the circumstances like me.

I would still be there today or probably married my own man if I had left vengeance for God.

However, out of frustration and anger, I was charged for a case of attempted murder and convicted for 22years imprisonment.

Please let’s learn how to forgive easily, Anger is Danger.

Thanks for your Attention

The End

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