Love Lies & Hate episode 4


Episode 4.

To whom the brain is given, Sense is expected na,

Let’s be honest with ourselves: Are single women expected to inquire about a man’s marital status before dating them?

Or is it not a a married man who supposed to remain with his wife?

How would an unmarried women who are seeking a place to settle,

conceivably refuse a man who approached her and requested to be her friend or her lover?

particularly if she likes him?

Anyway, Ken didn’t show up that evening.

He never told me the reason,and I didn’t bother.

instead, I just waited for me to get even angrier.


The following morning, I went to the police station to inquire about my neighbor whom he and his wife had a dispute the previous evening.

On getting to the station, I was informed that it’s a civil case, and it would be handle at the customary court.

Though the case involved the spouse having an extramarital affair with their house help.

After the wife objected, the man then ordered her to park out from his House.

Nawaoo, some men with their mentality, I said.

where do you want her to park out to with two children Oga ? I questioned.

You guys ought to feel sorry for women oo, I said.

Do not forget that she was not like this when you married her o?

Her breast is almost falling out and her face had begun to pleat, so if you should send her parking, revive those things o. I said it jokingly,

But I was really angry about that.

But this union called marriage is something else o
If you marry na problem, you no Marry, na problem.

Moreover, I discovered that the husband only fulfilled all of their Kinsmen’s demands without paying the bride price.

Who does that ? I questioned.

How can you possibly give all the marital rites to the parents of your wife exception of bride price which is always a token here in our side?

Nawaoo, I said.

However, nothing really concerns me. I said and left.

I stepped out of the police station and decided to figure out how to solve my own issue.

When I arrived home, my house was a little hot,

I had intended to sleep unclad,

Suddenly, NEPA brought light, and I was overjoyed.

Chai, 9ja, see how people dey happy because of NEPA light, I said and smile a little.

But will everything be alright in this country? because according to the way am seeing things,this 9ja no go better oo,

As I was thinking about my country, Kennedy called.

I apologize; I was actually very busy yesterday. Can we meet at the Maggie Hotel today? He queried.

Certainly, by when?
7:00, he responded.

Okay, by then I would be prepared. I then hung up the phone, and grinned wickedly.

I finished preparing at seven minutes to seven.

He called to come pick me up, but I assured him to go that I’m coming myself and he did.

I picked a taxi to Maggie hotel, on my way, I stopped by to buy some suya.

Ken you must be foolish for joking with me, I said as I entered the taxi again after buying the suya.

To be continue

Written by V.I.C

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