Love Lies & Hate episode 3



In my small apartment, I took a seat, and lost in thought,

My phone rang,

When I answered, it was Ken’s wife.

But she wouldn’t let me say anything.

So I kept mute and listened to her,

You foolish home breaker, may God punish you. She said.

That is what others would do to you, just like you are doing to my husband. She spoke.

Infact you no go even see husband marry, ewu.

“God would not punish me, madam,” I countered it.

She wouldn’t like it if I were to spout what was on my mind, so I continued to remain mute, till I cut the conversation off.

I smirked evilly.

Kennedy, Kennedy, I teased the name evilly.

You ought to have told me you were married; at the very least, if I had accepted you, I might have been able to handle the agony when it materialized. I thought.

What if I still go out there, but still end up with another married man? I asked myself.

No, I have to put a stop for that because it appears like these men are all over the street searching for single ladies to rubbish and go back to their wife.

Sincerity demands that we refrain from criticizing those single women who date married men.

Some of them are unaware of their marital status.

And some men are not even helping the situation.

However, I believed that individuals who are happily dating married men should be cautious of karma.

But why do men leave their wives?

Before being married, I believed that a man ought to end his relationship with all women and focus his life with his family?

Or probably, being mature Enough to handle the outcome before getting into marriage .

Marriage no be for small pikin o, I said.

And if you think you can’t live with one woman, you better not married,

Not all the women happily remain unmarried,

Honestly some of us are looking for husbands, I reasoned.

So someone should not come and used and dump me just like that, I concluded.

Ken is unaware of this because I haven’t asked him about it yet,

And what is the point of even asking him ?

He would probably just tell me some corks and bulls stories,

so I better do my own way, I said.

I left the house to buy bread and akara when I noticed an aboki man hawking harb.

Aboki nahh. I called.

Do you have rat poison ?. I queried.

Yes madam, He answered.

Abeg give me, rat don too disturb my life,

He handed over the rat poison to me,

How much? I asked.

Just hundred Naira, he replied.

I paid the money while collecting the rat poison.

As aboki walked away,


“Wait, wait, wait!” I yelled.

Abeg, I’m hoping that if this poison accidentally gets into someone’s mouth, no one will get hurt. I queried.

Oh, madam, no try am o; it’s very risky; it can k!ll anything. He replied.

Ooh, thanks for that. I said happily.

So aboki do speak good English? I asked.

Maybe he was not brought up from their town, I said as I made a gradual exit to my house.


I picked up my phone in the evening and called Ken.

What’s going on? I asked.

You haven’t been calling me lately? I queried.

Oh, I’m really sorry. Work has been keeping me really busy, he begged.

I feigned as If the wife didn’t call me,

Ok, I said.

Please try and come, my body need your touch, I said as I poured a romantic sound on the phone.

Ok, sweetheart, I will. He said and ended the call.

So, Ken is now so busy with work Abi? I asked.

So he can finally let me stay alone for like three days without taking me out or probably demanding for sex? I asked.

To be continue.

Written by V.I.C

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