Broken episode 4

Episode 4

My mother just smiled looking at him as he was being comforted by my peaceful sleep.

“Thank you sir for bringing me to the hospital, I was so confu…”, my mother was cut shut my sir Philly.

“No, don’t do that. No need to thank me, its something I should do at that time. Am happy you are okay and the baby is safe”, sir Philly said.

“Thank you sir, God bless you sir. God will bring joy into your home, God will bless you with so many children, in Jesus name”, my mother decreed.

“Amennnnnnnn”, sir Philly claimed.

After much attention given to I and my mother by the doctors and the nurses.

They called sir Philly to the other side of the room and told him something which changed his whole mood, my mother was curious to know what it was.

“Sir is everything okay? What are they talking about?”, She asked sounding curious.

“We will talk about it on our way home”, sir Philly said swiftly.

We where discharged, the bills where already paid by Sir Philly. My mother was relieved at least she will have enough money to save for raining days.

Sir Philly decided to take us home,I mean where my mother lived.

“Sir you don’t have to, I and Grace will enter public vehicle”, my mother pleaded.

“No Rita I am not complaining, I have to drop you off besides you just gave birth don’t stress this child”, sir Philly responded.

“Okay sir, thank you sir”, my mother thanked him while she entered the car with me.

When we got to my mother’s place and the look on Sir Philly face was disappointing. I mean he couldn’t believe his eyes, he kept looking at my peaceful face and the dirty building.

“Rita is this where you stay?”, He asked curiously.

“Yes sir, thank you sir for dropping us off, God bless you”, my mother thanked him as she was about to come down.

“No wait, don’t come down. Rita you have been staying here since even while you work with us but you never mentioned this to us. But why?”, Sir Philly asked.

“This is my life, it’s my reality. I can’t bother anybody with it, I have to hustle and work hard for a better future”, she replied.

“Rita I know but you can’t stay here with this baby, you have to get your things and move with me to our house. At least we can keep our eyes on you and the baby”, he said

“Ah sir”, she exclaimed.

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