Broken episode 10

Episode 10

He had no choice than to call someone, sir philly cried a bit feeling hopeless at that point.

He was about to leave the hospital, when he decided to see my mother once again before leaving.

He walked into the room and saw how peaceful she was lying on the bed.

“Rita, am really sorry for letting all this happen to you. I tried to help and take care of you, but things keeps spoiling the whole plan”, he cried out.

“I need you to be alive, remember me, remember your child we can’t do this alone if your not here. We got you Rita, am just feeling so bad that wasn’t able to tell you the truth”, sir Philly said before a nurse bursted Inti the room.

“Sir please you have to let her rest so the treatment administered to her will work effectively”, the nurse said.

“Alright sure”, he replied.

He wiped his eyes, carried me with him to his car and we zoomed off.

To be honest when I heard the whole story about my mother down to sir Philly I was amazed how God brought us this far.

Let me continue the story for you guys, sir philly drove me down to his family house. As soon as his mother a d father sighted me in his arms they leaped for joy and took me off from his arms.

They began to sing me lullaby, to help me fall asleep, they began to make sure I freshened up and looked my best.

Sir Philly was amazed he wasn’t expecting such a beautiful welcome from his parents without knowing who the mother of the child was.

His parents could see the sadness in his eyes “philly what’s the matter?”, They asked him.

“Something really terrible happened and I can’t think straight anymore”, he replied.

“What son, what’s going on?”, His father asked.

“This little baby here is Grace and her mother Rita is in the hospital”, he replied.

“What happened to her mother?”, His mother asked.

Then sir Philly began to tell them everything from when my mother began to work as a cleaner Down to when his wife almost killed her.

“What? How can Dora do that? She of all people who can not give birth to a child has the guts to do this kind of thing to mother and a child”, his mother side.

“No am calling the police on her, she will have to pay for the rest of her life for doing such a thing”, his father said.

“Please father you don’t have to do that, it’s better I just divorce her. So she can go her way because I can’t leave with a woman who has the mind to harm a child that is not even hers”, sir philly said.

“Well its your call, anything you want. But you see this child Grace we will take care of her like she is our grandchild, God has blessed us to witness a day of carry a baby”, my father echoed.

“Yes love and please don’t worry your self we will take care of this little one very well without stress. As for her mother please try to take care of her and see to it that the hospital gives her the right treatment”, his mother echoed.

Sir Philly was pleased to see how his parents accepted me, it was a relief for him.
Besides his parents are very rich, they have so many maids and male servants who attended to their needs.

Sir Philly made sure he visited my mother everyday after work, and sometimes he doesn’t go to work but stay at the hospital with my mother to help her remember who she was.

At the other hand, sir philly sent divorce papers to madam Dora his wife. He had already signed his part of the papers, it was left for her to sign her part.

But that was where another problem began, wish my mother knew she wouldn’t have accepted the help from sir philly to avoid so many problem’s we passed through.

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