Broken episode 11

Episode 11

The first problem was Dora refusing to sign the divorce papers, this made sir Philly mad. She refused signing the papers because she only had few of his properties and not all, she wanted everything sir Philly own and it doesn’t work like that.

She promised to make life hell for my mother even after knowing my mother was in the hospital because of her, she didn’t even care or felt remorseful.

The second problem was the night the doctors where busy, sir Philly was at his office rounding up when he got a call from the hospital that my mother was found dead on her bed.

Sir Philly sprang up from his chair ” what? That’s a lie, see doctor stop playing with me what nonsense is that?”, Sir Philly argued.

“Sir please your presence is needed at the hospital to sign some papers”, the doctor said.

Some minutes later sir Philly arrived at the hospital, he called his parents to report the issue to them. They wasted no time in coming to the police station, sir philly was heart broken when he saw my mother cold face.

“Ritaaaaa!”, He cried out.

“Rita, don’t do this to me”, he cried out again.

The doctor walked in with his parents, they hugged him tight with me in their arms. For the first time in their life they witnessed their son sir philly.

“Son, oh my God your crying”, his mother said.

“It’s okay, let it out, it okay to cry once in a while as a man”, his father said patting his back.

“She’s gone, how could this happen? Doctor what happened to her?”, Sir Philly asked.

“We ran some test on her and found out she was poisoned”, the doctor stated.

“How? By who?”, Sir Philly echoed.

“First we thought no one visited, but after a long search in the register we found a fake name that didn’t match anyone registered in this hospital. Then we moved over to the security room to search who came to visit her in the hospital and then we found someone dressed in black”, the doctor said.

“What?”, His father expressed shock.

“Doctor how could such a person come In here without the security knowing?”, My mother asked.

“This hospital has killed me, ah doctor this hospital has spoilt everything”, sir Philly replied.

“Where so so sorry, we didn’t mean for this to happen”, the doctor apologized.

“Wait can I see the CCTV footage myself?”, Sir Philly asked.

“Sure you can sir”, the doctor replied.

On getting there to the security room, the footage was played. Before the footage ended the face and stature was obvious to be his wife Dora.

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