Broken episode 3

Episode 3

Sir Philly wasn’t like his wife who is rude, arrogant and loves material things. He is a calm person, caring and down to Earth.

He made a good name for himself, unlike his wife. His career was a good one and he is a very rich man, all the things madam Dora enjoyed was coming from her husband and he never complained on how she spent his money.

He always kept complaining on how she treats people anyhow and make them feel like slaves and not human.

Despite all the wealth and flashy lifestyle they had, they couldn’t have a child of their own.

Madam Dora was unable to conceive, sir Philly wasn’t sad about it but he stood by her because he loves her.

Even when his parents made mockery of her, he stood by her and loved her more hoping for the blessed day the lord will smile on them.

That didn’t end there Madam Dora disliked my mother to the teeth, sometimes people wonder why she even works there.

Some people often said Madam Dora hated my mother because she had a gift which she couldn’t have for years in her marriage, which was the fruit of the womb.

That alone made my mother proud of keeping me and she was happy she received God into her life.

Despite all the evil madam Dora rained on my mother, she was determined to work and make sure she could afford all the things a new born baby needs.

Sir Philly was nice enough to take my mother to the hospital for her to give birth safely. He didn’t leave the hospital, he was there to make sure everything was Okay.

When he heard I was born he was so happy, he heart leaped for joy. The doctors and the nurses thought he was my mother’s husband because of how excited he was.

He signed some papers and rushed to the care ward to see my pretty face.

Sir philly was so overwhelmed when he saw me, he felt so much peace and joy running through his veins.

He carried me and comforted me into his arms, watching me sleep sounding in my tiny baby dress.

“She is so peaceful and bright let’s call her GRACE”, Sir Philly Emphasized.

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