Broken episode 2

Episode 2

They all rushed to the emergency ward to see what was happening, the doctor check my mother vitals and pulse.

The unspeakable is about to happen, but God was by the side of my mother.

He wanted to give her a second chance to live again, the doctor put on a very disappointing face trying to tell Vera that her friend is no more.

But God in his infinite mercies made my mother sneeze out few times before she started groaning in pain.

Everyone was shocked, even her friend was speechless.

The doctor quickly gave my mother a different treatment to sustain her and to help with the pains she felt.

He didn’t continue with the operation anymore, it was impossible for me to leave my mother so he let things be that way.

My mother at the other hand couldn’t tell what she saw in the hospital when she almost died.

But the life she began to live afterwards was a different one, she swore to keep me and nurture me till I was ready to get married.

She began to preach the gospel and spread the good words of the lord Jesus Christ.

She won souls for Christ and she was happy doing it even if she lacked food and a good place to stay.

The fact she preached the gospel with her pregnancy made people love her more, they keep gifting her money and other things.

She equally used the money she got from soul winning to get baby stuffs bit by bit till her due date.
Where she stayed wasn’t a good place for a pregnant woman, it was an uncompleted building with roof but no windows.

She used mosquito net to prevent herself from get bitten by mosquitoes. She tried with her condition to work two different job as a cleaner for Madam Dora aka big madam and sold pure water during the sunny hours.

Gathering from two jobs wasn’t easy plus her condition, but I was worth it that’s what she always said.

Life wasn’t easy but she loved the new life she was living, she knew Christ and that was enough for her.

On a special occasion she was cleaning in madam Dora’s house, my mother’s water broke and you know what that means.
The baby was about to come out, and no one but madam Dora’s husband sir Philly was there to help

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© Tishania Ginikachi

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