Broken episode 12

Episode 12

Sir Philly had no time wasted he called the police on his wife, it was difficult finding her after the whole divorce drama but they finally caught her.

Sir Philly was devastated, the way he cried and held my mother’s hands passionately whispered alot to his parents about his feelings for my mother.

“Rita I know you can hear me please don’t leave Grace alone in this wicked world, we love you so much. I personally love you much, I want to relieve you off the pain of thinking you are alone or Grace doesn’t have a father”, sir Philly said.

“Philly what are you saying?”, His father asked.

“Mother, father, am the biological father of Grace”, he said.

“What are you saying my son?”, My mother asked.

“I was frustrated about my present predicament, having so much money but no children to enjoy it. One day I was invited to a mask party, I wanted to have fun and forget about my whole problems. I partied so hard forgetting all my sorrows, that’s when I met Rita there. She never saw my face because I was putting on a mask”, he revealed.

“What?”, My father exclaimed.

“Yes, it was a masked party and no one was allowed to see anyone’s faces, later at the party I had something to do with Rita, at that point I never knew her name. I managed to see her face by chance while she was trying to fix her makeup, some months later I saw Rita working at my house looking pregnant, she didn’t recognize me because she never saw my face at the mask party but I saw her’s”, he revealed more.

“Wow philly, why didn’t you tell us this since?”, His mother asked.

“I was scared, I didn’t want to destroy my marriage”, he said.

“That marriage is not worth saving after knowing she has dealt with this innocent girl and child”, my mother revealed.

While they where talking mother’s hand shaked Abit and it caught sir philly’s father’s reaction.

“Philly her hands moved”, his father said.

“What?”, He exclaimed.

“She moved, she just moved. Call the doctor”, his father alarmed.

They rushed to call the doctor, the quickly examine her and found a slight pulse rate pumping blood.

They began to try there best to make her body stabilized, sir was excited, his parents were so excited too.

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