Broken episode 5

Episode 5

“Yes Rita you need a good place for the sake of this baby”, sir Philly.

“Sir Philly thank you so much, but I can’t madam Dora will not like this idea. She won’t be happy”, I replied.

“Who cares about my wife, am the man of the house. I can’t watch you suffer with this child like this”, he echoed.

“Thank you sir, am really grateful sir”, my mother thanked him.

At some point he kept quiet and began to stare at her like he had so many things to say but can’t say them all. My mother felt it and she wasn’t comfortable, she looked at my peaceful face and faked a smile.

“Sir is everything okay? You have been quiet for a while now”, she asked.

“I have been thinking about what the doctor said concerning your test results”, he replied with a sad face.

“I don’t understand sir”, she replied.

“Rita the doctor said you are HIV positive, it’s really the lord’s doing that you didn’t pass it into your child. Grace is very lucky not to have such disease after spending 9 months in your womb”, he revealed.

My mother turned cold, she couldn’t say anything. It felt like her world has been turned upside down, a secret she had kept all her life have been exposed.

Shame was written all over face, she couldn’t look sir Philly in the eyes anymore.

“Rita talk to me, your just quiet. Say something, I want to hear your story”, he muttered.

“It’s not that simple”, she voiced out while tears rolled down her tears.

“Everyone has a story, you just have to tell it”, he persuaded.

My mother inhaled and exhaled before she began her story, she told him everything he need to know about her wayward life, how she almost died trying to terminate the pregnancy and how she ended up the way she is.

Sir Philly was touched, he felt sad and terrible at same time. A little tear dropped from his eyes as he tried to comfort my mother.

“Rita your a very beautiful Lady, you look younger than your age and I have to confess that your so pretty. You really don’t look like what you have been through”, he revealed.

She smiled “Thank you sir”, she replied.

“You have gone through a lot, it’s time to be happy. Let me carry this burden for you, I know its not going to be easy but I will always be here for you”, Sir Philly convinced.

“Thank you sir”, she replied.

“Am just scared of madam Dora she won’t be happy that her house keeper will be staying in same roof with her, it may be an issue for her”, my mother said.

“Rita, Rita you don’t have to worry, Have told you. Let that not bother you, as long as your with us and am there you and Grace will be alright”, he responded.

“Okay sir”, my mother replied.

She took her things, she did have much things just few and the baby things she bought.

They drove down to sir Philly’s house, on getting there madam Dora was already vibrating, pacing around the living room downstairs.

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