Broken episode 9

Episode 9

Madam Dora was shocked she quickly dropped me on the sofa, trying to act like a victim.

“Dora what have you done?”, Sir Philly said rushing to wake my mother up but it was all in vain.

At the other hand, the stool madam Dora used on my mother’s head caused my mother to bleed excessively.

“Please baby I was framed, it’s not what you think”, madam Dora replied.

“Frame? It seems your joking”, sir Philly said.

“Dora how can you do this to a little baby? Infact I have no time talking to you”, he said rushing to carry me away from the sofa.

Sir Philly took me into his car first because he doesn’t trust his wife and then he went into the house and carried my mother into his car.

Madam Dora was outside crying and begging him to forgive her but it fell on deaf ears. Sir Philly drove off, and we headed straight the hospital.

I felt so much pains around my body which made me cry much more, I was examined and the nurses administered treatment to me.

My mother’s head was quickly bandage, she was on drip and still unconscious. Sir Philly took care of me the whole time my mother was unconscious, soon enough my mother woke up and another problem began.

“Who are you? Where am I ?”, There where the first and constant questions my mother asked.

“Rita calm down, it’s me Philly and am with Grace. How are you feeling?”, He asked.

It felt like my mother was hearing something different, “who are you? Where am I?”, My mother asked again.

“I don’t understand, what’s going on?”, Sir Philly began scared this time because she was acting so weird.

“I won’t repeat myself again who are you? And where am I?”, my mother asked again.

This made sir Philly uncomfortable, he rushed outside with me in his arm to inform the nurses about what’s going on.

They got there and they couldn’t find my mother, she had already wander off to the other side of the hospital.
The CCTV camera installed everywhere was one of the great investment the hospital made, they searched for her and found her leaving the hospital already.

So security where alerted and they quickly retrieved my mother, and brought her back to the hospital.

Sir Philly was supper scared and restless, few minutes of waiting.

“doctor what’s happening?”, Sir Philly asked.

“The impact on her head caused a very big damage to her brain, right now she has totally forgotten almost everything about herself. She has a new identity in her head now, you have to be patient with us to help her regain her memory”, the doctor revealed.

“Oh my God, can this treatment be done fast? She has a little baby how do I cope?”, Sir Philly asked.

“We will commerce treatment right away, keep your fingers crossed”, the doctor replied.

So many thoughts clouded sir Philly, and he had lots of rage inside him that he wanted to let out.

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