Episode 1

“We will pay you double of the amount you requested, just terminate the pregnancy”, Vera kept persuading him.

Well let me take you all back…

Years ago before I was birthed into this world my mother lived a very cruel and wayward life. She did countless hookup jobs with different men, in different forms and sizes.

Even when reasonable men came for her hand in marriage she never accepted any of them. She believed marriage is a tool to cage young women, and a prison yard to control and frustrate them.

All her friends got married and got blessed with children in their new home but reverse was the case for my mother.

All She wanted was fast money, fast life and expensive things she got from rich chiefs and ahalji.

She never cared if her life is in danger, all she needed and wanted was MONEY.

Not until she contacted HIV from a client of her’s. Her parents got fed up with her wayward and bad life, they equally chased her out of the house and warmed her never to step her feet there again.

Her world turned upside down, her life changed for the worse the moment she found out she was pregnant.

She was infected with a deadly disease and now she got pregnant, life was tough and she began to regret a lot of things.

All her days living the kind of life she lived she couldn’t make account of anything she made with the money she got from rich and powerful men.

She was blinded with expensive things, if it’s not human hair she won’t buy, gold accessories, bags, clothes, shoes and many more was her brand and that’s where all the money she made got exhausted.

She started from square one, she tried to terminate the pregnancy but i wasn’t the kind of child that will easily flush out of her system.

I was destined to stay and make a change in her life, she regretted everything she had done and how she rejected so many suitors who came for her hand in marriage.

One of her friend Vera, who is still unmarried advised her to terminate the pregnancy by doing D&C.

At first she didn’t buy the idea because of the risk involved, she could loose her life but at the end she finally agreed to do it.

I was hindering her and causing her pain, she didn’t want to be a laughing stock.

The long awaited day for the D&C finally came, the last person she saw was her friend who followed her to the hospital.

The hospital wasn’t the kind of hospital that is well equiped, it is more like a quack hospital.

It was about an hour plus and my mother wasn’t yet out, it felt like it was taking forever.

Her friend began to panic, the doctor came out sweating and looking drained.

“Doctor how is it going?”, Vera asked.

“I have never seen such a thing before, I have tried to get the baby out but the baby keeps hiding in area that is too hard to operate on and this may complicate issues”, he revealed.

“Do what you have to do, we are paying you to take the baby out of her”, vera insisted.

“She is loosing a lot of blood, I can’t do anything else if not she might loose her life”, he replied.

“We will pay you double of the amount you requested, just terminate the pregnancy”, Vera kept persuading him.

Few seconds to their discussion a nurse ran to their position panting and sweating.

“The patient is not breathing anymore”, the nurse revealed.

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