Broken episode 7

Episode 7

She kept praising God till it was evening hours when sir Philly came back to our house to visit us again.

“Good evening sir”, my mother greeted as soon as she saw him.

He rushed to carry me, he loves to pamper me, “evening, I have a surprise for you and Grace”, he said with a smile on his face.

“Ah really sir?”, She asked excitement.

“Yes just hurry let’s go”, he said.

My mother took me from him, while they both rushed to his car and zoomed off.

They arrived at a peaceful compound with lots of trees bearing fruits, she loved how the compound looked and she began to wonder what they where doing here.

“Sir Philly please what are we doing here? What is the surprise?”, She asked curiously.

“Come let’s go into the house”, he said dragging my mother who was walking reluctantly behind him, admiring the beautiful building.

We all went into the house and my mother was amazed, the beautiful paintings on the wall tells how expensive and luxurious the house looked.

The flowers verses, furnitures and staircase rail leading to the bedrooms and second living room was so shiny and beautiful.

“Sir who lives here?”, My mother asked.

“I got the place to help homeless people, and feed childern who miss there way in life but my wife Dora made me stop the project, so I abandoned this place and never came here again”, he said.

“That’s so bad, but why am I here then?”, She asked.

“Because I want you to live here, I want you to have this place as your home. You can’t live in a dirty building like that with your child, she is a blessing to you and not a curse”, he explained.

“Sir this is too much, I can’t take such gift from you. Please it’s too much sir”, my mother pleaded.

“No Rita is too late for that, I made sure the documents are all in your name. I want to bless you for the sake of this child, I wish God blessed me with a child sooner”, he said with tears almost falling from his eyes.

“Sir thank you so much, may God bless you now and always. You will be blessed with so much childern even you will be shocked”, my mother proclaimed.

“Amennnn, am happy you finally accepted to stay here. After all I got the kitchen stocked with food for you”, he replied.

“Wow thank you so much sir, am grateful”, my mother thanked him.

My mother was so happy, she is now a landlady of a very luxurious house.

She moved all our stuff from the old place we use to stay to the new house.

Sir Philly never stopped spoiling my mother and I with gift and expensive things.
Sometimes he spends the whole day with us without going to work just to be close to me.

Sir Philly got to know my mother very well and how smart she was, she was a first class degree holder and that alone made sir Philly invest so much in her.

But soon enough madam Dora got to find out where her husband spends his free time after leaving the office.

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