Broken episode 13

Episode 13 (final episode)

The authorities finally got madam Dora arrested, she was charged to court.
She was found guilty and was sentenced to life imprisonment for her crime.

My mother recovered fully and I was by her side again, sir Philly’s parents just loved my mother naturally and took care of her.

My mother was taken back home with me and sir Philly by her side. The sweet smell of home was beyond compare, my mother was so quiet since we got home and never utter a word.

“What’s wrong Rita?”, Sir Philly asked.

“I just want to thank you for all you have done for me, I don’t know how to repay you”, she said.

“Rita you don’t have to repay me for anything, you deserve the world and more”, sir philly echoed.

“Thank you sir, I just don’t want any more troubles from your wife please. I just want to go back home to where you picked me up from, please”, she pleaded.

“No Rita you don’t have to go back there, it’s not necessary. I have to tell you something”, sir Philly added.

“Okay go on”, she said.

“Am the father your child, GRACE”, He revealed.

“What?”, She laughed out loud.

“Your crazily funny”, she said.

Sir Philly revealed everything to her and she was astonished, sir Philly pleaded with her to be calm and understand.

Well that’s how life works one minute things are ugly and the next minute things are fine, my mother could not believe it she took so much time to think things through.

Few days later sir Philly came to make up for all the time she lost and never enjoyed.

They on more outings, shopping, trips and many more. My mother finally owned her own mall, she was making good money out of it.

I was growing swiftly till I clocked 2 years, sir philly proposed to my mother to be his wife, well she wasn’t expecting it so she accepted anyway.

“But philly I have HIV, it can’t work”, she muttered.

“Wait didn’t you get the email I sent you from the hospital?”, Sir philly asked.

“What email?”, She asked.

“Rita you are HIV negative, the pills and treatment cleared everything. It felt like it vanished, it no more there anymore”, sir Philly revealed.

“What! Oh my God, thank you”, she jumped excitedly.

Another love chapter opened for my mother, sir philly and my mother got married few weeks later.

My mother’s life changed for the better, and I thank God for making me fall into the right hands of my mother and sir Philly.

At the other hand, mother and sir Philly went to back to my Mother’s family house to apologize to them about everything that happened.
They accepted and welcomed my mother back home, but things where different now. My mother was a rich woman, she was married and have a lovely daughter as me GRACE.

I grew up really fast, I studied in one of the best school and made sure I made my family proud. I learnt from my mother’s mistakes and decided to move to the right part of life.

this is my story and I hope you learnt from it, life is simple but we humans intend to make it complicated.

The end.

Tishania Ginikachi

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