Broken episode 8

Episode 8

She came knocking on the door, my mother never knew she was the one, she opened the door.

Madam Dora was shocked to see my mother, I was cuddling perfectly in my mother’s arms.

“So it’s you?”, Dora questioned.

Madam Dora forced her way inside the house pushing my mother and I aside.

“Me how ma?”, My mother puzzled.

“Don’t play dumb with me, you have been the one taking all of the time and attention from my husband with this devil baby in your hands”, Dora emphasized.

“Ma please I don’t know what your talking about, and please my baby isn’t a devil baby she was given to me by God”, my mother replied.

“Whatever, I noticed philly doesn’t stay in the office even for an hour each time he goes to work. He would lie to me saying his in the office whereas am there in the office but his not.
He has been lying to me for a very long time, so I decided to follow him every morning and he always drives into this beautiful house but I never knew it was you who has been taking my husband away from me”, madam Dora revealed.

“Ma please am sorry if you feel that way but I have no idea that he skips office to come here. Am not taking your husband away from you, he just like visiting because of my daughter Grace nothing more ma”, my mother said.

“Shut up, I know my husband is somehow responsible for this child and I know my husband is the one who provided this house and other luxurious things you enjoy here. I will make sure you cry and suffer aimlessly for all you have done”, madam Dora yelled.

“Ma I haven’t done anything wrong, please forgive me. Your husband is not even the one responsible for the pregnancy”, my mother pleaded.

Madam Dora threw her handbag on the couch and bounced on my mother, making i and my mother to fall to hard on the tiled floor.

My mother protected me at all cost and tried to fight back, but madam Dora was too strong for her.

Madam Dora dragged me away from my mother and kept squeezing my hands and legs so she could break them.

“Madam stop doing this to my child, she is innocent and has nothing to do with this. please ma stop I beg you”, my mother pleaded as she tried to stand herself up from the floor.

It made me cry so hard, and I couldn’t stop just like My mother said she tried to stop her but she used a side Stool to hit her right on the head, Making her to collapse.

Madam Dora tried to sit on me when she saw that she couldn’t break my legs, the door swinged open. luckily sir philly stepped into the house and caught her red handed.

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