We are sisters episode 12



The content found inside the wine is meant to cause infertility in the life of a man. It make one’s sperm unable to pregnant a lady. The quantity in the bottle can last for at least two years in the system of a man.

Ralph always celebrates his birthday in his building. He is not a man of many friends, so he invites only his workers and business associates. He started celebrating his birthday in his building at the age of twenty five (25) and ever since then , he always celebrates every year.

Ralph remembered how Oliver always brings him a glass of wine on every of his birthday for over 15years now.

He took few steps backwards and sat on the chair behind him. So all these while, his inability to produce wasn’t natural?

It has been Oliver who caused him to be unable to father a child!!

Excuse me Ralph called out to the lab technician who was already leaving…

If this is ………

what if someone takes it, will it be detected when one goes for diagnosis?

No it won’t be detected because of the little quantity and adding also to the fact that it always camouflages.

But why Ralph asked inquisitively…

That’s how the drug was made. If you will excuse me sir, I have a lot to do the lab technician said and walked away.

Little wonder why all the tests they have carried out showed both him and his wife were okay. Ralph took the test results and headed towards his home. He went first to see his Dad. His mother was no more, she died when she developed the sickness leukemia.

When he arrived , Mr Emmanuel was sitting on his cushion chair and watching the news.

Good evening Dad, Ralph said with a long face. He handed the lab results to his Dad and the water bottle containing the wine.

What is this Ralph?
Why are you giving me this water bottle with a lab result Mr Emmanuel asked trying to read the content in the paper.

Dad your son Oliver…

Oliver has been the cause of my inability to father a child.

Dad ….

How can Oliver do this to me Ralph asked and a tears ran down his cheek

Oliver did what?
But how,?

I don’t understand…
Can you explain more please Mr Emmanuel asked sitting out properly and looking at Ralph.

Dad, Nkem and Amanda had seen when Oliver was pouring something into the glass of wine he was bringing to me on my just celebrated birthday. It was the girls that saved my by pouring the content into this water bottle.

Why didn’t they say all these while Mr Emmanuel asked curiously?

They were scared Dad… they were scared of Oliver. He has been a thorn on their flesh dad Ralph said and stood up holding his head with his right hand and pacing around.

Calm down son… we will get to the root of this matter.

Mr Emmanuel picked up his phone and called Oliver asking him to come with his wife. He also asked Ralph to call his wife and the kids.

It took few minutes then everyone was sitted in the parlor of Mr Emmanuel. ..


Mr Emmanuel called looking at him..
Yes Dad Oliver answered sitting properly.

What’s your suggestion about these kids? Do you think we should return them back to their father?

Yes Dad ,we need to give them back. It seems my brother here has ill luck with adopting children. All the children he adopts usually go back to their parents. I would suggest he just leave everything about adopting and raising other people’s children and wait for God’s time.

Ralph smiled and didn’t say a word.

Yeah… Oliver, Ralph say you always give him a glass of wine since he started celebrating his birthday in his building is that true?

Oliver was stunned by that question, he never expected it. Why will they talk about the glass of wine he always give Ralph..

Yes I do dad but what’s the connection with the very important topic we are talking about? Oliver asked looking at his dad then Ralph.

Someone saw you pour something inside the glass of wine you wanted to give to Ralph. And it has come to my notice that you have been doing so for the past 15 years now.

Why will I put something inside the glass of wine I will give my brother? What will I gain from doing so Oliver asked.

Mr Emmanuel brought out the water bottle and poured it’s content into a glass cup a maid had brought for him. This is the exact wine you give to Ralph on his birthdays. The one who had seen you also took a video when you were doing it.

Just then Oliver knew he had been caught. He went down on his knees immediately and started pleading for forgiveness.

Mr Emmanuel stood up….
So it’s true ..
How could you Oliver?
What has your elder brother done to wrong you.
For over 15 years , you made sure he couldn’t pregnant any woman. You have always been present on all his birthdays. He trusted you Mr Emmanuel said pointing at Ralph and Kate who tears ran down their cheeks.

You should be ashamed of yourself. Even you too Katherine. You joined your husband to bring sorrow in the life of Ralph. I doubt you’re my son Oliver.

This night should be the last you will spend in this compound. With this heart of yours, you can end up killing me too.

For this act of yours…

For your greediness to inherit everything for yourself and children, you only get 10% of my properties Mr Emmanuel said and left the parlor.

Oliver kept pleading but everyone left him alone with his wife in Mr Emmanuel’s parlor and left.

Two days after, Oliver had already left the compound entirely and Ralph had started taking treatment because of the drugs he has been consuming over the years without knowing.

He asked for Daniel’s number from his daughters. He invited Daniel over .

It was a long drive but Daniel made it to the west as soon as he could.

Ralph was seated with his wife and his girls while Daniel sat opposite them.

Amanda, will you like to go back to your father? Ralph asked

Amanda nodded her head slowly.

What about you Nkem?

” We are sisters Nkem answered, I will always be where ever my sister is daddy Nkem answered.

Daniel smiled and a tear tried rolling down his cheek and he wiped it off with his index finger. He opened his arms and the children ran into it.


What about your new wife Nkem asked Daniel raising her brows. She is in the police custody with Steve. Steve tried to run away, he never knew your daddy is a smart man. I have already surrounded the house with policemen.

Ralph stood up and so did Daniel, they shook their hands. Your girls are very smart I wish they were mine, I wouldn’t want another. They saved me and my wife from becoming forever barren.

I just realized my mistakes, I wanted to follow the society and I almost lost these pretty gems of mine. They also saved my life and wealth Daniel said with a smile holding his girls.

Talking about wealth, I will 30% of my wealth to these cuties. This is also their house. When they are of age, you let them visit us too.

I promise never to neglect them again Daniel said still smiling.

You better don’t or we will take them from you again Ralph said jokingly and they all went out of the house.

Tears rolled down the cheeks of Nkem and Amanda who were going to miss their second parents. Driving out of the gates, Daniel could see his girls crying . He drove back and asked them to stay the holidays in their new parents place. Ralph and Kate were so grateful and happy.

On Daniel’s way out… He stopped at a quiet place and began to speak to himself.

What I detested is the best for another.
What I neglected, another adored.
I know all my pleadings won’t bring you back Bisola.
I swear on your grave to give all my love to our girls.
I will never marry another woman.
I have realized my mistakes…
You’ll forever live in my heart Daniel said and tears rolled down his cheeks.
He wiped it and drove off…


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