We are sisters episode 2



The doctor took pity on the girl who were sobbing and looking helpless. What are your names? the doctor asked the girls.

My name..
(Sniffs in the mucus running down her nostrils)

My name is Nkem and she is my Little sister Amanda , Nkem answered and trying to console her little sister Amanda.

Wipe your tears okay?

Where is my mummy ?


I want to see my mummy…

Amanda kept crying without paying attention to what the doctor had to say.

My name is Doctor Frank he said with a smile trying to cheer up little Amanda who couldn’t stop crying. Where is your dad he asked turning and looking at Nkem?

My Daddy came back with a new aunty and he beat my mother till blood started coming out from my mummy’s body Nkem answered.

Doctor Frank was touched… From what he could understand, the girls lost their mum in the hands of a violent man.

Why will a woman still remain married to a man who beats her? A man who can still have the heart to beat her even with her pregnancy and still didn’t care. Doctor Frank made up his mind he was going to take legal actions against what the husband of the dead lady did to her.

It was already dark so he asked the girls to wait for him. He took few minutes and them came back to the girls with a change of clothes. Come and show me your house so I can see your dad.

Amanda kept crying and saying she wants her mother, but Doctor Frank convinced her that they will come back for their mother once he sees their dad.

The kids took Doctor Frank to their house. when Doctor Frank walked into the compound with the kids, he realized that their father was a very wealthy man. Fear gripped Doctor Frank and he started having second thoughts. Even if he wanted to file a case against someone, not someone like Daniel.

In our society today, money is controlling the law. It can be twisted to the favor of those with the cash.

Nkem opened the door and walked in with her little sister holding doctor Frank. Daniel was in the parlor with his new wife talking and laughing. He saw his two daughters coming in with a strange man inside his house.

Who is he and why have you brought him to my house? Daniel asked looking at Nkem. Besides where is your mother? We are hungry, what did she cook? Daniel asked again without letting Nkem to answer.

Good evening sir.. Doctor Frank greeted…
Yeah Good evening, how may I help you? Daniel asked …

Sir your wife and unborn baby is dead in my clinic down the road, I hope you can come and carry her dead body Doctor Frank said and left Daniel’s house without even sitting down.

Daniel was shocked …

He never expected anything to happen to Bisola. It was never his intentions to beat her to death. He was just angry she touched Mirabel his new wife who was carrying a male child for him. He sat frozen at a point then turned and looked at his girls.

Nkem who was already 11 years knew what it means when someone is dead. She couldn’t hold back her tears, she sat on the floor and covered her face and started crying deeply. Amanda who was just 6 years didn’t know what was happening. She just saw Nkem crying so she went and sat beside her sister and started crying too.

The emotions filled the room and a tear fell from the eyes of Daniel. He felt sorry for his girls, he stood up and went towards their direction. Mirabel stood up and stopped him. She shook her head from left to right suggesting he leave the girls.

Daniel tried to remove her hands then she pretended to fall on the cushion crying out.

My stomach.
My stomach…

She used her hand to hold her stomach.

Daniel went back and held her.
It’s here…
keep rubbing here. Mirabel said as she placed Daniel’s hand on her stomach and continued rubbing it.

I’m sorry please Daniel said looking at Mirabel with fear in his eyes. He can’t loose another of his wife or even the male child he has been looking for..

Mirabel pointed towards the room and Daniel held her on her waist and took her inside his room. She was filled with Joy. Finally she is the wife of a millionaire with no rival. She just have to treat those girls bad till they too run away from their father’s house.

She finally has Daniel in her grasp and was not going to let go.

Nkem and Amanda slept off in their own tears holding each other. They were woken up by their step mum who poured them a bucket water on the tiled floor not minding if cold would have entered into their lungs.

She told Nkem to pick up a mop and dry the water. She threatened Amanda she was going to flog her if she ever cries again or call out for her mummy again.

Daniel had called some of his friends to go take his wife to the mortuary that night since his wife wouldn’t allow him to go. He called the necessary people telling them Bisola had died during child delivery.

Nkem went and picked a mop and started mopping the tiled floor with her wet clothes while Amanda was shivering out of cold..

Daniel opened the door and was about walking out of the room, Bisola told the girls to go and hide threatening to deal with them if Daniel finds out she had just poured water on them.

Where are the girls Daniel asked looking concerned…

Seems like they are still sleeping Mirabel answered. Don’t worry okay? I’ll take care of them. Don’t think about her again, remember you have a baby boy on the way Mirabel said touching her stomach and trying to tease Daniel.

Daniel entered into his car and left for work then Mirabel came back inside .

Where are those foolish girls she called out..
Come out here…

They both came into the parlor with fear.

What are your names she asked the girls who were shivering out of cold and fear.

My name is Nkem…

My name is Amanda they both answered respectively.

Hold your ears you both….

Your mother is gone and is never coming back. I am in charge here and won’t tolerate nonsense. You will be sweeping this whole house she said pointing at little Amanda. And you will be Washing clothes and cooking she said pointing at Nkem.

But this house is too big for….

A slap landed on the cheeks of Nkem which didn’t let her finish her statement.

You both should get out of my sight and go change your clothes before they said I’m the one that killed you.

Nkem held her sister and started walking into their room.


Amanda called when they were changing their clothes…
Yes Nkem answered..

Who is this aunty ?
Why did she say mummy is gone and will not come back?
Where did mummy go to?

Amanda asked quietly and naively..

Nkem hugged her sister and tears rolled down her cheeks.

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