We are sisters episode 4



Nkem was a smart girl, she heard the name of her Dad as she walked into the parlour. She decided to eavesdrop on the conversation her father’s new wife was having with the man whom she invited into their house.

What are you waiting for to poison Daniel? And also kill those little witches?
I can’t wait for us to have all these wealth to ourselves!!

Nkem got shocked by what she heard, she covered her mouth with her hand then took a few steps backwards. She decided to hear it all, So she went back and put her ears again.

No no it will be so sudden and people will suspect the two of us. We may even be arrested and maybe sent to prison. Come to think of it , what about the the relatives of Daniel?

Don’t you think they will come for his properties? We may even be kicked out. We need to secure this wealth in the name of our child and also my name. We are in already and no need to rush okay? Mirabel said holding Steve.

Steve saw sense in What Mirabel said. He thought a bit then said..

We can still kill the girls and no one will suspect us.

But how can we do that Mirabel asked curiously. Steve came closer to her and whispered softly into her ears. Mirabel nodded her head and smiled. Looks like a good plan. We have to plan well not to make mistakes Mirabel said.

So tell me Mimi, hope our son is kicking Steve asked and drew closer to Mirabel placing his hand on her stomach.

Mirabel nodded her head with a smile..

Come here let me give you some sugar Steve said trying to lock lips with Mirabel.


Mirabel called drawing herself away from him. Remember we are not alone Steve, any of those witches can walk in on us Mirabel said and stood up from where she was seating.

Nkem hurriedly ran back to the kitchen quietly and her heart beat increased. She didn’t know how to take in all she heard. So this woman is carrying another man’s child?

What was she going to do?

Mirabel walked into the kitchen and Nkem got startled.

What are you doing sitting on the floor you stúp*d girl?
Why didn’t you tell me this water has boiled?
If I pour this water on you now, they will say that I am wicked.

Fôólísh girl…

Mirabel took the water and poured it into a cup and went into the parlor with it. She had no idea that Nkem heard all her conversations with Steve.

Then she walked back in again, take the remaining water and make garri for you and your sister before your father will act up again because I left you stûpîd girls hungry.

She hissed and left the kitchen.

Nkem’s heart wasn’t at peace….
She heard all their discussions but didn’t hear what the uncle had whispered into the ears of her stepmom. What was their plan?

The uncle had said he had a way to kill her and her sister and no one will suspect…
What was she going to do?
They also have plans of killing her Dad?
What if she tells her Dad?
What will her Dad do?
But then what will be her proof?
Her Dad won’t believe her anyway…
He will believe his new wife instead and may even end up beating her just like he did her mum.

What will be her next step??
She really needs to think up something fast before she looses her life and her sister’s.

Amanda walked in and Nkem remembered about the garri Mirabel had asked her to make. So she made garri with the hot water and they started eating it with the soup Mirabel left last night.

What is the matter Amanda asked Nkem who was barely eating. Nkem smiled at Amanda and drew her cheek. It’s nothing Amanda let’s eat. Nkem tried her possible best to keep the clouded tears from raining down her cheeks.
She needs to save her life and that of her sister. She really needs to be strong for them both but she can’t place her hands on how to do it.

She didn’t know the plans Mirabel had with the man she called Steve.

It was evening already, Steve had left a long time ago and Mirabel was sleeping. The time was 7:26pm and Daniel was not yet back. Mirabel remembered she has not heard from Nkem and Amanda.

Why will those girls be sleeping like a pregnant woman she said to herself standing up from her bed. So if I sleep, they too will be sleeping? She picked up the cane and went towards their room. She was really going to deal with them. Even if there was nothing for them to do, they should just be awake.

She switched on the light in their room and discovered the room was empty. She went into the kitchen yet the girls were not there.


Mirabel kept calling but no one was answering. She searched all the rooms and inside the compound yet no sign of the girls. She checked her time and it was already 7:30pm.

She called the gateman and asked if she saw the girls and he said he didn’t see them.
Mirabel’s heart began to beat faster!!!!
There was cold yet she was sweating profusely. Fear had gripped her…

What was she going to tell Daniel?
What will be her story if he finds out the girls were missing?
She had wanted the girls to run away but not on her watch..

She went back into the house and started calling their names again…

If you are hiding because of this cane , I won’t flog you again.. please come out Mirabel said with a teary voice and dropped the cane.

She kept on pacing around the house restlessly till she heard car horns outside the gate. She opened the window curtains and it was Daniel driving in.

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