We are sisters episode 7



The Phone fell from Daniel’s hand and tears rolled down his cheeks. What has his violence and his neglect gotten him into? He remembered the sweet memories he had with his wife and his girls.

He remembered how he had beaten his wife that evening. He could hear Nkem’s voice like she was just behind him. She had called him that night to come take her mother to the hospital. That very night, he wanted to go but Mirabel didn’t let him.

She had threatened to leave the house with his unborn baby boy if he had gone to help Bisola. He needed someone to inherit his wealth. An average African man like him cherished having a male presence in the family.

Not only did he allow his wife to die on his watch, he couldn’t see the fear in the eyes of his girls. That very night they stayed the whole day without eating should have told him something was wrong. Now his girls have been taken by some people who were unknown.

What if they were ritualist?
What if ?
Just what if they were child traffickers?
But why his girls of everyone in the orphanage?

Mirabel came outside and saw tears running down Daniel’s cheeks. She came closer asking him what the problem was. I just got a call from the D.P.O My girls couldn’t be found.

My girls…. Daniel said hitting his chest and trying to hold back his tears.

Mirabel tried touching Daniel, he removed her hand. He looked at her, shook his head and stood up taking his car keys. He went into his car and drove off.

Mirabel was happy…. she walked into the house filled with Joy.

She shouted dancing inside the house and laughing.. All she needs now is more time for Daniel to forget about his girls. When she gives birth, she will make sure he wills everything to the name of her son. Then she will kill him slowly.

She picked up her phone and called Steve. She gave Steve the good news about the latest development in the house. Steve had another new plan. He has always been the brain behind everything that has been happening. The plan was laid out.

Daniel came back that night and decided to go sleep in his children’s room. He didn’t want to talk with Mirabel, his mind was occupied. He had called the D.P.O myriad number of times but there was no news.

Daniel decided to make arrangements and bury his wife first. The next day, he told Mirabel about his plans. He had already called all the necessary people last night.

It took three weeks to prepare for the burial of Bisola. Daniel had gone to the mortuary to take Bisola’s corpse with Mirabel and some relatives. He bought a very expensive casket and put her inside.

The casket was placed inside the Ambulance. When Daniel and Mirabel entered into the Ambulance, the car refused to start. They tried their best but it wouldn’t start. When Mirabel and Daniel came down from the Ambulance, it started.

They couples were asked to enter into another car. The Ambulance kept stopping at intervals during the journey to lay her to rest. They kept begging the corpse of Bisola to continue the journey at such intervals.

Bisola’s relatives had asked Daniel about their daughters and he told them they were having exams and won’t be able to be present.

Besides, I don’t want them to be present, I don’t know how they will feel seeing their mother laid to rest. He lied to cover up for the missing girls. No one could question him because of his wealth.

Ever since his girls left his house, he has felt empty. No matter how Mirabel kept trying to make him happy it doesn’t work.

The burial of Bisola sent tears in the eyes of so many, especially those who heard she died while trying to give birth. That was the lie Daniel had told them all to cover up for what he had done.

As they lay Bisola to rest, Daniel couldn’t control his tears. He was so sorry for what he had done to her and all the lies he had been feeding everyone.

A week was gone already after the burial of Bisola and Mirabel had gone into labor. She called Daniel who came back and took her to the hospital.

Mirabel delivered her child safely and joy came back into the life of Daniel. Mirabel’s mother was no more so Daniel brought in his mother for the omugwu ( After childbirth care)

It’s six months already and Daniel had started living with the fact that his children were lost.

Daniel was on his laptop when Mirabel came hugging him from behind.

I want to ask for a Favor Honey she said kissing him on his neck.

Yeah go ahead I’m listening Daniel said still trying to concentrate on what he was doing on his laptop.


A cousin of mine that is a chef in a big eatery in Cameroon is back here in Nigeria. I would like him to spend two weeks with us here so he can teach me all those intercontinental dishes.

Daniel stopped what he was doing and turned to look at her. Which cousin is that he asked looking like he was trying to recall.

You don’t know him yet because he has been living in Cameroon all these while. You’ll see him if he comes.

Daniel thought for a while then he raised his shoulders and said. I really don’t know what you will be doing with intercontinental dishes, but if that’s what you want then go ahead and invite him over.

Mirabel was overjoyed, she dragged Daniel to the bed and started kïßsing him.

The next day, Daniel had already left the house when Steve came to his house carrying a bag pack with him. Mirabel hugged Steve tightly, their plan was getting closer to accomplishment by day.

It’s one week already since Steve started staying with Daniel. Yet Daniel never suspected anything going on because of the way they acted like siblings anytime he was around.

Baby …

Steve called out to Mirabel looking her into her eyes. I can’t wait for all these to be ours. I don’t like acting like your brother when ever Daniel is around. He touches you in my very presence and I feel so jealous.

You know it is just for a while Steve, we will have all these to ourselves very soon she said and kissed him. Steve carried the baby from the hands of Mirabel and placed him inside his movable bed in the parlor. He removed Mirabel’s clothes and his too getting ready to make out with Mirabel on the cushion in the parlor.

The playing music in the parlor didn’t let them hear the sound of Daniel’s car driving into the compound.

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