We are sisters episode 10



When Daniel had left the residence of Ralph. Ralph placed his left hand on his face, he shook his head and went back to take a seat. Kate followed him immediately and sat beside him hanging her hand on his neck.

I think we should give him back his girls Oliver said taking a seat opposite Ralph. That man is genuine, you saw Nkem giving him a letter. That should tell you he is really the father of the girls. I don’t want any problem with anyone Oliver said and sat relaxed on the cushion chair.

Ralph looked at Oliver then shifted his gaze to Nkem and Amanda who were standing at one corner of the parlor starring at their new parents. He smiled at them, come here my girls he said and Nkem and Amanda went running into his arms. He hugged them tightly and a tear dropped from his cheek.

He wiped it so they won’t be able to see it.

Who was that man? Ralph asked Nkem holding her on her two shoulders and looking straight into her eyes.

He is …
He is our biological father Nkem answered.

If you knew your dad was alive, then how did you get to the orphanage?
What happened?

I know you are a good girl he said to Nkem and looked at Amanda with a smile. So tell me everything I need to know.

Our mother is dead and our Daddy married a new wife that is pregnant. She use to treat us bad. I heard her planning with someone to kill us and our Dad, so we ran away Nkem answered looking on the floor.

Did you tell your dad when she was maltreating you and your sister? Kate asked..
No mummy Nkem answered shaking her head.

But why didn’t you tell your dad Ralph asked??
she threatened to deal with us if we talk to our father Amanda replied with a teary voice.

No one is going to take you or Amanda away from us okay? And no one is going to kill you. You are safe with us. Go ahead to bed…

So what do you have to say now Ralph asked the girls with a smile..

Goodnight mum…
Goodnight Dad….
Goodnight uncle Oliver..

Nkem and Amanda said and walked into their room with a smiling face.

Oliver tried to convince Ralph to give the girls back but Ralph told him he was going to sleep over it. Oliver bade him and his wife goodnight and left for his house.

When Oliver left the house, Nkem came back into the parlor with Amanda.

I thought you girls have gone to sleep Kate asked looking surprised.

Nkem shook her head from left to right.

Daddy I want to tell you something about uncle Oliver.

What about Uncle Oliver? Ralph asked curiously…..

Last week when you celebrated your birthday with a big party at home here. Amanda saw what Uncle Oliver was doing and she called me and showed it to me..

What was he doing? Ralph asked looking more curious and Kate drew closer.


Daniel opened the door and was confronted by what he thought would be impossible. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He met the shock of his life. His wife is sleeping with a man on top of his matrimonial bed. He quietly closed the door and went back into his car.

He drove out of his compound till he got to a quiet spot within his vicinity then he stop.

What have I brought upon myself?
My wife who cherished me alot…
My wife who loved me alot…
My wife never cheated on me…
Oh Bisola… I’m so sorry…
I went in search of silver and I lost gold..
My heart is bleeding…
I’ve lost everything…
My girls called another man Dad in my presence. The happiness I couldn’t give my kids, another man is doing so for me.
Bisola my darling wife, where ever you are please forgive me….
I am deeply sorry for all I did to you…
But I promise you, I will bring our girls back home.
Daniel said loudly and started crying out…

A thought came to his head..

If Mirabel has been planning with Steve to kill him and his girls. If she has been sleeping with Steve all these while…. It could only mean one thing.

“”The baby she is carrying won’t be his””

His eyes opened wide.. No no… I must be dreaming Daniel said shaking his head to wake up. But it was his reality. Tears flowed down his cheeks.

He wiped his tears as a plan ran into his mind. If Mirabel can play a game with him, then he was going to play his too.

” Two can play the game.”

He stayed a while in the car thinking and planning his moves. After an hour, he called Mirabel telling her he will be back in few minutes and she should boil water that he will take his bath with.

Few minutes later, he was already inside his house pretending not to know anything. That was when he began to notice the eye contact between Mirabel and Steve. These two were ready to kill him in his own house.

Daniel stopped eating in his house so he won’t be poisoned. He sleeps with one eye open to ensure he’s not being killed in his sleep.

On his way out the next day, he asked Mirabel when Steve will be leaving? She said he will stay a while more because of some issues he had. Daniel smiled and left the house…

Two days later, Daniel came back at noon and walked into the house. Mirabel was putting a spoon of rice into the mouth of Steve when he walked in on them. She was shocked to see him.

Honey…. this one you are back by this time? And you didn’t even come with your car, what happened?

I can see you are feeding your cousin Daniel said smiling. Mirabel scratched her head, no it’s not what you are thinking. We have always been feeding ourselves like this since we were little. We are fond of each other Mirabel said and Steve who the rice stuck in his mouth nodded in accordance.

Ohh you are fond of each other Daniel said with a smile and nodded his head.

He connected his phone to the woofer in his parlor. He then played a record…

” “You’re taking too long Baby. You said you will convince that stupid man to put everything in our son’s name. What are you waiting for?
Steve you are so impatient… we are here together already , why are you in a haste? ” ”

Daniel paused the record and smiled at Steve and Mirabel who were looking stunned and starring at each other.

Daniel played a video of them making out on his matrimonial bed. Mirabel went and knelt down in front of Daniel and started begging for forgiveness.

Please sir…
Please forgive me and spare us…
Please she said crying..

Daniel was about to speak, when suddenly Mirabel started laughing and standing up.

You think I was serious? She asked as she continued laughing with Steve who had joined her.

They have already arranged some documents just in case something of this sort happens.

Steve went in and brought out the documents for Daniel to sign. He pulled out a rope and threatened to strangle him to death.

Steve was muscular and Daniel knew Steve would overpower him but he was not willing to give his properties to any of them.

Steve got angry he went towards Daniel, over powered him and rolled the rope around his neck. He then began to strangle Daniel who begged for his life.

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