We are sisters episode 3



Don’t worry Amanda, we know mummy is watching us from where ever she is Nkem said wiping her tears. She bent down and then faked a smile to Amanda to cheer her up. She knows her mother was no more and it was now her duty to look after her little sister.

let’s do what Aunty say always so she will not beat us okay? Nkem said holding Amanda

Amanda nodded her head in acceptance and they both changed their clothes…




What are you girls still doing inside???

Yes Aunty… Nkem answered and ran out with Amanda to answer Mirabel.

Why are you standing here Mirabel asked them raising her eye brows.

But you called us Nkem answered.

You’re lucky you’re a bit far from me, if not I would have given you a befitting slap. Just thank your stars. Will you both get out of my sight and go do the duties I assigned to you. Don’t you know it’s morning already?

You Nkem, you think you’re still a little girl? A girl of your age is already married is some countries. Go and take your father’s clothes inside his room and wash them. And if you don’t wash them well, you will wash them all over again.

Nkem left and went to her father’s room to pick up his clothes to wash.

Amanda tried following Nkem and she got startled when Mirabel yelled out her name and asked her to go pick up a broom. Amanda went to their room and came out with a broom which her hand could barely cover. She used both hands to carry it and started sweeping the parlor while Mirabel kept her legs on the table seeing a movie and laughing.

She made sure the girls worked non stop till she went into her room to rest. The time was 12pm and yet the children have not eaten. Mirabel never cared. She wanted the kids to run away from their father’s house so she can have it all to herself.

Amanda started crying out of hunger. Nkem consoled her, she knew if she goes to the new aunty to complain of hunger, she will shout at them. And she dares not knock on her door. So Nkem took out some garri and poured it into a little plate and started drinking it with her little sister quietly inside the kitchen.

Mirabel noticed the silence in the house, she was sure something was going on. She went looking for the girls, only to walk into the kitchen and see them drinking the garri the have poured into the plate.

She quickly took the plate and emptied its content on Nkem’s head….

Who did you tell before taking this garri?
Who gave you the permission?
In my own house and kitchen?
You girls will remain hungry…
No food for you in this house till you learn your lesson.
Everything in this house belongs to me and if it pleases me then I’ll give to you both.


Mirabel said and walked out…

Nkem held Amanda who has already started crying and consoling her.

Mirabel walked back into the kitchen…
What are you doing she asked Nkem.
Will you pick up the mop and clean this mess on the floor!!!
And you Amanda or what ever, go to your room.. Amanda turned back and looked at Nkem who nodded her head a bit and she left the kitchen wiping her tears.

It was evening already and Mirabel had prepared food for herself and Daniel only leaving the children out. She warned the children not to come out when she was eating with her husband.

Nkem and Amanda were both hungry and couldn’t sleep. Amanda couldn’t hold the hunger and she ran into the parlor and Nkem followed her trying to draw her back. Daniel saw Amanda crying and asked her what the problem was.

Amanda told her father that she was hungry and haven’t eaten since the morning. Daniel was shocked, he asked Nkem who confirmed it was true by nodding her head slowly in fear.

You told me you would take care of them and I shouldn’t worry so why did you leave them hungry Daniel asked looking at Mirabel.

Mirabel looked away like someone caught in an act. Daniel took his portion of the food and gave to the girls who ate it hurriedly. Daniel felt pity for his girls. He warned Mirabel never to leave them hungry again. He left her and went to bed.

Mirabel starred at Nkem and Amanda and made a sign that she will kill them tomorrow. Then she stood up and went after her husband.

Nkem finished eating and took the plate inside.

They knew they were in trouble for what they just did but that had no choice. They would have starved to death.

The next day, Daniel had an emergency and left without checking up on Nkem and Amanda. Immediately he left, Mirabel took out a cane she had seen inside her husband’s room. She walked into the girls room and flogged them up.

She warned them sternly not to repeat what they just did last night which may cost her marriage. She left them and went out.

The girls held themselves together and started crying. After a while, they knew their wicked aunty will come back for them. So they left to do their various chores.

The time was already 10am…

Someone knocked on the door and Nkem went to get the door. She opened the door and saw a man wearing a big polo, distressed jeans with a sun shade glass and a canvas to match.

Good afternoon sir Nkem greeted..
Who are you looking for?
The man bent down and was about to reply when Mirabel came walking in on them.

The man ignored Nkem and just walked pass her and entered into the house. Mirabel asked Nkem to go boil water for her while she went to have a seat with the man.

Few minutes later, Nkem walked towards the parlor to inform Mirabel the water on fire has boiled . Nkem was shocked by what she heard and she covered her mouth with her hands.

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