We are sisters episode 8



Nkem and Amanda kept hoping that their new home will be safe for them as they left the orphanage with the couple. The couple had taken a cab and arrived at a distant location with Nkem and Amanda.

When they arrived at the location, they went towards an SUV 4matic parked at a VIP parking lot and entered into it. The drove into the highway. The more they drove ,the more scared Nkem became.The couple had told the management in her presence that they were living in the city.

But so far, the journey was not coming to an end. Night was falling already, they had entered into another city.

In a particular spot inside the car, Nkem could clearly see the time was 9:54pm. They arrived at a big black gate. The gates opened on its own. Nkem had only seen those in foreign movies and never knew it existed.

Amanda was deep into sleep, but sleep couldn’t cross the eyes of Nkem. She wanted to know what she had put herself into by running away from her father’s house.

The car stopped inside a very big compound much bigger than theirs. Some ladies who dressed like maids came and welcomed them in.

The girls were taken by the maids as instructed by their new father. After they have showered and had change of clothes, Ralph introduced the girls to his father Mr Emmanuel.

Mr Emmanuel looked at the girls, then stood up and asked Ralph to follow him.

But why did you pick a girl this time instead of a boy? You didn’t only pick one, you came with two. What are we doing to do with girls? Can they take care of this family’s wealth if we are no more?

Father, Ralph called with a smile..

Have you ever thought it that a boy can still lay waste of all the money if not properly taken care of?
Have you thought it that a girl child if properly brought up can actually stand out in the society.

Mum for example… she is a woman who inherited her father’s wealth. We all are benefitting from that wealth because her Dad brought her up well. So Dad, adopting a girl child doesn’t matter.

Ralph and his wife have been married for over 10 years now without any child. Money was not a problem to Ralph. His parents were so wealthy and 70% of what they had was in his name.

You’ll ask about the remaining 30%…

Ralph’s father had a child with his maid. Although he had repented and asked for forgiveness, but the fruit of his sin still lived. The maid had died during the child birth of oliver.

Oliver the half brother of Ralph is married with 2 male children. Both him and his wife were responsible for the predicament of Ralph and his wife. He wants to inherit all the wealth for himself and his kids.

They all lived in the same very big compound with each having their own building apart in the same compound. The compound was so big that you can decide to drive to the next building.

Ralph had gone for the first adoption with his wife Kate. The adopted a boy whose name was Isaac. They had lived with the boy for 2 years and someone from no where claimed being his mother. She said she had dropped him in the orphanage because she was struggling to feed.

They went for another adoption. After few months , similar scenario came and they had to let go of the child.

This time , they decided to go very far out of the city to adopt. By so doing, no one was going to come and claim parentship. They both also agreed to change their names. Everything went so easily and smoothly because of they had a lot of money.

Ralph’s father looked at him then smiled. That’s my boy, I just hope no one comes to claim them again. I will never let them go Ralph answered. You have eyes for nice things, these girls are so cute Mr Emmanuel said and went back to where the girls were seated.

What are your names my Angels?

My name is Nkem, Nkem answered and looked at Amanda for her to answer too..
My name is Amanda she answered rubbing her eyes with her hand.

Beautiful names for beautiful girls, you can call me Grandpa okay? Mr Emmanuel said with a smile.

The girls nodded their heads as he shook them.

Oliver heard about the adoption Ralph had gone for and the girls he came back with. So he went over to see for himself. Oliver and his wife began to plot again as usual.

He tried setting traps for the girls with money in order for them to be called daughters of theives. But the girls didn’t fall for the trap. The more he planned, the more he failed. They girls were too smart and well brought up.

Nkem and Amanda got the best treatment ever from their new parents. After few weeks, the girls were enrolled into one of the best schools in the city.


Daniel had forgotten a document at home and never remembered till the client in need of the document called him. It was an important document and he needed to go get it himself.

Daniel came down from his car, worried why his wife will put such loud song at the early hours of the morning.

He stretched out his hand to hold the door handle and a call came into his phone. He checked and it was the D.P.O calling.

Daniel picked the call anxiously, and shifted from the door. The noise was loud so he moved far off from the door.
It’s been months since D.P.O called him.

D.P.O : Good morning Sir
Daniel: Good morning Officer…
D.P.O : We have good news and bad news
Daniel: Not again D.P.O (heaves a heavy sigh)
Give me the goodnews and the bad
D.P.O : We think we have spotted your children.
And then we think they were adopted by
A very powerful family in the West. We
Will be needing your presence very soon.(Hangs up)

Daniel was happy his children were safe..
But why will a very powerful family come for his girls???

I must bring my girls back no matter what Daniel said to himself. He needs to tell his wife about this update so he hurriedly went back to the door.

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