We are sisters episode 11



Nkem looked at Amanda then sent her eyes back on Ralph again and said…

Daddy, Amanda saw the way uncle Oliver was looking around to know if someone was looking at him. So she suspected he was up to something because Uncle Oliver has been disturbing us for a long time now. So many times he always keep money and expect us to take it.

So I and my little sister have always been staying away from him.

So tell me, what did you catch him doing Ralph asked impatiently…

Uncle Oliver was pouring something into your drink behind the wet bar. I and Amanda were looking at him. When he was done, he came out with two glasses of wine. We wanted to tell you but we didn’t know how to do it in his presence.

Thank God someone called you to wish you a happy birthday. We tried to reach out to you, but he was all over you waiting for you to take the wine. A call came into his phone and he went out with his drink.

That was when I and Amanda took the glass of wine meant for you. If you can remember Daddy, I gave you a glass of wine on your birthday.

Ralph tried to remember….
He remembered Oliver bringing him a glass of wine but he wasn’t sure he took the glass of wine. Then he recalled…

Yes Nkem, you gave me a glass of wine saying mummy gave you to give me. Yes Daddy I and Amanda changed the glass of wine.

Ralph stood up from his seat….
I trust Oliver a lot, he is my Little brother. I also trust you girls alot…
This is too much to take in.

Oliver had asked him to let go of the girls because they would bring him trouble. And here the girls are saying Oliver put something into his drink.

But what will that be??
Will it be poison???
But why will Oliver try to poison him??
This is not his first birthday…

Lots of questions that remained unanswered..
Ralph kept pacing around the parlor while Kate kept her hands under her jaw.

Nkem… Ralph called out..
Yes Daddy she answered softly…

Are you sure of what you saw???

Yes Nkem answered with a nod.

Okay tell me, what did you do with the drink uncle Oliver poured something into?

Amanda looked at Nkem , Nkem nodded her head and Amanda went into their room. Ralph was still thinking about what the girls were up to. It took a minute then Amanda came walking in with a water bottle. She handed it over to Nkem, Nkem took the water bottle and gave it to Ralph. Daddy this is the wine, we poured it into this water bottle.

Ralph collected it and kept trying to figure out what actually was inside the water bottle.

Why didn’t you tell me all these while he asked looking at Nkem and Amanda inquisitively???

Daddy, we wanted to tell you but we were afraid you won’t believe us. We were afraid you will say we want to talk bad about uncle Oliver…

So why are you telling me now???

Because Uncle Oliver said you should take us back to our father. So I decided to warn you.

Smart girls.. come and give daddy a big hug. Nkem and Amanda ran into his arms. They have grown such a tight bond in a little space of time. I love you my girls and I’m not letting you go okay?

Amanda and Nkem nodded their head.

Go ahead to bed, I and mummy will decide what we will do with this.

So what do have you say??

Goodnight mummy and daddy Nkem and Amanda chorused and went into their rooms.

Kate stood up and went to where Ralph was standing…

Desire, what do you think is inside this wine??

I don’t know Babe , but I will find out what this is and why Oliver will put it into my drink on my birthday. All through the night, Ralph couldn’t sleep . All his thoughts were on the water bottle Amanda and Nkem had given him.

The next day, Ralph left very early to the hospital. He wanted to know what was inside the drink. He was asked to come back in the evening for the results.

All day Ralph was restless, Kate didn’t help matters. She kept on calling him to know what the results say the content in the wine was.

Ralph left his office early and went to the hospital. He came earlier than he was told to. He waited till the lab technician came with the results.

When the lab technician told Ralph the content that Oliver had put into his drink, he took few steps backwards and reached for a seat behind him. He couldn’t believe his ears and a tear dropped down his cheek.


Daniel kept begging Steve to let him go.

I’ll sign it ..
I’ll give it all…
I just want to be alive for my kids please Daniel begged.

Mirabel made a sign to Steve and he let Daniel go. Mirabel brought the documents with a pen and gave it to Daniel.

Go ahead and sign it now before my Baby changes his mind and kill you she said smiling.

I’ll sign it… but I need to know something..

How did you do it?
How did you make me fall for your gimmicks.

Mirabel laughed ….
My Baby here Steve is the brain behind it all. He had a bad day at work and had gone to the beer parlor to drink away his sorrows.

He overheard you telling one of your friends how you needed a male child dearly and how your wife has been giving birth to only girls.

He traced you to your house then he saw that you were very rich. So we decided to have it all to ourselves by presenting what you want to you and then we take what we wanted.

That day you saw me and took pity on me, we had already planned it. And I made it possible that you sleep with me that same night. Even though you were drunk I know you wanted it because I told you I was the only girl in the midst of 6 boys. So you saw me as a potential male child carrier.

I was already pregnant before you slept with me, so I had to arrange some people to play the role of my parents. Literally, you never married me Mirabel said and laughed out loud.

It dawned on Daniel that he had been played all along.

With pains in his heart, he shouted…

D.P.O come and take these thieves out from my house. These golddiggers..

Mirabel looked and saw two police men walking in with their gun pointed towards them.

“You have the right to remain silent for anything you do or say will be used against you in the court of law”.

Steve immediately dash on the cushion chair and leaped towards the rear door and ran out of the house.

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