We are sisters episode 9



Nkem and Amanda kept to their best behavior. Nkem had warned Amanda secretly not to talk about her Dad. Nkem also noticed something was suspicious with uncle Oliver. He was always coming around them but he won’t let his kids associate with them.

So many times Uncle Oliver had come to take Amanda, but Nkem won’t accept. She never let Amanda off her sight. Kate, Nkem’s new mother was a gem. She was nothing like Nkem’s step mother who maltreated them.

Nkem and Amanda were smart in their studies too and Ralph and Kate were happy that God gave them such smart kids. Nkem and Amanda were working on their assignments alone and Kate and Ralph were sitting on the cushion and stealing gazes at them smiling at each other.

The school section was over and the couple decided to take the girls out and change their wardrobe. They also went for sight seeing together. They were in the children’s play ground when a police officer in the zone recognized the children with the photo sent to them.

He alerted his authorities who passed the information to Daniel’s D.P.O friend.


Daniel wanted to open the door but a thought came into his head. Why will he even tell Mirabel about what the D.P.O had just told him?

It was better he kept it to himself for now and get to see his girls first. So he immediately entered back into his car and started heading to the police station. He needs to know the powerful couple the D.O.P was talking about.

Almost close to the police station, Daniel remembered that he had forgotten the important Document that he had gone home to take. His children were more important for the moment, so he drove into the police station.

The D.P.O asked Daniel to go bring proofs showing and testifying him to be the girls father before embarking on the journey. But Daniel said he doesn’t need to go with proofs and he was confident that his girls will follow him once he gets there.

He asked the D.P.O to follow him. The D.P.O said he was occupied and won’t be able to go. He asked Daniel to let it be till the next day so they can go together but Daniel insisted he was going to take back his children and no one was going to stop him.

Daniel entered into his car , he called the necessary people at his firm alerting them about his absence. He took the address the D.P.O had given him and started his journey to the west.

It was a very long drive, he kept stopping at intervals to ask for the right direction. Finally, he got to his destination. It was already getting dark when he got to the gate as directed. He horned and within a minute, the gate opened on its own. Daniel drove into the compound with multiple buildings.

He stopped in front of Oliver’s building. He knocked on his door and Oliver opened the door asking him who he was. He explained to Oliver that he was the father of Nkem and Amanda and had come to take them back.

Oliver was so happy….
Even though his plans has not been working, someone has come to take back the girls. With this, he was sure Ralph will never go to adopt any other child again.

Sorry, you said you are Nkem and Amanda’s father if I heard properly? Oliver asked trying to act surprised.

Yes I am, Daniel answered looking serious.

Oliver took Daniel and they drove to Ralph’s house. He knocked and Kate came and opened the door. Both him and Daniel walked into the house.

He said he is Nkem and Amanda’s real father Oliver said pointing at Daniel. Who is that Ralph asked walking into the Parlor where everyone was standing.

Oliver said this man here has said Nkem and Amanda are his kids. Kate said opening her hands. Just then, Nkem and Amanda walked into the parlor also. Amanda wanted to run to Daniel but Nkem held her back and made her a sign not to move.

My cuties, come to Daddy Daniel said stretching out his hands when he saw the girls. Everyone stood looking at Daniel including the girls. Daniel felt ashamed, he decided to try again.

Come to Daddy please I have missed you both a lot he said with a teary eyes. Everyone still stood looking at him, Daniel felt more ashamed of himself.

Mr, leave my house Ralph said to Daniel pointing towards the door. But I can’t leave without my children Daniel said trying to be stubborn. They are mine Ralph shouted out and I’m not letting go of them.

Nkem had gone in and brought a letter she wrote to her father the night they had run away from the house. But she didn’t know how she would give it to him without his wife reading it. So she had put it inside the bag she was carrying.

She ran to Ralph and said , Daddy give this letter to him for me. Daniel was heart broken, his own daughter calling another man Dad in his presence and just pointing at him. Ralph looked at the letter and looked at Nkem. That was when he knew Daniel might be saying the Truth. But then the girls ran away for a reason so he wouldn’t let them go. He had grown fond of them just within these few months.

He handed the letter over to Daniel who took the letter and walked out feeling devastated.

Daniel went into his car and decided to read what his daughter has already written down all these while waiting just to give him the letter. He opened the letter and it read.

Dear Dad…

Your new wife has been maltreating us in your absence and she forces us to do home duties meant for adults. She leave us for hours without food. The day I and my sister were sharing a plate of drinking garri, she poured it on me.

Dad, you had beaten my mum with her unborn baby and blood was flowing from her. I came to your room begging you to come take my mum to the hospital. Your new wife shouted at me and chased me from your room. I struggled with my mother and sister that night but our mother didn’t make it.

Dad, we came back with tears. We had just lost our mother, yet you left us in the parlor and went into your room with your new wife. We slept on tiled floor dad and Amanda caught a cold. You never cared.

I decided to be a mother and father to myself and my little sister Amanda. Your wife was plotting with the man she called Steve to kill us and then poison you.

If you see this message, just know I and my sister have left the house.

The daughters your don’t
care about,
Nkem & Amanda…

As Daniel read the letter, the clouded tears rained down and he sobbed like a baby. He had been a very bad father to his girls.

Then he reread the second to last paragraph again.

“Your wife was plotting with the man she called Steve to kill us and then poison you. ”

Mirabel is plotting to kill me and my girls?

She had introduced Steve to him as her cousin from Cameroon ….

Sleep couldn’t cross the eyes of Daniel. He entered his car and kept driving back home that night. It was late and Mirabel had called him to ask where he was , he told her he had an emergency travel and will be coming back in two days time.

Daniel kept driving back home….

Hours later, he got to his house very early in the morning , he opened the door with his keys. He went straight to his bedroom and there was Steve cuddling Mirabel on top of their matrimonial bed.

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