We are sisters



You are proud to tell me your scan results states you’re carrying another female child for me??

For crying out loud I am an African man and you bringing in more girls into this house is no longer acceptable Daniel said raising his voice at Bisola.

It’s not my fault that I have delays in getting pregnant. After all, I’m not God that gives children. Girls are also…

Before Bisola could finish her statement, a slap landed on her cheek. You stupid woman, how many times have I told you not to interrupt me when I’m talking. Let this be the first and last time I’ll ever hear you talk back at me when I’m talking Daniel said pointing his index finger at Bisola.

Daniel is a wealthy man doing well in his affairs. It’s been 12 years now since he got married to Bisola. They have two girls, Nkem and Amanda. Daniel had been a sweet and loving husband till Bisola gave birth to two girls at a very long time intervals. Daniel had completely changed his attitude towards Bisola. He beats her at any slightest provocation.

Bisola is an orphan with just a brother Kelvin. Kelvin the younger brother of Bisola was a lazy man. He always run to Daniel anytime he was in need of money. So Bisola saw no need to complain to him what she has been passing through. she was sure he would do nothing about it.

The sound of the slap Daniel gave Bisola could be heard from the kitchen. Nkem who was washing plates ran out of the kitchen to see what was going on.

Bisola held her cheeks and couldn’t utter any other word.

Daniel looked at Nkem and then her mother, he shook his head in disgust and walked away. Amanda walked in also from the room where she was playing after hearing her father raising his voice. Amanda could see tears running down the cheeks of her mother. She couldn’t control hers either. Bisola carried her up and she tried wiping the tears off the cheeks of her mother with her hands.

Bisola kept enduring the beast her husband had turned to.

After few weeks, Bisola’s stomach had protruded. She heard rumors that her husband has already gotten married to another lady who was pregnant for him.

She knew Daniel has totally changed but never knew he had also started cheating on her to the extent of getting married to another lady who is said to be pregnant for him. She decided to find out herself from Daniel.

Bisola heard car horns outside the gate. She knew it was her husband, so she came into the parlor and waited for him. Daniel walked into his house with a frown on his face.

Who is she?
Who did they say you are married to?
Tell me…
Tell me it’s a lie..

Daniel didn’t utter a single word or replied Bisola. He just walked passed her.

Bisola followed him and kept on questioning him. Daniel turned and gave her a resounding slap. Which kept Bisola on mute immediately.

Oh you want to know the truth?
You want to know if it’s just mere rumours? Daniel asked walking closer to Bisola who kept taking backward steps too.

Wait for me!!

Just you wait, you will soon find out Daniel said and went outside. He entered into his car and zoomed off.

About an hour and half, Daniel drove back to his house with a young beautiful lady who was already pregnant. He helped her by bringing down her load from the car and carrying it. Bisola was heart broken. She stood in front of the door starring at her husband and the pregnant lady.

It pained her seeing her husband showing care and affection towards another woman in her presence. Worst be it that he is bringing her into their home.

Why will you do this to me? Bisola asked Daniel with tears in her eyes. Daniel kissed the lady Infront of Bisola and held her hands and started walking into the house.

Tears dropped down the cheeks of Bisola as she tried covering her mouth with her hand to hold in the pains. The lady brought out her tongue and showed it to Bisola.

Bisola got annoyed, she could take insults from her husband but not a husband snatcher. She drew the lady back and slapped her.

Daniel turned angrily and pounced on Bisola. He kept on beating and kicking her not minding she was pregnant. Nkem and Amanda tried holding their father and begging him to stop beating their mother. Daniel stopped and removed their hands from his legs. He took his new wife by her hand and went into his room.

Bisola lay on the floor crying out in pains while her daughters tried lifting her up. Nkem saw blood stains on her mother’s cloth. She ran and started knocking on the door of her father’s room.


Mummy is bleeding… Come and take her to the hospital…

Daddy please…. Nkem kept begging with tears and knocking on her father’s door.

Get away from that door and don’t disturb us. Don’t you dare knock on that door again. That was the feminine voice Nkem heard from inside the room.

Nkem ran back to where her mother was. Bisola had already helped herself up , crying out in excruciating pains. Her two daughters held her and they left the house.

Bisola managed herself to walk down to the nearest clinic with her two girls. The more she walked the more she could feel her strength leaving her.

She was in her eight months and a very dangerous time to deliver. When she got to the hospital, the nurses quickly helped her and gave her a bed.

They told Nkem to hold her little sister who was crying and wait for their mother at the spot they pointed for them to seat.

Nkem couldn’t believe her dad will do that to her mum.

Why will her father bring in another pregnant woman into their home?

Why will her father beat her mother without conscience?

She really hopes her mother survives.
She can’t bear staying with the hostile new wife of her father.

Nkem held her little sister Amanda tightly and they both kept crying for their mother’s life.

Few minutes later, the doctor attending to Bisola came out with a long face. He walked towards Nkem and her sister who were already crying their eyes out. He couldn’t bring himself to tell the little girls that they just lost their mum and the unborn baby.

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