We are sisters episode 6



Daniel scratched his head with his two hands. Where would his girls have gone to. He walked towards his room ,then walked back. He looked at his pregnant wife and a tear dropped down his cheek.

He carried her and immediately put her into his car. The gateman opened the gate, as he was driving out, he looked at the gateman. He had lots of questions for him too but he has to take his wife to the hospital first.

He drove out with rage towards the clinic down the road. The nurses came and carried Mirabel into the emergency ward.

Doctor Frank was called. When he passed with the nurse, he recognized Daniel immediately. Daniel knew his face was familiar too but couldn’t place the face.

Daniel kept pacing around the hospital. He had a lot on his mind. Business calls kept coming into his phone, he switched it off. He can’t leave Mirabel in her condition to go look for Nkem and Amanda. They left since yesterday, where will he even start from?
Why was he so careless?
People will say he used them for rituals just as they already rumoured when his wife and his unborn baby died.

His wife’s corpse was still in the mortuary and he was yet to bury her. Why are problems compounding for me Daniel asked himself looking all confused.

Doctor Frank came out of the ward. Daniel quickly went after him to ask about Mirabel and the Baby. Doctor Frank told him both the mother and baby were okay and no complications. The only problem was that Mirabel was feeling pains because she had fallen on one side of her stomach.

He told Daniel he was free to go see Mirabel.

Mirabel saw Daniel and quickly changed her countenance. She wanted Daniel to say sorry to her.

Daniel tried holding her hand and she removed her hand. Leave me she said. You wanted to kill me and your unborn son because of those witches.

Daniel was raged and wanted to give her another slap, then he controlled himself. Even though they are girls, they are still my children and you have no right to call them that in my presence.

What did you do to …..


Just tell me, where did they go to?
When did they leave the house?
I really need to find my girls please Daniel said opening his hands in front of Mirabel.

I don’t know… I swear…
I was sleeping, when I woke up I found out the girls have left the house already. I didn’t do anything to them Mirabel said faking a tear.

It hurts, my stomach hurts Mirabel said as she tried to seat up. Daniel came closer to her and tried massaging her stomach saying sorry to her.

Mirabel was happy she has gotten back Daniel to feel sorry for her. Daniel was holding Mirabel but his mind was far off.

He had beaten his wife due to his violence and neglection and she died. Now he has started again with Mirabel which would have cost him his unborn son. He was too busy to always feel what his girls were going through.
They had just lost their mum, he was the closest blood they had but he neglected them. Many thoughts kept racing inside Daniels mind.

Another thought came into Daniel’s mind. He remembered his D.P.O ( Divisional Police Officer) friend. He left Mirabel telling her he was going to meet the doctor then went outside. He didn’t want to call the D.P.O Infront of Mirabel. He knows his kids were smart and something must have made them to run away.

Daniel switched on his phone and called the D.P.O, he told him about his missing children. He also told the D.P.O that money was not a problem and he should deploy all his men to help look for his daughters. He sent the D.P.O their pictures, their names , and promised to transfer a huge sum of money to him.


For a very long time at the orphanage, no one had come to adopt kids.

But surprisingly…

The next day after Nkem and Amanda joined the orphanage, a couple had come to adopt a child. The saw little cute Amanda sitting quietly at a corner waiting for her sister. They greeted her and she replied politely. They went to the management to tell them they would like to adopt Amanda.

The management tried to explain to them that the girls just joined them yesterday and they should make a pick from other girls. But they insisted that she was the one they wanted.

Nkem was called into the office and was told that her sister would by adopted by a couple who claimed they have no child of their own. Nkem refused, she said no one was going to separate her from her sister.

“We are sisters”
We have come this far together without our mother and I can’t be separated from her Nkem said as tears ran down her cheeks.

The management threatened to throw them both out into the streets if she doesn’t allow the couple to lessen the burden on the orphanage by taking Amanda.

The couples saw Nkem was not going to easily let go, so they decided to take both Nkem and Amanda. The necessary documents were made and the children were adopted by the couples who Left their names as Mr and Mrs Jude.


It was two days already since the girls got missing, it was a Sunday afternoon. Mirabel was inside sleeping while Daniel was sitting under the shade in his compound alone thinking of the way forward.

He had already arrested the careless gateman who claimed to be sleeping on duty when his children ran away.

A call came into his phone and it was his D.P.O friend…. He picked…

D.P.O : Good afternoon sir..

Daniel : Good afternoon D.P.O I hope there is
good news?

D.P.O : Ummmh let’s say we have good news
and bad news.

Daniel : Start with the goodnews first please.

D.P.O : The goodnews is that, your girls had run into an orphanage.

Daniel :So what is stopping us from going to get them back ( standing up from his seat..)

D.P.O : That’s where the bad news comes in.
Your girls were adopted by a couple who gave
an address in the processed documents.
When we got to the address, we realized
the address was fake. And we have not been
able to trace your children. I’m so sorry sir.
we will keep doing our best to find them.

( Hangs up )

Daniel’s eyes opened wider and he lost his ability to speak. He sat down back on his chair slowly.

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