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“We have come to the end of today’s lecture. See you in my next class,” The lecturer announced.

“Thank you, sir,” some of the students chorused in excitement.

As soon as the lecturer left the lecture hall, several students scattered, muttering and chattering in different groups. While those who had lectures to attend in another hall, quickly grabbed their books and made their way out of the lecture hall.

Amongst the students who stepped outside were Annabelle Falade age 21, and her best friend Keturah Ojo age 21, who were both at 300 level studying Business Administration.

While they were on their way to the next Lecture hall, a call came in from Deji.

Deji Adebayo age 25, was a final year student of Business Management. He was Annabelle’s boyfriend whom she had been dating for the past 3 years. And basically, everyone on campus knew about Deji and Anabelle’s romance. Some do refer to them as campus sweethearts due to their public display of affection.

Annabelle was deeply in love with Deji that she was ready to sacrifice her all for him. She loved him as if her life depended on it. One could say maybe it’s because he was her first love, or because it was her first time being in a romantic relationship with a man.

Deji and Annabelle both met when Annabelle was newly admitted to the school. Then she was 19 and he was 22. And since then, their love story has been nothing but bliss. But there was a problem.

Annabelle was from a well-to-do home. While Deji was from a humble home. His mother was late while his father Mr. Taiwo was a carpenter who was ready to sacrifice his all to make sure he saw his only son through school.

Having known this, Anabelle’s parents Mr. and Mrs. Bankole forbade their daughter from having anything to do with someone like Deji. They believed that he had nothing good to offer to their only daughter.

But Annabelle believed so much in Deji. She was very optimistic about Deji’s future, his ambitions, and dreams. And no matter what her parents did to separate them, she kept finding a way to reconnect with him. Annabelle’s father had once arrested and tortured Deji to scare him away from his daughter but his action backfired. And that’s because when Annabelle found out, she deliberately ran away from home and promised never to return until Deji was brought out of the police cell. And as such, he had no choice but to order Deji’s release.

Annabelle has on different occasions, paid Deji’s school fees and has been helping him out with other school expenses. She usually contributes and sometimes pays his full house rent, she takes care of his feeding and other essential needs. She was able to do all these because she was always stealing money from her parents to squander on her lover Deji.

“Hello sweetheart” She called out with excitement on her face the moment she picked up the call.

“Hi, babe. Can we see for a moment?” Deji asked with a low tone that signified that all wasn’t well with him.

“Sure. Where are you? Should I come to your department?” Annabelle asked feeling restless and worried.

“No babe. I wasn’t able to go to school today” Deji revealed.

“But why? We even spoke on phone early this morning before I left for lectures. So why didn’t you tell me anything back then? You know what? I’m coming to your lodge right now” Annabelle said quickly ending the call.

She was about to rush off when Keturah held her back with surprise, curiosity, and confusion, written all over her face.

“Where are you rushing off to when we have a lecture to attend?” She asked.

“Deji needs me right now,” Annabelle said quickly freeing her hand from Ketura’s grip. “Please don’t forget to mark attendance for me,” She said running off.

Ketura was completely speechless as she stood there staring at Annabelle until she ran out of her sight.

“This is madness,” She said shaking her head in disbelief.

(In Deji’s room)

Deji was laying down on his bed when he heard a knock on the door. He got up, walked to the door, and pulled it open. Then he saw Annabelle who quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and pecked his lips.

“What’s bothering you?” She asked pouting her lips.

Deji didn’t say a word. He simply sighed deeply and walked back to his bed. Seeing his reaction, Annabelle knew for once that something serious was bothering him. She quickly shut the door and walked up to him. Then sitting next to him on his bed, she asked.

“Babe, what’s the matter with you? You don’t look okay at all. Tell me, what’s bothering you?” She asked staring curiously and worriedly at him.

Deji sighed again and then looking at Annabelle he said,

“I haven’t been able to raise enough money for my school fees. And I couldn’t bring myself to call my father knowing fully well that his Carpentry work does not generate much income. Even if it does, there will be few people who would be needing my father’s services due to how bad the economy and everything is right now. It’s not as if I am a lazy person and you know that. My only crime is being born into a poor home. I mean look at me. I have been doing different menial jobs just to fend for myself. There is absolutely nothing that I haven’t done as a man to raise money. If not for anything, at least to become financially independent. It breaks my heart to know that I am 25 yet, I don’t have a meaningful amount of money in my account. I feel so ashamed having to constantly ask my father, whom I should be assisting, for money. I feel so ashamed of always seeking your financial assistance. And honestly, I’m so tired of everything. And sometimes I use to think that maybe, this school stuff is just not for me. Maybe I wasn’t destined to become a graduate. What if I turn out to become a complete failure to you and my father?” Deji asked with sadness in his heart.

Hearing this, Annabelle felt pity and sad for him. She slowly rubbed his back and kept assuring him that everything would be fine.

“Don’t say a thing like that Deji. You haven’t come this far to give up now. You will surely write your exams, do your project and sort out your clearances” She said with a smile.

“Didn’t you hear what I just said? Babe how on earth am I supposed to raise such money in a short period of time? Very soon the school portal which is used for the payment of our school fees will be closed. So you see, I don’t need impossible motivations right now. All I need is realistic talks please” Deji said.

“I’m not giving you words of motivation sweetheart. This is me assuring you that all these will be sorted out one after the other” Annabelle said.

“But how?” Deji asked.

“I will try raising some money before this week runs out. If possible, I can sacrifice my school fees for you” Annabelle said.

Hearing this, Deji gave her a quick look filled with shock and surprise.

“No babe. You can’t do that. Your education is as important as mine. You can’t risk missing your upcoming exams or having a carryover because of me” Deji said.

“Don’t worry about me, my love. I strongly believe that my parents won’t let me miss my examination for anything. No matter how angry they might be” Annabelle said.

“What would I have done without you? You have been my source of strength and hope for the past three years. I honestly do not know how to repay you for all your kind deeds and unwavering show of love and concern towards me” Deji said with tears in his eyes.

“Come on sweetheart. If I don’t do this for you then who else will I do it for? I strongly believe that you have a bright future. This is why I’m here to support you all through the way. Trust me, you will get to the top someday and all these will become history” Annabelle said placing her palm on his cheek.

Deji held her hand and said.

“I promise you that I will never break your heart. I will never disappoint you. I will never give you a reason to cry or regret choosing me over other guys who could have been a plus to you. I will forever love and cherish you for standing beside me through my difficult times. I love you Annabelle” Deji said staring into her eyes with tears.

“I love you more Deji,” Annabelle said with a smile.

Deji then leaned in and planted a kiss on her lips. And slowly he laid her back on the bed and of course, made love to her.

Later in the evening, Annabelle returned to her lodge only to meet her best friend Keturah waiting for her by the door side.

“What’s this? For how long have you been standing here? And why didn’t you call me on phone?” Annabelle asked all at once walking up to her.

“I tried calling but your line wasn’t reachable so I decided to wait back here till you return” Keturah responded.

“Are kidding me? What if I didn’t return throughout today? Would you have stood here all day waiting for me? Gosh sometimes you do things without reasoning” Annabelle said bringing out her keys from her purse.

“Coming from someone who attended only one lecture today and skipped the rest because of her lover boy,” Keturah said clicking her tongue.

“I’ve always known that you are jealous,” Annabelle said rolling her eyes at Keturah.

As soon as she opened the door, Keturah pushed her way through and walked in throwing herself on the bed.

“So, how did the lectures go?” Annabelle asked shutting the door behind her.

“Has there been anything fun about lectures? Anyways, that’s not why I am here though. I came here to give you some of the things I jotted down and all the necessary information that was passed across to us today. And also, I came to know why you chose to skip classes today. Like seriously girl, what’s going on with you and Deji?” Keturah asked sitting upright with her eyes fixed on Annabelle who sighed and sat on the chair that was beside her bed.

“Deji Is having a hard paying his school fees” Annabelle revealed.

“This is serious. And our exams are around the corner” Keturah said.

“Exactly,” Annabelle said shaking her head.

“But for how long do you intend to babysit that boy? Have you ever thought about the possibility of him leaving you after all these your emotional, financial, and all-round supports?” Keturah asked.

“Stop being too negative Keturah. My relationship with Deji will last for a lifetime. He has promised to stay with me till the end of time. And trust me, one of these days, people will get to hear and read our love story” Annabelle said looking all excited.

“Stop fooling yourself girl. You and I know that humans are the least people to be trusted. And that’s because they can easily change at one point in life. I mean, take me for instance. My feelings for my first boyfriend automatically changed when I came to school. Meanwhile, I can remember how I was busy swearing up and down that I won’t by any means disappoint him” Keturah said.

“Well, that’s your problem. That’s who you are. And I don’t think it is right for you to assume that my Deji will turn out to lose his feelings for me the same way you lost yours. He is Deji and you are Keturah. And besides, you should be scared because karma will soon catch up with you” Annabelle said.

Hearing this, Keturah burst out laughing.

“Karma? Well, my dear, there is nothing like karma. Cause if there was, then I would have been paying for ditching my ex after everything he did for me” Keturah said.

“You know what? Sometimes hearing you speak makes me wonder if you are an old woman or my age mate. Like, you brag about your multiple relationships like someone who have had a taste of all the boys in the world. If you were a man, Hmmmmm” Annabelle said pointing at her with a smile on her face.

“God did well by creating me as a woman. Cause I would have impregnated lots of women if I was a man” Keturah said.

“I said it. It’s written all over you” Annabelle said.

“You won’t blame me though. I prefer to play the game rather than being played” Keturah said.

“That’s why I don’t joke with my Deji. He loves me and me alone” Annabelle said placing her palms on her chest while staring at the ceiling with excitement in her eyes.

“In your dreams,” Keturah said.

A few days later, Annabelle visited home and made away with her father’s money which she later used in paying Deji’s school fees.

Her father almost got a heart attack when he realized that his money was missing. And out of ignorance, he blamed it on the house help who he met inside his room when he returned to pick up his money.

A few days before their exams, Annabelle was confirmed pregnant. And the moment Deji heard about it, he had an outburst saying he wasn’t ready to father a child. And when it seemed like the pregnancy was going to bring Issues between them, Annabelle had no choice but to undergo an abortion which nearly took her life in school.

Her condition got worse that she bled for days and her entire legs got swollen. When Deji realized that he couldn’t handle it alone, he quickly sent for Annabelle’s parents through Keturah. They rushed over to the school and transferred their daughter to a more standard hospital.

Annabelle spent weeks in the hospital and in the end, she ended up missing her third-year first-semester examinations. Meanwhile, Deji was made to stay in a police cell before he was finally bailed out by his father who ran around to borrow money for his bail. But luckily, he was able to write his exams.

Meanwhile, no one saw Annabelle again till the beginning of the next semester.

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