Change of rules Episode 22


Bayo and Oye rushed Abeni to the hospital in the company of two policemen.

At the hospital, they were asked to wait in the waiting room while the nurses and doctors attended to Abeni in the operating room.

In the waiting room, Bayo was restless.

“Relax Bayo. I’m sure Abeni will be fine.” Oye said rubbing his back.

“This is all my fault,” Bayo said, taking the blame with tears in his eyes.

“No Bayo. This is not your fault in any way. If there is anyone to blame for all this, then it should be Chief Afolabi who even at the last minute, still had the desire to kill.” Oye said.

“No Oye, this is all my fault.” Bayo insisted, standing to his feet.

He faced the wall and placed his hands on it.

“How is this your fault Bayo?.” Oye queried standing to her feet.

Then facing her with tears streaming down his eyes, Bayo said, “I brought this whole idea of vengeance. So if there is anyone who should take the blame, then it definitely should be me.” Bayo said hitting his hand on his chest.

Hearing this, Oye shook her head and held his hands. She stared into his eyes and said,

“No Bayo. You have no reason to blame yourself for what happened. You did nothing wrong by urging us to fight those evil scoundrels. And I’m sure that Abeni feels the same way too.” Oye said.

“You don’t understand Oye. Abeni is the only family I have now. So I don’t think I will be able to forgive myself if anything bad happens to Abeni. She does not deserve to die” Bayo cried.

“Shhh…!.” Oye said, shutting him up with her finger across his lips. “Bayo listen to me no one is going to die. okay?. Come here.” She said embracing Bayo who broke into tears.

“It’s okay. She will be fine. She is stronger than this.” Oye said patting Bayo on his back.

Meanwhile, back at the police station, Chief Afolabi who had been thrown into the police cell, kept flashing back to the scene where he shot his daughter. And all he wanted at that moment, was to know how she was faring. At the same time, he found himself reminiscing about the numerous ways he had failed her as a father. And this made him break into tears.

“My poor child. Forgive this useless father of yours who has failed you in so many ways.” He sobbed grabbing his chest.

Back at the hospital.

A few moments later, the doctor in charge of Abeni’s surgery came out of the operating room. On seeing him, Bayo quickly rushed up to him and asked,

“Doctor, how is she now?. How did it go?.” He asked, anxiously.

“We bless God for a successful surgery.” The doctor said.

Hearing this, Bayo and Oye took a deep sigh of relief.

“Thank God,” Oye said feeling relieved.

“We were able to extract the bullet from her body. And luckily, it did not affect any of her vital organs.” The doctor added.

“Thank you so much, doctor. Thank you for saving her life.” Bayo appreciated holding his hand.

“All thanks to God.” The doctor replied with a smile.

“So, can we see her now?” Bayo asked.

“Not yet. Just wait here. In a few minutes, you will be able to see her. But note that she is yet to regain consciousness.” The doctor said.

“How long will it take her to fully recover?.” Bayo asked.

“It all depends on the patient. But I believe she won’t take long. Probably, a few weeks should be enough .” The doctor said.

A few moments later, they were both granted permission to go see Abeni who was still lying unconscious on the hospital bed. Seeing her in such a heartbreaking state, made Bayo break into tears. He sat beside her and held her hand in his, with tears streaming down his eyes. Oye kept patting his back to console him as he sobbed bitterly beside Abeni.

Looking at Abeni, Bayo found himself replaying all the memory they’ve made together in the past 18 years. He was still lost in memory when Oye broke the silence which brought him back to reality.

“She is such a brave girl,” Oye said looking at Abeni.

“I know right?.” Bayo said smiling sadly at Abeni.

“Yeah. Her type is rare. Because I don’t think there’s anyone who can stand against their father the way Abeni did. And looking at her right now, I can imagine what she’s been through all these years.” Oye said.

“She was brave to have put up a fight against her father and his cohorts. And that’s the more reason why she deserves to see him pay for his crimes.” Bayo said.

Three days before Chief Afolabi’s appearance in court, Bayo went to the police station to have a few words with him.

When he was told that he had a visitor, Chief Afolabi came out expecting to see his daughter but his joy was cut short when he saw Bayo instead.

“Why do you look disappointed?.” Bayo asked folding his arm.

“Where’s Abeni?. How is she?. Is she alright?.” Chief Afolabi asked, sitting opposite Bayo who simply scoffed and responded,

“Like you ever cared about her. You were always busy with business and running errands for politicians that you never gave your daughter the attention and love she needed. You failed her in numerous ways. And even at the last moment, you still raised your gun at her. Now you dare try to fake concern and sudden care about her?.” Bayo asked.

“I know I’ve failed her. I know I haven’t been a good father to her but I didn’t mean to shoot her. I never meant to hurt her.” Chief Cried.

“Wow.” Bayo chuckled in amazement. “So, who exactly were you intending to shoot?. I guess it was me after all. You know, I thought you were like this because you regret your actions. But now I’ve come to realize that you are just being like this because it was your daughter who got hurt in the process. And it wouldn’t have mattered to you if anyone else died, or got hurt. That’s just who you are. Other people’s lives mean nothing to you. Their pains and hurts mean nothing to you at all. So if I may ask, was that why you killed my parents and that of Oye?. Did you find it easy killing them simply because they weren’t your family?” Bayo asked clenching his fist with pain and anger in his heart.

“I killed all of them for the sake of business and nothing more. And if there’s anyone to blame for their deaths, then it should be them who didn’t mind their businesses.” Chief Afolabi said.

“What?.” Bayo asked with disbelief.

“Do you think putting me here will stop me from killing you?. I will make sure to get back at you the moment I step my foot out of this place. Because of you, I shot my own daughter. And you think I will let you get away with that?.” Chief Afolabi asked.

Hearing this, Bayo leaned in and whispered into his ear.

“Do you remember what you taught me?. You taught me not to leave any job or task half done. And as such, I promise to finish what I started. So chief Afolabi, you better watch your tongue from now on. Because if you get on my nerves, then you might not live to see the next day. And if the law fails to deal with you, then I will personally handle you my own way. Just remember that I have my eyes on you. And I will be watching your every move. So if you don’t want to die by accident, or staged suicide, then you better let the law handle you their own way.” He said, after which he leaned back to his seat with a mischievous smirk displaying on his lips.

A few weeks later, Chief Afolabi was summoned to court where he pleaded guilty to all the charges leveled against him. Thereafter, he was sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor. At the court, his gaze met with that of Bayo who gave him a mischievous smile.

When Bayo returned from the court, he met with Kunle who thanked him for helping him get back at those men.

“What will you be doing when you return to the states?.” Bayo asked.

“I will have to invest in a legit business and start my life all over again. I’ve had enough with the killings and getting my hands dirty. What about you?.” Kunle asked.

“I will have to start all over again as well. And I believe that a lot awaits me.” Bayo said with a broad smile.

“I wish you well then,” Kunle said stretching forth his hand for a handshake.

“Same here, it was nice changing the rules with you,” Bayo replied with a handshake.

When Bayo returned to the hospital, he was so excited when he discovered that Abeni had regained consciousness.

A few weeks after, the three of them went together to pay a visit to their late parents’ graves.

They first visited Abeni’s late mother’s grave before they went to that of Oye’s parents. Then finally, they stopped at Bayo’s late parents’ grave. There, Bayo introduced Oye to his late parents as the woman he would love to spend the rest of his life with.

And at that course, Oye made a shocking revelation to him.

“Also tell them that you will become a father soon,” Oye said placing Bayo’s palm on her stomach.

Hearing this, Bayo and Abeni jubilated for joy.

“Oh my God. I’m so happy for both of you. Congratulations” Abeni said with excitement written all over her face.

Bayo who lacked words to explain the joy he felt at that moment, simply embraced Oye with tears of joy rolling down his cheeks.

“Thank you so much. I love you.” He said smiling profusely.

And from that day onward, Bayo stopped having nightmares. He suddenly began to sleep peacefully like a newborn baby that he forgot when last he took his anxiety disorder pills.

He later retrieved the money they took from Chief Afolabi’s account. And with it, they started something meaningful for themselves. They took their shares and donated the rest of the money to different orphanage homes.

Some weeks later, Abeni traveled out of the country to start up a new life. There she met a good man with whom she later fell in love.

A few months later.

Bayo and Oye who were already married, welcomed their first son with exceeding joy and gladness in their hearts.

Abeni whose wedding ceremony was forthcoming, had to fly back into the country with her soon-to-be husband the moment she heard the good news.

That same night, Bayo called Abeni’s soon-to-be husband for questioning.

“Are you sure you love her enough to sacrifice your all for her?.” He asked.

And with a bright smile, the young man held Abeni’s hand and replied.

“Yes. I love her with all my heart.” He affirmed.

“I hope you do. Because if I ever receive any bad complaints about you maltreating her in any way, then you will have me and my team to contend with.” Bayo said.

“Team?.” The young man asked totally confused.

“Yes, the three of us are a team. A team that fights against all kinds of wickedness.” Bayo said.

“You can simply call us the rule changers. Cause we are so good at changing the rules when it doesn’t suit us.” Oye said with a smile.

“Sweetheart. What are they talking about?.” The young man whispered to Abeni who in turn, whispered into his ear saying,

“You better be careful with my heart cause I have an army watching over me,” She said.

“This is serious. I’m totally confused as it is right now.” The young man said looking confusedly at Bayo and Oye who burst out laughing at his ignorance.

On a sunny day, Bayo visited his late parents’ grave where he said,

“Mom, Dad, you both now have a grandson. He looks so much like me when I was much younger. Too bad you both aren’t here to hold him.” Then he paused and with a serious tone, he continued. “Mom, dad, these past few months have been quite a roller coaster ride for me, Oye, and Abeni. And It still amazes me how we were able to pull through. Despite all the obstacles that came our way. But I’m glad that at the end of all those troubles and tribulations, we still found happiness in different ways. And I hope that you two can now rest peacefully knowing that your son is happy now. Rest in peace mom and dad until we meet again to part no more.” He said with a bright smile displaying across his lips.

THE END!!. 🥰


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