Bad Boy’s Love season 2 episode 6

(Awakened Romance)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 6



“I decline” He snapped, softly.

I blinked my eyes fast.
“What?” I asked, talking my neglected hand down.

“Can you let go of me now?” He asked.


“My shorts”

I looked down and noticed my hand was still tightly holding on to his short. I gasped and quickly took it away.

“Sorry” I muttered.

He sighed and left.

“Geez. He will still be that bad boy anyways. Lucky to have my good boyfriend anyways” I sighed.


“Oh… F*ck! Why! Why! Why!” I kept screaming.

Lily looked at me and shook her head. She dropped the popcorns into her mouth and faced the TV.

“No. Why? Why did I do that! Why did I ask him to be my friend? Ugh!” I grunted.

“Because you like him” Lily said.

“Aish!” I blurted and hit her head.

“Ouch!” Lily groaned.

“Serves you right. What am I gonna do now? Am I gonna face him?” I said, cleaning my face.

“Hey, you know what?. Why not be my roommate? You disturb me like you are the one living here. You even sleep here and do all sort of things. Sometimes, I keep forgetting this is my own room” Lily said.

I scoffed.

“No one asked your roommate to drop out of school”

“Meh” Lily mocked.
“By the way, What of Jane, your roommate?” She asked.

“Julie. Not Jane”

“Huh? Its okay as far it starts with J” Lily said, chewing the sweetened popcorn.

“She’s cool. Don’t know much about her these days, since she was the main reason Axel f*cked me that day”

“You also asked him to f*ck you” Lily laughed.

I hit her head again and she groaned.

“Hey!” Lily yelled.

“You talk too much” I said.

“By the way, What do you think of his rose tattoo?” Lily shook her body, playfully.

I eyed her.
“Why are you behaving like you didn’t notice that, since”

“Then, I never knew you guys were a thing. Rose… on his neck,, Arrgh… So sweet” Lily screeched.

“Ya crazy” I shook my head.

“By the way, I wanna ask. You might get angry though” Lily said.

“Then, don’t ask”

“Pretty please. Aish! I’m gonna ask anyways. What’s that thing you miss about Axel”


“I’m sure there’s something you missed up till now about him” She winked.

I swallowed hard and my memories involuntarily brought out I and Axel’s various s*x scenes.

“Nothing actually. What’s your dumb.ass mouth saying”

“Hmm. So, Elvis… The good boyfriend of yours. Have you both done it?”

“What?… Kissing? Hhmm… Yes” I blushed.

Lily looked at me, weirdly.
“What’s she saying? I’m talking about s*x. How’s he? Is he good?”

I blinked and my lips slowly parted.
“We haven’t done it just yet”

“Huh? Why? Is he that good to that extent?” Lily laughed.

“Fo.ol. You think s*x is everything?” I asked.

“Yes,, to me” She nodded.

“Not I and Elvis though. We will do it when the time is right”

Lily laughed and I took my hand into her paper bag of popcorn.

“Hey!” She yelled and hit my hand.

“Ouch! Hey!! That hurts!” I screamed.

“My popcorn” She childishly said.

“Fo.ol” I cussed.

“Aish! Anyways, Don’t forget about-

“The Greek’s house. You keep saying that. Geez, I and Elvis remember!!” I interrupted, sharply.

Greek’s House**

“Wow! This party is fire!” I said, as I danced over Elvis.

Elvis smiled and pecked my neck allowing me to chuckle. I paused a bit when my eyes fell on Axel coming in.

We shared a short glance before he left. I continued dancing afterwards.


“Students of Bridgeford,, Come seat here. We have something for couples!” A guy, Tommy,, a senior apparently said.

We all laughed and ran to some chairs. There was a circular table in between. I ended up sitting in between Elvis and… Axel.

My thighs kept touching Axel’s and I was quite nervous and uncomfortable.

I kept gulping hard,, though he never noticed.

There were lot of couples and people around and they all attended Bridgeford. We were all around the table then. Lily was beside Axel while Vin was beside Elvis.

One by one, Couples were called out and were asked to share a deep kiss in front of us. We would applaud them and then a vote would be cast to know the most sweetest and lovable couples.

“We call on Elvis Vinson and Rose Ire” Tommy said.

Everyone clapped. Axel just kept looking at us.

“Whoa!” That Lily kept shouting.

Just like others, we were asked to kiss. Elvis drew my waist and my body collided with his. I slowly closed my eyes and he did too. He bent his head over and when our lips finally touched, we shared a deep and passionate kiss.

Everyone shouted and clapped.

Ah, also we… ended up taking the award.

Greek House, A Room***

Elvis slowly placed me on the bed. I looked up at his face. He smiled at me and began to kiss my neck, then to my ear.

With that action, He slowly took my gown off. I shivered effectively when his long tongue ran on my neck.

He stopped and looked at me.
“You’ve a great body” He complemented. I only smiled.

I took my hands up and slowly took off his shirt. His abs became visible. His chest was hard to die for.


I bit my lower lip as he slowly slid into me. I quickly held his shoulders as he began thrusting.

“Oh…F*ck” I moaned as he kept hitting me hard.

I closed my eyes and slowly opened it. I found everywhere blurry but when I looked back up, I saw Axel’s face.

“What? What’s this? Why’s this happening?” I thought.

He kept slamming and I couldn’t help but moan loud and hard. He decreased his pace and I..

“Don’t…stop. Fas…Faster” I whispered, as I slowly rode him.

He smiled bent over and licked my neck.

“Wait? Axel… doesn’t do this? Is it-

I paused my thoughts when I saw Elvis face came come to view.

F*ck? Am I prolly hallucinating now?


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