Bad Boy’s Love season 2 episode 19

(Awakened Romance)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 19




I opened my eyes and the great and bright sunlight that came across the window slapped me thoroughly.

I flapped my lashes heavily, after hearing the distinct chipping of singing little birds.

“Miss Ire?” I heard a voice.

I looked up and saw a nurse wearing a relieved smile on her face.

“I can see you’re finally gained consciousness. That’s a relief” She said.

I blinks slowly and mumbled something which she couldn’t hear.

She took her ears to my lips.
“What did you say?” She asked.

“Axel?” I muttered.
“Where is Axel?” I said,, lowly.

The nurse coughed and raised her head. She looked at me and I looked back at her weakly.


“He told me to give you this” Maggie said as she handed a letter to me.

She had came into my room and explained herself to me.

“What’s this?” I asked looking at it.

I was sitting on a wheel chair in my ward.

“Its a letter from Axel” She muttered.

“A letter? Why would he write a letter to-,,,,Where’s Axel!” My voice suddenly got high pitched.

She sighed.
“Rose, I don’t know how to say it”

“F*ck! Just say it!!” I screamed.

She looked down.
“Will you stay strong?” She asked.

I nodded
“I promise”

“Axel…We lost him” She whispered.

“Lost him? How? How did anyone lost Axel? If he’s missing. Its better we report to the cops” I said, with a shaky voice.

“I mean he died. Axel is dead”

“Liar!” I yelled.

“Please, tell me you are lying please. I’m begging you. Please, say its a joke” I pleaded with my eyes running down with tears.

I stood up from my wheel chair but my weak legs ended up falling. I held Maggie’s legs tight.

“I won’t believe you” I shook my head, stubbornly.


“No! No! No!” My screams got louder and my tears got worse. My nose was running down badly.

“Maggie? What to do? Axel shouldn’t be lying here! I saw him and he was alive, kicking and breathing! Please, do something. Please, someone should save Axel. He is…not dead…No!” I shouted in tears looking at his white corpse in the morgue.

Tears were rubbing down Maggie’s eyes too. She looked down and took off the letter from me.

“I’m gonna read it to you since you aren’t the mood for it. Please, do listen carefully” Maggie said.

“Give me!” I snapped and took the letter off her.
“I’ll read it myself, aloud” I said and opened it.

I saw blood stains on it. My tears went down the letter, giving it wetness. I wiped my tears but they still flowed, nevertheless…

I started reading abdand the more i read, the more my voice vibrated and the more I cried;

To Rose,

Whoa, Can’t believe how my hands are shaking but I’ll have to write this anyways…

Now you’re seeing and reading this letter, you must have gotten your conscious state back, It’s a relief.

How do i start? Wait, first of all, I don’t want you crying. This paper is really light and your tears might damage it. lol.

Rose, It was really nice meeting it. You’re a blessing in disguise, i must confess.

If not for you, the truth might stay hidden forever and my mum might still be in bondage.

You opened everything when you came into my life and when Mr Wins came to find us (Guess who is winning now, lol!)

By the way, you changed me in a way, unexplainable and incomprehensible.

I used to think I had all the flowers to myself but meeting a flower like you made me realize you were indeed the flower I needed.

You are my sun shine…

You are my rain fall…

You are my everything…

And with you, my rose flower pouts!

I’m sorry for leaving you like this. You are a special flower, a wonderful red rose, I know that. You know that. We know that.

Also, I want you to change for me. Be the good girl you once were. I remember watching your tiktok videos when you were singing hymns and I loved and adored it.

Its not too late to start again.

Tell my mom I’m sorry we couldn’t stay together for too long. Tell her I’m thankful for her, giving birth to a wonderful and strong boy like myself.

Ah! Before i forget, You can tell Elvis to forgive me now. Besides, he said he would only forgive me when I die.

I’m sure he would forgive me now, Yay!!

I love you, Rose. Stay strong. Stand tall. Sit Proud. Roses aren’t easy and cheap. They are beautiful and priceless.

You said you don’t want us to meet ever again even in the afterlife and in reincarnation.

Well, that doesn’t matter cause I’m gonna be asked to be reincarnated as a rose flower.

What do you think? *Smiles*

From Axel…


“How? How did he- I paused and swallowed hard.

“What really happened!” I screamed from the ground I sat helplessly, wailing.

Maggie sighed.

“It happened like this” She started.


Mr Wins smirked after he finished injecting the substance into the drip.

He cracked his neck and advanced to the door. However, an hysterical laughter stopped him.

He quickly turned back to see Axel standing up with his hand on his neck where the stuff was injected.

“Why are you laughing? You should be saving your strength for your few minutes death. You and your baby rose!” Mr Wins laughed.

“Do you know why you were able to stuck me with the syringe?” Axel raised a brow.

“Huh!” Mr Wins glared.

“Yeah…I was busy locking the drip pipe without your notice. You shook the syringe into me cause i was busy! If not, I would have taken you down!”


“Since I’ve locked the pipe. Both the drip and your poison won’t penetrate into her” Axel smirked.

“You fool!” Mr Wins snapped and ran to the drip.

“Its too late” Axel laughed and took out a gun. Mr Wins saw this and his eyes opened widely. He slowly took his hands up.

“Don’t kill me” Mr Wins said.

“You thought i came unprepared. Guess we will both be dying here, together. Why does it have to be you? It should be someone better” Axel said, and shot him five times, without a second wastage.

Mr Wins dropped down with blood flowing down his chest and other part of his body. He died later on.

Axel shook his head, cause he was already getting dizzy. His hand shook that even the pistol fell down his hand.

He quickly looked around and saw a book on the shelf which he took out, tore a paper and got a pen at the side.

He sat down on the chair and began to pen down something with his other hand holding his neck. His nose began bleeding but he didn’t care.

After writing, he smiled and looked at the CCTV, facing the room.

“I love you, Rose” He screamed and fell down from the chair.

Death crept afterwards…


I couldn’t stop crying. My tears rushed down like heavy rainful mixed with hurricane.

“I’m sorry, Axel” I kept saying while wailing, loudly.


I slowly opened her eyes. I sighed deeply.

“What a long sleep I had” I muttered.

I sat upright and looked at the door.

It seemed to be opening.

Finally, it opened and someone walked in.

“Rose?” The figure called.

I looked with a beaming smile on my face.


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