Bad Boy’s Love season 2 episode 7

(Awakened Romance)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 7



That Same Night**

Axel walked into his father’s office smartly. He was on dark jacket. He used turtle neck to cover his tattoo which he wore inside. He had black trousers to match.

He inhaled deeply when his eyes met with his father.

“Da…Dad” He stammered.

His father stood up and quickly landed him a hot slap. Axel blinked and held his face. He looked at his father with teary eyes not saying a word.

Mr Wins cracked his neck and turned the computer over.
“What’s this?” He asked.

Axel looked and saw him having s*x back then, that’s night. The CCTV caught it pretty well.

“Dad. I…

Another slap ran through his face almost allowing him to fall.

“Is this what you do now. F*cking girls named Rose?” Mr Win asked, angrily.

“Dad. Please, I-

“I managed to get her finger prints off the bed sheets and with that, we got a clear scan which identified her as Rose Ire. Mr & Mrs Ire?” He laughed.

Axel quickly got on his knees.

“Dad, I’m sorry. Please,, please,, let it just go” He begged with his body shivering.

Mr Wins grabbed a handful of his hair up forcefully and looked at his face.
“What did I always tell you about girls named Rose?” He asked.

“Rose… are cheap. They…are easy. Axel shouldn’t f*ck with girls named Rose” He stuttered allowing tears freely flow down his eyes.

“Good! But why,, did you f*ck her, right in my hospital!”

“Dad. I’m sorry. Please, forgive me. I’m really sorry” Axel begged.

“I did what you asked. I became a f*ck bad. I too, know I’m a bad boy and the character can’t just leave” He added.

“I wanted you to be like your mother who was a f*ck woman! She had the guts to sleep with a man on my bed!” He yelled.

“I’m paying for her now. I’m doing what you ask me to. You still haven’t allowed me see her. I don’t know if she’s alive or dea-

“You want to see her dead?”

“No! No! I’m sorry. I don’t! Please, let her live” Axel begged rubbing his palms with tears running down his eyes.

“Ah! So annoying!” Mr Wins yelled and kicked Axel’s stomach. He fell and groaned in pains.

“I guess I’m gonna kill that girl then. Rose Ire?” He smirked.

Axel quickly held his Dad’s shoe.
“No, please. Don’t… I’m begging you. I’m gonna do anything but please, don’t hurt her. Besides, we are over. I’m gonna do anything so…please,,,

“So, you are gonna do anything?” Mr Wins asked, and bent over.

Axel nodded with tears and veins popping up from his face.

Mr Wins laughed and stood up. He kicked his feet off Axel’s hand and stepped on his face afterwards allowing Axel to grunt.

“You are gonna do just two things for me, boy” He said, still squashing his face with his shoe.

Axel nodded, grunting quietly.


“I’m gonna miss you” Elvis said.

I smiled warmly.
“We won’t be seeing only for this night so why the missing?”

“A night without you is like a month”

I laughed and hit him on his chest.
“What’s this. You are silly”

He smiled and stroked my hair.
“I love you, Rose”

“I love you too, Elvis”

“Come here” He beckoned.

I moved closer and he touched my both cheeks. He bent my head a bit low and pecked my forehead.

He took my face to him and I smiled.
“Today’s the best day of my life”

I remembered our s*x but gulped quickly when I remembered thinking I was doing it with Axel.

I nodded.
“Me too”

He pulled me for a hug and released me quick.
“I just don’t wanna let you go. I love you so much”

I chuckled.
“I love you so much too, Elvis”

He smiled and slowly let me go.
“Rose? In the count of 3,, you need to run to your room”

My heart jumped and my eyes blinked.
“Why?” I asked.

“If I keep seeing you, I might take you to my place”

I laughed and bit my lower lip blushing hard.


“Ugh!” I panted and laid on the bed.

I looked up and sighed.

“F*ck,, the hell was I thinking? Elvis was f*cking me right there and I decided to bring Axel into the picture and even told him, not to stop? Go faster?” I said to myself.

“You got to be kidding me” I almost shouted.

Thank goodness Julie wasn’t home. She went on a sleepover at her course mate place.

I wished I went to Lilly place but I remembered seeing her talking to Vin then after the party. I also wondered where Axel ran off to that time after taking a phone call.

Oh well…

From the bed I laid on, the thoughts keep coming again.

I saw Axel having s*x with me.

“F*ck, go away!” I snapped and closed my eyes tightly.

I looked at my side and saw Axel laying down on my bed.

The f*ck! I’m dating Elvis for crying out loud! Get the heck out of my f*cking mind.

“I know you want me” He smiled, dangerously.

“This is not real” I said.

“Its just a nightmare” I added.

I felt a hand touch my thighs, and it went down underneath,, sliding past my gown. I looked and saw it was my hand.

I gasped and took it off.

I quickly sat upright and shook my head vigorously.
“Get yourself together, Rose-

*Knock Knock*

It was the door.

Julie? That could be her? Guess she canceled the sleep over.

I walked sluggishly to the door and opened it. My whole body shook and I took few steps backwards.

I saw Axel looking deeply at me, like he wanted to devour me whole.

“Wh…at are you doing here?” I asked.

He walked rushly to me after shutting the door and went to my lips. Without asking for permission, his arms went around my w@ist and his lips into my m0uth, suck1ng and feeding onto it like a leech would.


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