Bad Boy’s Love season 2 episode 12

(Awakened Romance)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 12



Axel grabbed my hand and I stood up. He walked over to another enclosed desk while my heels kept making this koi koi sound.

I quickly took my hand off him.
“What are you doing?” I asked.

Axel chuckled.
“You asked me to f*ck you,, or was that a joke?”

I crossed my arms.
“It wasn’t. Why did you bring me here?” I asked.

“Let’s do it here” He suddenly said.

I looked around and then at him.
“Are you okay? Why here?… Have you gone pyscho?” I asked.

Axel looked down. He knew his father’s eyes,, his men precisely,, would be there at his hostel,, lurking around in case he met with Rose.

“What of somewhere else? Definitely not a hotel cause I’m not a whore. We can’t go to your hostel cause of people and I can’t take you to my room either”

“I want somewhere different” He said.

“Then,, why here?”

“You are gonna like it” He said, and carried me to sit on the desk. He kept his hands there and looked at me.

His lips slowly seized mine and he began to kiss me. I felt his hand pave away underneath my top.

Still on my lips, he unhooked my bra and pulled it out without even taking off my top.

He broke the kiss and stared deeply into my eyes, before taking my top up above my chest. I was about fully taking it off fully but he stopped me.

“We can do this with your clothes still on. We don’t want to get caught, would we?” He smiled and I shook my head.

My b**bs got exposed and he caress them making me moan softly. He took hold of my left nipple and began to stroke it.

He looked at me before taking his mouth right there, sucking it in utmost pleasure.

“Ow…Axel” I moaned, patting his hair.

He kept on sucking that he began to slurp. I felt wet already. I just wanted him in… so that it would end this desire once and for all.

He left my nipples and looked at me. Still looking at me, he slipped his hand under my skirt and pulled my panties down, on my legs.

I kissed him lightly first before bending my neck down slightly. I unbuckled his belt and took down hia trousers and underwear.

I met his d*ck already out,, standing out for me. I swallowed hard and looked at him.

“Was it always like this?” I asked.

“Why? You regret dating Elvis already” He smirked.

I scoffed and opened my legs with my heels resting on the same desk I sat on.

“Just do it” I said.

“Do what?” He smiled.

“F*ck me” I whispered.

“Beg me”

“Won’t. just do-

I paused when his d*ck began teasing my cl*ts,, stroking the entrance of my cunts. I moaned softly and he shushed me quickly.

“Suppress your moans. We are at a library” He whispered, still pleasuring me with his d*ck.

“Axeell” I moaned, parting my lips.

“So, you wanna beg now?” He asked.

I nodded.

“Now, beg me”

“Please, f*ck me” I whispered.

He smiled s*xily and I gasped softly adyer feeling his d*ck dive into me. I opened my legs the more allowing him to thrust.

He stroked my hair as he kept thrusting .

“Ah” I groaned and closed my eyes.

“Axel” My whole body vibrate.

“Yes?” He anawered.

“I can’t…” I sobbed.


“I wanna moan” I said.


“Ah…I can’t” I moaned, lowly.

“Hold your lips,, I’m gonna add to my pace now” He said.

I nodded and closed my mouth with my palm. He kept to his words and increased his pace.

I moaned musically though it was muffled, due to my palm covering my mouth.

He kept on hitting me,, that i almost shouted. My palm slipped away from my hand and I quickly closed my eyes.

I hugged him tightly and dipped my face on his chest,, moaning just right there. It went for minutes. My legs went around his waist and entangled right there.

“F*ck,,, Axel…oh” I moaned and he pulled his D out.

I took my eyes off his chest and looked up at him weakly and slowly took my legs away from him.

“I’m not done” I heard him say.

“Eh?” I whispered.

He slowly parted my stubborn closed legs and charged inside me again.

“Oh” I moaned softly, with my hair now scattering around my face.

I held him close again as he kept ramming into me.

“Should I stop?” He grunted.

“” I sobbed.

“I f*ck better than Elvis, right?” He asked.

“Yea” I replied.

He held my face and made me face him.

“You miss me, don’t you?” He asked.

I looked at him deeply.
“I’m…c*mmimg” I muttered.

Its been lots of minutes already.

“F*ck” Axel groaned and pulled out letting our hot juice flow out.

My body was seriously shaking. I stared at my legs and they were wobbling.

The pointed heels on my shoes was visibly shaking like crazy.

I felt weak instantly and fell on Alex’s body.


“Ah… it hurts” I moaned and opened my eyes, touching my pounding forehead.

I saw I was now sitting down. Axel was close to me.

“You dozed off” He said.

“I didn’t ask” I said.

“You don’t have to worry, I cleared our mess up”

“What?…Ah,, you even dressed me back up” I scoffed

He nodded with a smile.
“I poured water on the floor and told the librarian I needed mop and a bucket of froth water which I used in making there good again. I also sprayed my perfume”

“You talk too much” I said, keeping my books back into my bag.
“I got my cravings gone. What we did today,, didn’t happen” I said and stood up.

He breathed deeply.

“What’s the time, by the way?” I asked.


“What?… When those the library close then?”

“7:03pm… We are practically locked here”

“What? You’ve got to be kidding me” I said, and took few steps.

“Oww… It really hurts” I said.

“What’s it?” He asked, concerned.

“My legs… in between them” I muttered.

Axel folded his lips and I saw a small smile come out.


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