Bad Boy’s Love season 2 episode 16

(Awakened Romance)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 16



“Rose?” Axel called me, calmly.

“Why…” I kept on sobbing.

He sniffed.
“Talk to me. What is it?”

“That day,,, you came to my place wearing a turtle neck- I paused, and swallowed the hard lump stuck in my throat.

“That day,, you had s*x with a girl. Why did you come to my place after doing that. You even asked me to be your friend. How dare you?!”

“Rose. I can explain. How do you even know all these?” Axel’s voice vibrated.

I wiped my tears.
“I don’t who sent it to my phone… I just received a video from an anony-

“Hold on” I stopped myself.

“Was that the same person who sent our s*x video to Elvis?… What’s happening! Axel, what’s going on! And don’t tell me you don’t have an idea”

“Rose, Just-

“Tell me! What the heck is going on!”

Axel scattered his hair with his hand and licked his lower dry lip.

“Its my father. He…he-

“That same wicked man who wants to marry you off?” I scoffed.

He nodded.

“I guess ever knowing you was bad luck. Look at what i got into!”

“Rose,, Let’s-

“How do I do it now?” I sobbed.

“How do i get out of his miserable mess without hurting myself? I don’t wanna leave school…” I cried.

“Juliet will tell others if I don’t tell the world. What do I do now? My dad… he,,he…. What have I done? Axel,,, what have you done to me? Even Elvis! both of you”

“I’m sorry” Axel busted in tears.
“I’m really sorry, Rose. I’m…I’m sorry” He squatted low crying like never before. His eyes turned red and his nose became runny.

I sniffed and slowly walked past him.
However, he held onto my leg and muttered my name.

“Its over and right now, I seriously hate you. I loathe you like hell” I said, and kicked his hand off.

He fell and didn’t stop crying. I walked outside and ran to the closed field. I bent down and the grasses covered me well. That was were I cried my eyes out.

“Life has never been so hard” I said, with a crying cracky voice.


I went back into my room and damn, Axel was still there. He was still squatting but his legs rested on his knees. He seemed to have been tired of crying now.

“What are you still doing here?” I growled.

“I’m sorry” He sobbed, and slowly raised his battered looking face at me.

I nearly cried for him.

“Out!” I screamed, pointing at the door, with a tightly squeezed face.

He slowly stood up.

“Rose, I-

“Leave” I pushed him.

He staggered and moved to the door.

“Wait…” He heard me say.

He quickly turned.
“Hmm?” He muttered, and raised his brows, which expatiated his swollen eyes.

“Your turtle neck. I never trashed it. Thought i would be returning it one day” I said.

He looked at my stretched hand, clinging onto his turtle neck.

“You shouldn’t have kept it. You could have thrown it away” He said.

“I don’t want my trash can getting filled up. Throw it into yours” I uttered.

He sighed deeply and took it off me.

“Axel… Please,, let’s us not meet again. Even in the after life. I don’t wanna meet you even when reincarnated” I said.

He looked at me deeply and I saw a clear tear line down hia face from his eyes.

“…Okay” He finally whispered.


“I’m gonna kill you and feed your corpse to the maggots and worms, I swèar!” Axel screamed after Mr Wins picked the call.

Mr Wins chuckled lightly over the phone.

“We just have to wait and see whose corpse will be getting eaten by the maggots”

Axel clenched his fist like
Mr Wins was in front and needed a punch right on his face.

“Where are you? I’m coming right there to kill you!”

“Ha ha ha! You just need to wait for me then. I’m not at home, neither am I in the hospital. I’m at Brazil now and guess what, I’m setting you up with another beautiful and wealthy lady. Do we mind, she’s a bit older than you… just 4 years so you don’t have to worry”

“Wait,, are you sure you are my real father? You are nothing but a-


“Hello? Hello? F*ck you!” Axel screamed.

*Ring… Ring…Ring*

It was his phone. He checked it and saw it was from an unsaved number.

He hesitantly picked it.

“Hello? Who’s this?” Axel asked.

There was silence. Axel had to check his phone to be sure.

“I said who is this?”

“Hello?” Axel said again.

“If I don’t wanna talk, I’m gonna hang up!”

“…wait” A voice said.

“Who is this, then and what do you want?”

“It’s me,,, Maggie…


“Yes, can you come to the hospital right now?”

“Why? What’s up?”

“Your mother….she…you,,, need to see her” She whimpered.


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