Bad Boy’s Love season 2 episode 11

(Awakened Romance)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 11



“Elvis?” I muttered, still breathing hard.

“What’s it? You alright?” He asked, concerned trying to come closer to me.

“Wait” I suddenly uttered and he stopped.

“I…don’t think I’m ready” I said, and stood up from the bed with the duvet still on me. I took my clothes and entered the bathroom.

Minutes later, I came out with my clothes on, I kept the duvet and stared at Elvis. He had only his boxers on now.

I folded my lips and shook my head.
“I’m sorry” I muttered.

“What’s it, Rose? You are really scaring me? Did i do something wrong? I’m really sorry,, okay?”

“No,, Elvis. you didn’t do anything wrong at all. It just lately,, I’ve been anxious-

“Is it serious?”

“No,, not at all. I’m getting a…hang of it. Anyways, please,, just give me 3 days to cool off,, then,, we are gonna have the type of s*x but for now- I paused and inhaled deeply.

“It’s okay. I understand” He said.

“Thanks of understanding, Elvis” I smiled.

“Don’t worry,, just 3 days,,, huh?”

“Yeah,, for just 3 days,, let keep our relationship platonic”

“Got that” He winked and I chuckled.


“What! Platonic!” Lily shouted.

“Hey, keep your voice down” I snarled.

“This is so…I don’t even know how to explain this. I mean,, you guys are now following the no touching rule? No pecks? Hugs? kisses? and most importantly, s*x?” Lily rolled her eyes.

“Yeah” I sighed, as we continued digging into our instant noodles.

“Geez… and it because you keep seeing Axel’s face whenever Elvis is having s*x with you?”

“Yup” I replied.

Lily laughed.

“It’s not funny” I frowned.

“Tell me, why isn’t it funny? I think you are the first girl with this type of case, you know”

“It’s not a case, dummy” The frown didn’t leave my face.

“Then what? Its a problem?”

“Urgh. You are frustrating. I expect you to help me and not mock me. I have only 3 days, remember?”

“Okay,, okay,, I’m sorry. let’s get serious”


“So, what’s called? An issue?”



We both laid on the bed looking at the ceiling like we saw beautiful and lots of stars there.

“I think you aren’t over Axel yet” Lily said.

“What? I doubt it. I don’t like him anymore. I think… I’m just not over our s*x life”

“You got that right” Lily chuckled.

I sighed and shut my eyes.

“I have only one solution to your problem” She whispered.

“What’s that?” I whispered, with my eyes still closed.

“F*ck Axel”

“What!” My eyes opened widely.

She looked at me and smiled.

“Have you gone insane? Why would you ask me to do that?”

“Listen, dear friend-

“Don’t call me that” I snapped.
“A good friend in their right senses won’t advise their friend to f*ck with their ex”

“Listen,, will you?” She sighed.

“Go on” I fumed.

“Right now, your desires and craving wants Axel and him alone. Let me ask, If you want a chocolate and you buy it and eat it,, what’s gonna happen?” Lily asked.

“What else,, I’m gonna poop it”

“So frustrating. Your desire and cravings for that chocolate would melt away. Why? Cause you’ve tasted it. When you are thirsty or hungry, and you drink water or eat food,, the thirst and hunger would quench and leave,, why? Cause you just satisfied your desires and cravings. That applies to Axel too. Once you have s*x with him,, the cravings,, the desires is gonna leave”

“Hold on. So, you are telling me I crave him having s*x with me and once I do it with him now,, everything will back to normal?” I asked.

“Hmm..Its so-

“Unless you want your relationship with Axel platonic forever”

“Oh no,, not that”

“That’s it,, dear friend” Lily smiled and I looked at space, perplexed.


I wore my mini free red with black stripped skirt cover a white top. I wore a bag over my back and sneakers to match.

I packed my hair into a ponytail and finally walked out. I felt nice and smart.

I was actually going to a national library. I wanted to feel alone and read a lot of books. It was a Saturday and I had nothing to do.

Feeling lazy wasn’t my thing so…

I was walking down the road when I heard someone yell my name. I faced my side to see Elvis smiling at me,, while he waved.

I smiled and waved back at him.

“I miss you, flower” He whispered.

“I miss you, my elf” I chuckled and he laughed.

“I wish I could hug you” He thought.

“You look good by the way” He smiled and I scratched my head.

“Thank you” I replied.

“Where are you off to?” He asked.

“The library. care to come?” I asked.

“Nah. I guess I’m gonna skip this”

“Why? you don’t like libraries?” I asked.

“I do” He chuckled.
“Just that,, I wanna rest”

“Oh… so, where are you off to?” I asked.

“I’m coming from the grocery store- He paused and raised the grocery bag to my face.
“Went to get something to eat” He added.

“Oh…” I said and looked at the time.
“Ouch! I’m late. it’s 4pm already”

He nodded and waved.
“Go on, already”

I smiled and rushed my steps but suddenly, my right sneakers sole went off.

I looked back at the floor and saw the sole there. I looked up and chuckled nervously at Elvis.

“So embarrassing” I thought.


“Thanks for purchasing the red…heels for me” I smiled.

“You welcome” He nodded.
“Be careful with it, okay?”

I nodded and waved at him. He waved back and we both walked away in opposite direction.

“Geez. Why did I pick this heels? I guess I loved it and didn’t want to let it go. What if I come next time and it finishes. Besides, I don’t have money to spend. I’ll repair my sneakers later at the shoe repair shop” I sighed, and walked away from sight.


I walked into the library and noticed only a boy there. He was wearing a hoodie. It was practically empty. I was late. I sighed and sat down.

I opened my bag and took out a book which I soon began to read.

“Hello, friend” I heard a soft whisper by my side and I quickly turned to see Axel.

I flinched and in sudden fear, I opened my mouth to scream but he quickly held my mouth.

“Sshh… We are in the library” He said, and pointed at the door.

I pushed his hand away and frowned.
“Why are you here? Did you stalk me?” I asked.

“Why would I? I was over there,, reading” He replied.

He kept a book on my desk and I sighed.

“Can’t you go else where? I don’t wanna be distracted” I said.

“Wow” He chuckled.


“So,, Rose… I distract you? Wow. I’m glad” He smiled.

I looked at him foolishly.


“I thought I was the only one. You distract me too” He said.

“He’s really foolish” I shook my head and looked back at my book.

He looked down and his eyes met with my red heels.

“What’s with the heel? Such peculiar taste”

“Not your business. I won’t take it off cause i love it and my boyfriend bought it for me” I said, cooly.

“So, you’ve really forgotten about me, huh?”

“Sure. Elvis is a better boyfriend than you. He f*cks well too”

He looked at me and smiled. He suddenly pulled my hair band down allowing my to pony fall down.

“Hey! What was that for!” I almost yelled at him.

“You really look good like this, Rose” He whispered.

I swallowed hard as we stared deeply at each other.

“Axel?” I suddenly called.

He raised a brow.

“What the f*ck did you do to me?” I asked, and he still maintained that eye contact with me, without a word.

“Why can’t I get you out of my head!” I asked.

“You keep coming into my mind and we keep having s*x there,, why?”

He smiled.
“Not sure why. So, what do you want me to do now? Leave your mind?”

“I want you to f*ck me”


“F*ck me cause I want you away from my mind. This cravings… This desires need to leave”

“I guess Elvis doesn’t f*ck you too well for your desires and cravings not to leave” Elvis whispered.

“Just f*ck me”

Axel scanned his eyes around me and brought his face closer to mine.
“If i f*ck you,,, I might make you forget how good Elvis f*cks”

“F*ck me till I forget how good he f*cks then, Axel” I said fiercely, without blinking an eye.


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