Bad Boy’s Love season 2 episode 2

(Awakened Romance)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 2



{23 Minutes Ago}

📲 Wassup?,, Juliet.. I mean, Julie?

📲 I’m good. I guess ya in Washington now.

📲 Yup. Actually I’m outside the school

📲 What? Really? Where outside in particular? Geez, you really came to my school to become a student after all.

📲 Yeah, I did.

📲 Anyways, just wait for me, okay? I’m coming for you now.

📲 No problem about that. Just come to the school gate and you’ll see me waiting in front of there.

📲 Sure, Elvis.


“Whoa! Elvis!” Julie gushed, after her gaze fell on him.

Elvis looked at her and smiled.
“Julie” He waved.

Julie quickly ran to him and hugged him tight. She broke the hug and he stroked her hair.

“My darling cousin sister doesn’t wanna get tall” He teased.

“Give me some height then, you stingy guy” She teased back.

Elvis laughed and Julie chuckled slightly.

“Let’s go in. Its cold outside”

“Sure,, where’s your hostel by the way?”

“Just stay right on my tail, Elvis. Don’t talk much,, I gat you” She winked.

Elvis laughed and obediently followed her.


“Welcome to my room, couz” Julie winked. Elvis smiled and walked in. He looked around and noticed the other bed by the window.

“Your roommate isn’t here yet, I guess?” He asked.

“Yeah” Julie replied.

“Next time, I’m gonna bring in gifts for her. I’m thankful for her raising you well”

“Rising me well?” She rolled her eyes.
“Dude,, I raised myself well” She added.

“Whatever. What’s with the piercings and new tatto though?”

“Its cute. Don’t you like it?”

“Not that bad” Elvis replied.

“Well, speaking of gifts. I have a gift for you” Julie smiled.

“A gift? What’s that?” Elvis asked.

“Sit” Julie said, tapping her bed.
“Lemme go get it” She added.

Elvis nodded, and looked around the room one more time before sitting on the bed while Julie was close to her cupboard looking for the package

“Julie?” Elvis called.

“Hmm?” She answered.

“I met a beautiful flower today” He smiled.


“A sweet rose. I wanna pluck it for myself. I really like that rose”

“Found it!” Julie gushed.

She breathed heavily and turned to him.
“I thought you wanted to talk about a girl. A flower? Huff!”

“No, It’s is a-

“Here” Julie stretched her hand to him, and cutting him off unintentionally.

“The gift?” Elvis asked and Julie nodded. He smiled and collected it.

“Check it out” Julie smiled.

Elvis looked at her and slowly fell his gaze on the package. He smiled and slowly undid the knot at the top.


“Do you like it?” Julie asked.

“A neck tie? Its quite good”

“You don’t like it?” She raised a brow.

Elvis chuckled.
“Why not? It great. It just…


Elvis cleared his throat.

“Just what?” Julie asked again.

“Its just I don’t know how to knot a tie”

“Wh…at! How do you wear neck ties then?”

“I don’t even wear ties but when needed, I ask my friends, for elp”

“Goodness,, Elvis…”

“What? Is it that bad?”

“Yup. Lemme teach you”

“Please do”

Julie giggled and sat close to him on the bed. She was still talking and teaching him carefully when I came in. They both turned to the door while I shared this intense stare at them.

Before one could talk, I had already slammed the door. She left.

“Huh? What’s wrong wi-

“She’s the one” Elvis quickly stood up.

“What?” Julie asked.

“The flower I was talking about” Elvis answered.

“What? the sweet rose?”

“Yup. Wonder what she’s doing here though? I guess she mistook here for her room. But didn’t she see me? She could have waved or said Hi” Elvis said and tried to leave.

“Wait” Julie quickly said.

Elvis turned to her.

“As fate would turn it to be. She happens to be my roommate”



Axel slowly drank whiskey from the bar. He sighed and looked around. This is where he first saw Rose.

“Hello,, boy” A harlot said, seductively,, rubbing his back from behind.

Axel turned his head over quickly and held her hand.
“Do you want to live long?” He asked.

“Huh?” The harlot shivered.

“If you wanna live long… and tastes lot of different d*cks for a long period of time,, keep away from me!” He yelled, and pushed her off.

The harlot panted and ran off. Axel inhaled deeply and faced his drinks once more.

“Why did you call me?” He heard Vin’s voice.

Axel turned back and smiled when he saw him.
“My guy… I thought you wouldn’t come”

“Why did you call me. Its so unexpected” Vin said, and sat close to Axel in another long stool.

“Whiskey,, please” Vin signalled to the barman.

Vin looked at Axel and he saw the depression on his face.

“Dude? What is it?”

“Sorry” Axel whispered.

“What?” Vin asked, confusedly.

“You were the only one I could call” Axel sobbed and fell on Vin’s chest. He started crying right there,, leaving Vin in awe.

Afterwards,,Vin started consoling him while gently tapping his back.


“Wait. Rose,, please wait” Elvis said, and held my hand.

I inhaled deeply and turned to him.
“I guess all boys are the same”

“What? What do you mean?”

“You lied to me,, saying you weren’t like other guys… you don’t flirt blah blah blah! You even made my heart flutter while messaging you,, eish!”


“Let go of me! You are an annoying freak” I snapped my hand off.

“My roommate out of all people” I muttered,, leaving Elvis puzzled.

“Rose!” Julie called and I turned.

“What?” I glared at her.

“I see you have finally met my cousin” She beamed.

“What?…Cousin?” I quickly said in shock. I faced Elvis who was wearing the most loviest and cutest smile ever.

Though,, I felt embarrassed and nervous.

Oh no,, What to do?


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