Bad Boy’s Love season 2 episode 9

(Awakened Romance)

By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 9




“You can’t even hold your liquor… why bother drinking! I’m even the one wasting my precious time with you” Lily snapped as she held onto Vin’s shoulder,, while leading him into his room.

She flung him down on his bed and shook her head. She was about leaving when she saw a passport and visa on the table.

“What’s this?” She thought.

She walked to the table and sat down on the chair in front of it. She looked at it, properly and it was sure his visa and passport.

“What’s this? Is Vin leaving U.S?” She thought, and looked at him laying on the bed.

“Jerk” She muttered and wiped her falling tear. She stood up and walked to his bed.

“Mind you,, I’m not crying cause you are leaving! I’m crying cause you are a cruel and awful friend! You didn’t even let I and Rose know you are leaving! Jerk!” She shouted and started walking to the door.

“Should I stay?” She heard his soft voice say.

She quickly turned around and saw him sitting upright. She wiped her tears fast.

“I thought you were asleep” She muttered.

“Should I leave or stay?” Vin said again, ignoring her last statement.

“Explain” She said.

“I’ll do that once you answer. So, should I stay or leave?” He asked.

Lily squeezed her face but the tears fell anyways.

“Stay… stay,, please… just f*cking stay! I’m gonna leave you if you leave, I swear” She blurted.

Vin chuckled and stood up. He walked up to her and wiped her tears.

“I missed you” He muttered.

Lily smiled and nodded.

“Me too” She replied.

They looked at each other deeply for almost a minute before Lily broke it with a quick kiss.

“I’m… sorry about that. Goodnight. The party at greek’s was nice,, right. Bye” She waved, and hurried turned.

Vin quickly grabbed her arm and turned her around.

“You can’t leave so soon” He smiled, and rounded his arms on her waist. Lily smiled and also rounded her arms around his neck.

He was about to kiss her when they both heard his phone ringing.

“Oh,, wait. Hold on” He muttered and they both disengaged from each other.

He took out his phone and stared at it.

“Who’s it?” Lily asked.

Vin sighed and scratched his head.

“Just…someone,,, who recently got depressed-


“Ssh… Let’s talk about that later” He said, and switched off his phone before giving her a deep kiss.


“His phone is suddenly switched off” Axel sighed, drinking the bottle of beer heavily.

“Let me call some one else… I’m f*cking depressed at the moment. All I need right now is love and consolation” He thought and scrolled through his contacts.

He chuckled sadly and kept his phone down on the table.

“I have million of fans but no friend,, not even one… how pathetic. Why is your life like this,, Axel” He sadly cooed, drinking the more.


“Axel, What are you doing h-

“Rose?” He called, sadly.

“Huh?” I answered.

“Okay then. I’m gonna be your… friend”


He smiled sadly and his head suddenly dropped on my shoulder. I quickly held him.


“Wake up” I tapped Axel.

His eyes shook before he raised his lids. He looked at me, looked around and sighed deeply.

“F*ck. What happened?” He asked.

I blinked and stood up.

“Last night. You came over to my place, drunk. You took off your turtle neck and slept on my bed. Ah,, before I forget,, you asked me to be your friend”

He shook his head.
“I really have a bad hangover right now”

“Like I care” I rolled my eyes.

“By the way,,, I was being serious” He said.

“About?” I asked.

“About being your friend. I just realized how bad I need one” He said, wearing his jacket.

“Wait,, aren’t you gonna take your turtle neck”

“I dont need it anymore. I dont like wearing those”

“Then,, why did you wear it at the first place”

“I have a reason. Have a nice day, friend”

“What? Friend? You are just considering that now? After you rejected me flatly without a second thought?”

“I regret it” He chuckled.
“Just be there when I need you the most,, okay?” He winked.

“You’d better leave now before Julie sees you. I don’t want Elvis seeing you either before he thinks otherwise. Don’t want gosspings about me too. I’m not in the mood to switch schools” I said.

He chuckled and looked at his watch.
“6:15am,, eyy?”

I grunted and shook my head.

“I’m off” He waved and left.

I sighed and looked at his turtle neck clothing.

“Should I just trash it? Or maybe burn it? So annoying” I said, inwardly.


“Babyyy” Lily shouted and waved to me.

I chuckled and waited for her and she rushed to me quick.

“You’d better not let Elvis hear that” I laughed.

“Whatever. I can’t be oppressed anymore” She said, as we both walked to the lecture hall.

“What’s it now?” I asked.

“It’s Vin. He told me the whole thing”


“His story. Who knows,, Axel might have one too” Lily said, and I stopped walking.

She stopped and faced me.
“You should listen to him, before its too late”


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